Forgotten Celebrities Who Have & Haven’t Retired Yet


Mel Brooks, the 90 years old popular American comedian, producer, director, and actor has achieved a lot in his lifetime including being a one-time Grammy awards winner. He is probably the most famous movies such as ‘The Hot Saddle’, ‘Space Ball’ and ‘Robin Hood: Man in Tights’. Having been in the entertainment industry for over 60 years, he still seems to be very active on the big screen.

We guess he isn’t thinking about retirement planning yet. His son Max Brooks has taken the path of his parents Mel Brooks and his mother late Anne Bancroft. Although he’s fast becoming a successful actor, he still has quite a long way to meet his father’s status who was also an Emmy, Tony and Academics award winner. Max Brooks has a net worth of $100million. With that worth, we do hope he has a good financial advisor and made some good investment planning. His son Max Brooks is on his way to making a good name for himself just like his father.


At an early age, Russ was already both a dancer and an actor. Tamblyn’s gymnastics and acrobatics talents have been showcased in several other musicals, including “West Side Story” (1961), in which he played the Riff, the leader of the jet gang. The success of “West Side Story” brought more protagonists, including parts of the horror movie “Haunted House”. It seemed he was determined to take the entertainment industry by storm.

He has been featured in numerous movies including the musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and as Norman page in Peyton Place which he received his first Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He previously worked for Metro-Goldwin-Mayer while pursuing a dancing career. He currently portrays the role of Doctor Lawrence Jacoby on Twin Peaks and is now part of the Netflix series The Haunting of The Hill House. With all this going on for him, he is most likely far away from bankruptcy and money loans.


Elizabeth Alice MacGraw was born on April 1, 1939. She is an American actress. Her role in the movie ‘Goodbye, Columbus (1969)’ gained attention and won the Golden Globe Award for the most promising newcomer. Her role in the movie ‘Love Story’ (1970) won an international reputation, for which she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress and won the Golden Globe for Best Actress. In 1972, McGraw was selected as the best female box office star in the world, only participated in the award ceremony of three films, and held the award ceremony at the Grauman Chinese Theater.

Back in 1969, Ali Macgraw came into the spotlight when she featured in Goodbye. Her acting skills were so amazing that she not only got loads of fans immediately but that performance led to her earning a Golden Globe Award. Just when she thought she had reached her peak, she starred in another movie Love Story which boosted her career a lot more and not only won her another Golden Globe but also got her an Emmy Nomination. We are not sure if she has made any investment into retiring as she was last seen acting in the late 90s. Hopefully, she has insurance in case she runs into any health-related issues.


Cher is an American singer, actress and TV personality. The media usually refers to her as the ‘goddess of pop’, and she is described as embodying female autonomy in male-dominated industries. Cher is known for his distinctive bass singing and has worked in many entertainment fields and has adopted multiple styles and appearances throughout his six decades of career. Goddess of Pop, Cher still looks young and pretty despite her old age and she has been generous enough to share her secrets and tips with the public.

Her fame came in the 60s from her musical duo Sonny & Cher and her TV show called The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour. She later left Sonny to start her own solo career which was an instant success. She currently has no plans of retiring as she still stars in movies up till recent like in 2018s Musical Comedy Mama Mia! Here We Go Again. Being a Legend, we can’t imagine the amount of fortune she has gathered but we hope she was able to find time to get a good insurance plan and make good investments as well.


Christopher Pummel is a Canadian actor whose career took a boost after he was cast in the 1958 movie Stage Struck. Plummer’s work has received various accolades, including Oscars, two Primetime Emmys, two Tony Awards, Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards and British Oscar Film Awards; he is the winner of the Triple Crown for Performance One of the few performers and the only Canadian. He won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor as an 82-year-old beginner in 2010, becoming the oldest person to win a performance award, and was nominated for the 88-year-old “All the Money in the World”, which made him be in the acting category The oldest person nominated.

He has been in the movie industry for about 80 years which only means he started out at a young age. He is now one of the most notable actors in the industry having starred in many blockbusters and classics such as The Sound of Music, Waterloo, The Insider and All the money in the world. At age 82, he won his very first Academy Award. Today, now retired, he is worth over $20 million. With such a huge fortune, he won’t need to worry about his seniors’ insurance or mortgages.


