Experts Claim: Here’s How Meditation Can Help Improve Your Career

At present, American employees who are dealing with work stress are increasing. Most of the time, they overwork themselves up until they reach the point wherein they are really exhausted and tired. In fact, many of them don’t even use their paid vacation leaves and this has made the United States as the most overworked industrialized country around the globe.

Luckily, career experts say that there is a way wherein the employees can relax and take a break while they are still reaching their corporate stepladder. According to them, meditation and having a few breaks can help in making you productive at work and at the same time dealing with your stress, while you are improving your career path.

 What Is The Negative Impact Of Work Stress?



Based on a study, about 85% of men and 66% of women have the tendency to render in excess of 40 hours of work each week. This percentage appears despite the fact that worker efficiency in the United States has improved up to 400% since the 1950s.

Regardless of the transformation and innovation in technology aiming to rationalize and complete our tasks in a shorter length of time, most American workers still devote their time working. In this scenario, they wind up gaining more work pressure and stress in the process.

Career coaches claim that every worker like you must pay attention to the signs of exhaustion and work stress. This is because it doesn’t only affect your well-being and health but it can also have an undesirable impact on your career. Aside from that, it can also lead to poor time management, reduced work efficiency, lack of concentration and eventual overall exhaustion and tension.

With that, if you are still thinking that rendering overtime just to finish your everyday jobs while you’re tired is beneficial for your career, you’re essentially doing the opposite based on the career coaches. This sort of unwholesome work ethic will only miff your job sooner or later. Now, how can you relax and wind down from work stress? The career coaches advised that you have to practice meditation.

The Art of Meditation


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Meditation is considered to be one of the best techniques in relaxing and distressing yourself from the stress of work, unhealthy diet lifestyle, environment, and toxic feelings. It is very effective and as a matter of fact, it was able to grab the attention of the corporate industry.




Meditation helps you refocus not just in your work; it can also help you in gathering your thoughts and sentiments. You’ll begin to become fully aware of your surroundings and complete your tasks one after another instead of multitasking and giving each chore only half of your attention. Meditation can help you pour all your attention, soul, and mind in creating your work.




In case you are having trouble focusing on meditating, you can download smartphone applications featuring guided visualization or relaxing pictures to restore the sense of peace and tranquillity in your mind and soul. Similarly, the career coaches also claim that you will be able to enhance your sharp mind in picking on these directed clues not only in refining your profession but also in every single journey you’ll go aboard in your life.



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Meditation can also help you to focus on your energy. It can also help channel the good and constructive energy in your mind and body while dismissing any undesirable energy that resides and drains your body up until the point that you can feel you are tired and exhausted.




For some reference, yoga is considered to be the most popular form of meditation. It is consist of a wide range of poses and breathing exercises that promote serenity and calmness. Additionally, yoga doesn’t only promote mindfulness as it also helps in improving your physical health.

Here Are Some Recommended Meditation Websites

In case you’re still struggling in performing some meditation and in need of professional help and assistance, the career coaches advise you to follow these top meditation influencers that can help you get started.

Ziva Meditation



Emily Fletcher, the originator of this website, practice the Three M’s which is also known as Manifesting, Meditation, and Mindfulness.  These can help to ease stress inside your body while increasing your work efficiency.

Sarah Anne Stewart



Sarah Anne Stewart is a holistic coach who concentrates on enhancing and improving your body’s positivity, work efficiency, weight loss, and health through meditating.

Sarah Blondin of Live Awake


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Sarah Blondin concentrates on guided meditation, reflection, and gaining standpoint to ground you and assist you in focusing on your objective. Furthermore, she’s also featured in a meditation app that is called Insight Timer. 

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