Holiday Season Spending: How You Can Control Your Expenses

The holiday season is the time of the year where everyone seems to jolly. It is also the where overspending usually happens. Here are the best ways on how you control and minimize overspending this season.

A survey on 1,041 individual was conducted recently regarding overspending at the midst of the holiday season. Surprisingly, the results show that even a budget-conscious person is vulnerable.


Big sales and promotion during this time of the year seem to be a big magnet for our credit cards. It is very tempting to just simply credit your way around or sometimes use our extra cash for that big sale flashing from your window pane.

Social Media Outlets



Credit Karma facilitated a survey to find out how people regularly spend time shopping and it shows a lot of social media users have a higher chance of finding a tempting deal online. This is because of the ease of access and a simple click away from the sale that is flashing off on their social media screen.

Younger generation is also more likely to spend way more than their budget. The survey tells that almost 50% of millennials buy stuff in impulse during the holiday season of what they thought to be a lucrative deal on their social media accounts

Those individuals who usually purchase on an impulse from deals on social media tend to regret what they did when the hype settled down. Addition to this, most millennials responded to the survey states that the purchase they got are things they didn’t actually plan and almost 86% of them thought that it was a bad move from them.


A separate study was conducted shows about a third who are under the recommended credit score and are at risk of getting more debt during the holiday period. Over a thousand consumers in the U.S. participated in the study last January in the purpose of checking their holiday spending. Americans who have some credit issues usually get an average of $800 of debt in the midst of the holiday season.

Elevate also conducted a study that shows people who can be called prime consumers are more likely to have new debt during this season. The reasons behind this were higher spending from their family travels and for charity expenses. On the other hand, individuals that don’t have good credit spend little to none for their travel.

Ways On How You Can Control Your Spending



  • Clear Cookies in Your Browser

Nicole Lapin, an author, and a financial expert, shared an important pointer on how to reduce your spending during the holiday rush. According to Lapin, advertiser uses cookies from the item you checked online. This enables them to flash the item in some areas whenever you use the internet. Remember clearing your cookies when you’re done and advertiser won’t be able to flash their items on your browser anymore.


  • Stay Away From Credit Cards For A While

Swiping or using your credit card is as easy as a breeze and with that, it makes you click and purchase more than what consider. Two out of three participants from Credit Karma’s survey states that they got holiday debt using a credit card.

Instead of taking out your credit card, make use of your debit card or your cash on hand. In that way, you’ll have a fixed budget on how much you can spend on deals. Once you run out of funds from your debit or your cash, just settle with what you got and you’ll be fine, at least financially!

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