Michael Caine was born on March 14, 1933 in Maurice Joseph Mick White White Jr. He is a British actor. He is known for his unique Cockney accent and has appeared in more than 130 films in his 60-year career. He is considered an icon in the British film industry. As of February 2017, his films have earned more than $7.8 billion at the global box office. He ranks 20th among the stars with the highest grossing income. Michael Caine has achieved quite several incredible feats during his time as an actor.

Having starred in over 120 movies, his breakthrough moment came in the 60s and he hasn’t slowed down ever since. Michael has also won a variety of awards during his career days and in 1973, he found the love of his life during a Maxwell House commercial. Fast-forward to present day, Michael was also one of those who voted Yes on Brexit, sharing his political views with the public. With age catching up to him, he still shows no sign of slowing down as he currently has no investments in a retirement plan yet but hopefully, he does on some health insurance.


Carol Creighton Burnett was born on April 26, 1933. She is an American actress, comedian, singer and writer whose career spans seventy years in the television industry. She is known for her groundbreaking comedy variety show “Carol Burnett Performance”, which was originally broadcast on CBS. This is one of the first such events hosted by women. She has achieved success in various genres such as stage, TV and film, including drama and comedy roles. She also appeared in panel discussions on various talk shows and game shows.

Carol Burnett was still one of the queens of comedy in Hollywood even in her 80s. She was featured in sitcom Stanley which didn’t stay on the air for long which later drove her to find fame in the New York Circuit of cabarets and nightclubs. But what she really counted as her first true success was her appearance on the Broadway show Once Upon a Mattress. She also earned multiple awards and nominations from her role in The Carol Burnett show. Her book titled In Such Good Company earned her an Oscar as well.  With all these achievements, she sure must have gotten some medical insurance along the way and picked up a few money management skills as well.


Legendary Actress Rita Moreno has been in the entertainment industry since the young age of 13 starring in a Broadway play of Skydrift which her first gig was. This brought her into the spotlight as Hollywood agents quickly seek after her resulting in her landing a truckload of roles making her even more famous. For theater, she is best known for her role as Googie Gomez in The Ritz.

In her lifetime of acting, she has accomplished more than most, winning all four major annual Awards, something which has been achieved by only 12 people.  Part of her achievement is also winning an Emmy, Tony and Grammy Awards. She has managed to gather a massive fortune of over $25 million so far. She also dated Elvis Presley, Anthony Quinn, and Marlon Brando. Currently, she is a widow with a daughter but hopefully, she has good money management skills and insurance should she face any health challenges.


Often referred to as the biggest known rival of Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot was forgotten for quite a long while and left everyone with a huge surprise when she resurfaced. At a young age, Brigitte dreamed of dancing the great halls as a ballerina but that dream quickly changed as she turned to act instead to have her credit report improved which was most likely one of her best decisions to date.

Since then, Brigitte has been featured in over 40 movies whilst modeling and creating her own music brand. To date, Brigitte, with a $65 million fortune is still one of the richest female role models the world has ever seen. Even though she has been in retirement since 1973, she still gets a lot done by being an animal rights activist, she is still a major pop culture icon. Hopefully, she has done right by getting a good insurance plan since she’s now facing old age.


Julie Frances Christie was born on April 14, 1940, and is a British actress. Symbol of the “Swinging London” era in the 1960s. Julie Christie came into the spotlight after she starred in 1963’s Billy Liar movie and gave an exceptional performance but what really gave her the extra boost she needed was when she was cast in the movie Darling. Her performance in the movie led to her winning an Academy Award, A Golden Globe and a BAFTA Award.

To date, she is considered one of the most iconic British Actresses ever seen. She can still be seen in more recent movies such as Zhivago and Fahrenheit 451. She is still acting to date as it doesn’t seem like she plans on retiring soon even though she has already gathered a fortune of over $10 million and has a load of other investments bringing in a load of cash into her accounts. Hopefully, her money management skills would be enough for her to spend wisely.


Loretta Jane Swit was born on November 4, 1937. She is an American stage and television actress known for her character roles. Swit is best known for her portrayal of Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan on M*A*S*H, for which she won two Emmy Awards. Back in the days, parents didn’t really see a future in going after an acting career and Loretta Swit’s parents were not excluded. We are very sure her parents would have thought otherwise if they knew their daughter would someday be worth $4 Million.

