Work-Life Balance 2019: More Companies Adopting New Employee Management Plan

Working full time in an office environment can become tedious and repetitive at times. This often leads to less productive workloads and inefficient management. This is what other employers fret so they found an ingenious way to lift the productivity in their workplace.

The Workers’ Life


A famous quote made by Richard Branson states that “Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business. It’s as simple as that.” This quote makes sense if you put much thought about it and the biggest question is how to do it?

Some companies offer personal loans to their employees to help with their finances in times of assistance. Other offers awesome benefits like additional assistance with their insurance and other utilities like the employee’s gas consumption or paying off a portion of their electricity bill.

All of these are in some form of financial incentives for their employees. However, other companies opt-in for using other measures for ensuring work-life balance. After all, balance in work and in personal life is not always with material stuff.

As an employee, we can be certain that we heard the phrase “get a life” or “go home” from fellow friends and co-workers who saw how stressed we were during a work project. It is not like our employers didn’t care about our well-being. It is just the common norm in most companies.

Work-Life Balance


Old-fashioned managers still stick with conventional ways of doing things. However, some of the methods that we all came about prove that conventional is not always the more efficient way. Companies that adopt well-defined Objectives and Key Deliverables or OKRs shows an easier way for getting their employees to complete their job, regardless of the time spent on a specific project.

Creating a great work-life environment in your company’s workspace proves that it will attract more talented employees. Keeping these talented employees in a long run will save thousands of dollars in recruitment costs which is more beneficial rather than training new ones.

A fun fact, companies with good management teams who kept their staff happy and well-rested are more likely to become successful with their projects. Satisfied employees perform at higher levels which lead to a faster return of your investments.

There are companies around the world that adopted 4-day workweek that promotes employees to have much rest as possible. Companies who adopted the idea noticed that the morale of their workers was higher and as result, a more productive environment with less stress.

Rewards from Satisfied Employees


Your profits depend on the company’s performance and your company’s performance depends on how your employees perform with their task. A simple investment for keeping your employees happy might go a long way and might actually lead you to greater success in your business venture.

Keeping loyal and satisfied employees ensures that they will do whatever it takes to help you whenever you are in trouble. Who doesn’t want to keep a job where the management supports and fully respects their employees inside and outside of work? If you consider the well-being of your employees inside your workplace, I guess they’ll stick around until you all reach both of your goals.

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