How Insurance Companies Use Our Social Media Accounts

With the use of modern mediums like social media, some personal and private information can now be accessed easily. This information can also find it its way to your insurance and some companies also this in consideration.

Social media nowadays is a very powerful tool that is sweeping our modern world today. We walk out in the streets and ask someone if they have a social media account. The most likely answer is yes.


Sharing new things in social media can be a great experience. However, almost all people do not realize that it could lead to some effects on their insurance.

A few years back, insurance companies only rely on the information they got from paper reports. Using, modern technology, these companies can now keep up and look for different ways of dealing with their clients.

Insurance Companies and Social Media



 Everyone can basically know a little bit of our information in our social media accounts. What most people don’t know, insurance companies take a look inside their clients’ social media profiles.

A prime example of this is how you handle your cars. Almost everyone got their car insured and companies like to peek at your posts if you are involved in any vehicular accidents in the past.


Another way they can use your posts that can affect your policy renewal is a simple selfie in your car. It may be odd but if your insurance company saw you having selfies in your car too often, they may use it as a ground and tag you as a distracted drive which has a direct effect in your policy.


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Texting while driving can also influence your claims whenever you got involved in an accident. They may take a look at your social media accounts and compared your conversation during the time you got involved in the accident. If they found out that you’re posting or texting while driving, they may deny your claims depending on the time it got posted.



For your home insurance, posts from social media can also be used against you and insurance companies can accuse you of negligence. This happens when you or your friends took a picture of you on a phone where geotagging is on.

When someone breaks in at your home while you’re away, companies may find posts from your social media account with geotags on them during the time of the incident. If this happens, there’s a high probability that your claims will get rejected.

Insurance Companies and Their Social Media Accounts


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Almost all companies out there have their own social media pages. This is a marketing way of reaching out to people and another source of contact where they can be easily reached. It is also a way to advertise their products and services to people more efficiently.

Currently, there are no known protocols yet on using your social media accounts with your insurance company. However, it is best that you are always prepared than sorry.

How Can You Deal With Your Social Media Accounts



Deleting and not using any social media platforms is not the proper way to deal with this. A responsible use and management of your accounts are not only applicable in your claims but in all aspects of life.

We have to remember that almost every post and every photo we share on our social media accounts can be seen by almost everyone. If we got nothing to hide, we got no reason to be afraid.


When dealing with your insurance officer, the best idea you can do is to become honest with them. This can definitely give us more flexibility and minimize the possibility of us being rejected with our claims. After all, the most common reason why insurers cancel or not renew our policies is when they saw a ground where we can be seen as dishonest.

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