At age 7, Loretta was already a startup actress trying to make little waves on film and Broadway shows which unfortunately wasn’t going as well as she had hoped. But little did she know all that was about to change. Landing the role of Maj. Margaret Houlihan in M.A.S.H was the best thing to happen to her career as it was the most recognizable role she has ever played. She has since given up acting which only makes us assume, she made worthy investments that would enable her to live out the rest of her days in total comfort free of loans and mortgages.


Sidney Poitier KBE was born on February 20, 1927. He is a Bahamian American actor, film director and ambassador. In 1964, Poitiers won the Oscar for Best Actor (second nomination), becoming the first black and African Bahamian actor to receive this honor. He is the winner of the Oscar for Best Actor and the oldest person. Multiple awards winning African-American actor Sidney Poitier started his career in acting in the ’50s. He is a pioneer to other African-American actors in the entertainment world.

He has won both an Academic Award and a Golden Globe Award. He starred in television programs such as Lilies of the Field, In the Heat of the Night and many others. Even with his charity works around the world, he is still able to have an investment fortune with $25million net worth in addition to his other accomplishments in the movie industry so cash loans and personal loans won’t be much of a problem to him.


Matthew Charles Labyorteaux was born on December 8, 1966. He is an American film, television and voice actor. In his many honors, his last name was spelled “Laborteaux”. He is also known as Matthew Charles for his animation works. He is known for playing Albert Ingles in a small house on the prairie from 1978-83. He is also known as the voice of Jaden Yuki and The Supreme King in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX started in 2005-08. Mathew Labyorteaux started his acting career at a very early age of 13 where he starred in movies then later got offers to be featured in a commercial.

He’s a television, voice and film actor and has invested much in himself as he has progressed to being sort after for feature roles. We haven’t seen much of him on television since 1992 as he decided to focus more on voice acting and in recent times in the year 2018, he did a voice character as Riker Williams in one of the most popular children’s cartoon movie “Scooby-doo and the Gourmet Ghost”. He’s probably not thinking about retirement anytime soon. Guess he still needs to gather more investment money for insurance and mortgages etc.


Anthony Dominick Benedetto is a professional Tony Bennett, an American singer with traditional pop standards, big bands, performing music and jazz. He is also a painter, created works under his surname, and is permanently publicly exhibited in many institutions. Bennett made a comeback in the late 1980s and 1990s, re-launching a gold record album and extending his influence to the MTV generation while maintaining the same musical style. So far, he is still a popular and acclaimed recording artist and concert performer. He has won 19 Grammy Awards and two Emmy Awards and was named NEA Jazz Master and Kennedy Center Honors respectively.

Bennett has sold more than 50 million records worldwide. American singer Tony Bennett has acquired a huge fan base with his majestic voice all through his music career. His fame kickstarted in the ’50s thanks to his skills and talents both in jazz, traditional pop and stage performances. He may not be retiring anytime soon as all his concerts keep selling out completely with the new generation as part of his huge fan base. He is multiple award-winning musicians and has been a source of inspiration to other artists especially the upcoming ones. With a net worth of $200 Million, he won’t be facing bankruptcy and hopefully, he has made some good investments towards retirement. He would always be remembered for his great music.


Gene Hackman has lived quite the life being both an actor and a novelist. Nominated for five Academy Awards, Hackman won Best Actor for his role of Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle in the widely acclaimed thriller “French Connection” (1971). In Clint Eastwood Seawood’s “Unforgiveness” (1992), he won the best supporting actor “Little” Bill Daggett. His other best-supporting actor nominations are the movies “Bonnie and Clyde” (1967) and “I Never Sing for My Father” (1970), and the second-best of Mississippi “Burning” Nominated for the actor.

Although he has been in retirement since 2008, we still remember the glorious fifty years he spent on the screen which was not a waste as he also got nominated for five academy awards, two of which were for his amazing performance in The French Connection and Unforgiven. But what really brought him into the spotlight was his role in 1967’s Bonnie and Clyde. Welcome to Mooseport was his last movie in 2004 before retiring. Not totally though as he still narrates documentaries from time to time, his latest being in 2017. He must have racked up quite a fortune with all his achievements. Hopefully, he made some worthwhile investments and insurance seeing as time is not by his side.


Jackie Mason an American actor and a solo comedian who made history has been the best in comedy over time. Among the 100 greatest comedians of all time in “Comedy Central”, he ranked 63rd. Being Jewish born he often mixes his Jewish background and politics in his jokes to entertain his audiences. He’s always ready to mortgage his reputation even if it means mocking presidents with his jokes just to make his audiences laugh.

He continues to make people laugh even in his late 80s and he’s not bothered by those who say he’s politically incorrect with his political jokes. After performing and making appearances in many shows, he has been able to earn himself a net worth of $9million and isn’t ready to retire anytime soon. With that amount of fortune, we hope he has good money management skills or at least seek the services of a financial advisor so as not to go broke easily.


Roger Ewing was born on January 12, 1942, in Los Angeles, California. His acting career requires several cameo scenes in TV shows, sitcoms and movies, but he is best known for playing 36 episodes in the role of part-time deputy police officer Clayton Thaddeus “Thad” Greenwood. He also pursues another passion in the field of photography. After making his first appearance as Marvin Grogan in the TV show Bewitched, Roger went on to feature in a string of other popular shows including The Bing Crosby Show and The Baileys of Balboa.

But little did he know that his fame was still going to get higher as in 1965, he joined Frank Sinatra and Clint Waker to feature in a World War II movie titled None but The Brave.  This was probably the peak of his career as his acting career started declining. He starred in two more movies before retiring and becoming a professional photographer. Hopefully, his financial advisor helped him in securing some good investments to fall back on before his retirement.


Meredith Ann Baxter was born on June 21, 1947. She is an American actress and producer. She is known for her roles in the CBS sitcom Bridget Loves Bernie, the ABC TV series “Family” (1976–80) and the NBC sitcom “Family Bonds”. Meredith Baxter found her way to the limelight after she was featured in a TV show called Family and a movie called All the President’s Men in 1976. After her appearance in Family, she moved to another show called Family Ties which she was in till 1989.

Just a year after, she discovered she had breast cancer which we assume was devastating news. With the fortune she has gathered over the years, she probably didn’t need to rely on health insurance to get treated. She was able to thoroughly flush out the condition. Let’s hope she was able to make some valuable investments should she need another source of income later.


June Lockhart was born on June 25, 1925. She is an American actress, mainly acting on television in the 1950s and 1960s, and acting on stage and in movies. Since the 50s and 60s, June has gained enormous fame in the movie industry attaining a large variety of fans along the way due to her excellent acting skills. She has made appearances in blockbusters including Lost in Space, Lassie and the TV show Petticoat Junction.

She has also picked up one or two awards along the way such as a Tony Award and you can still see her on TV to date as she isn’t ready to retire just yet. While her career life was perfect, the same can’t be said for her personal life as she faced divorce multiple times needing the help of a divorce attorney. She has been able to build a $10 million fortune for herself which we hope she was able to use to get health insurance seeing as she’s already in her early 90s.


Thomas is best known for his role as the detective Ricardo Tubbs in the popular TV series “Miami Storm” in the 1980s. His first famous role was opposite Irene Cara in Coonskin (1975) and the 1976 movie Sparkle. After his success in Miami Vice, he appeared in many film and telephony service commercials made for television. The ’80s were filled with a lot of amazing shows and one of them is Miami Vice, thanks to the wonderful performance of Philip Thomas as Ricardo Tubbs.

He first started making waves with Coonskin in 1975 then later, Sparkle. Branching out to the gaming world, Philip Thomas voiced Lance Vance, one of the most famous characters in the best-selling game of its time, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Since then, he has also dipped a finger into the music industry releasing two albums that failed woefully. We really hope he had some business insurance before releasing those albums. Hopefully, he was able to make some good investment choices during his career.


Henry Franklin Winkler OBE was born on October 30, 1945. He is an American actor, comedian, director and producer. Initially, he became famous as the grease lubricator Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli and became a breakthrough figure in the sitcom Happy Days (1974-1984). For this, he won two Golden Globe Awards and three Ai Actor in a comedy series for the Best Leadership Award. His most recent role was Gene Cousineau in the dark comedy series Barry (2018-present), for which he won the comedy series Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Back in the days, the sitcom Happy Days was almost a favorite of everyone. Most notable was the character Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli which was played by Henry Winkler. This role helped land him two golden globe awards. Since then, he has been known all over television and it doesn’t seem like he’s going to stop anytime soon as he has no plans of retiring just yet. Over the past few years, he has featured in different movies and done voice work on Hank Zipzer’s Christmas Catastrophe. You can also catch up with him on the Comedy show Barry which he currently stars in. With so many achievements, it is safe to assume he had dealt with some valuable investments and gotten health insurance seeing as he’s getting quite aged.


Kenneth Ray Rogers is an American singer, songwriter, musician, actor, record producer and entrepreneur. He was selected as the 2013 Rogers in the Country Music Hall and is particularly popular with national audiences, but he has also drawn more than 120 popular singles in various music genres and has topped the National and Pop Music Albums charts in the United States with more than 200 independents The Zhou country alone. In his lifetime, he sold more than 100 million records worldwide, which made him one of the best-selling music artists of all time. His fame and career cover many genres: jazz, folk, pop, rock and country. He has reshaped his career and is one of the most successful crossover artists of all time.

Kenny Rogers quickly rose to the top after he started a career in not only acting but songwriting and being a producer. While most people know him mainly for his country music singing side, you should know that he has released various songs covering different genres. Having sold over 100 million records, he has now become one of the best-selling artists ever. Two of his albums: The Gambler and Kenny made the list of the Most Influential Albums ever. Although recently, he had to retire due to health challenges to recover as advised by his doctor. With that many health issues, he most likely has health insurance already and he could also pick up a hobby in his spare time, maybe a magic online class.


Sally Anne Struthers was born on July 28, 1947. She is an American actress, spokesperson and activist. She played Archie and Edith Bunk’s daughter Gloria Stitch in “Everything in the Family”, and therefore Won two Emmy Awards and the role of Barbet in “Gilmore Girls”. She is the voice of Charlene Sinclair in the ABC sitcom “Dinosaurs” and Rebecca Cunningham in the Disney animated series “Fairy Tale”. The popular Adult cartoon South Park featured Sally Struthers in their earlier seasons and made her quite the villain.

But in real life, she is the opposite of that as she is a kind, sweet person. She also played a role in the 1970’s TV show All in the Family alongside other popular shows such as Gilmore Girls from 2000 – 2007 and Mame in 2002 which ended up with her getting the Ovation award. With such success, you can only imagine the fortune she must have accumulated over the years which with proper money management skills or a financial advisor, she would be able to settle for a comfortable retirement. Over the years, she has posed as the main public figure for Christian Children’s Fund’s Fundraising drive.


George Richard Beymer Jr. was born on February 20, 1938. He is an American actor, film producer and artist, and is best known for playing Tony in the movie “West Side Story”. Richard Beymer has since been making waves in the entertainment industry as an actor and filmmaker. After delivering an impressive performance as the character Tony in The West Side Story, he made his mark on the map of fame.

He has since been in various movies Sky King, Star Trek, and Paper Dolls. After having his fill of the movie industry, Richard took up book writing and published a book titled Imposter: Or Whatever Happened to Richard Beymer? in 2007. Fast-forward to 2017, reports state that he is currently in retirement and we hope with a great financial advisor, he has been able to create a worthwhile insurance plan.


Sophia Loren is both an actress and a model and is even considered a Legend, fact being that she was a role model to almost everyone during her time in the spotlight. Sophia Loren was born on September 20, 1934. She is an Italian actress, known as Sophia Loren. She was a famous star in the golden age of Hollywood and was voted by the American Film Institute as the 21st greatest female star in the classic Hollywood film industry.

She started with a modeling career at the young age of 15 then later dived into acting in 1950. Her career took a blast in 1956 when Paramount Pictures gave her a contract, she could not resist which was worth millions. She is currently valued at a massive $75 million. Now in her early 80s, she makes appearances in red carpet events every now and then. Due to her investments and health insurance, it doesn’t seem like she will ever run into money troubles.


Barbi Benton was born on January 28, 1950, in Barbara Lynn Klein (Barbara Lynn Klein). She is an American retired model, actress, songwriter, TV personality and singer. She is famous for her role in “Playboy”, has been a regular guest for four seasons in the comedy series “Hip Hop”, and recorded several high-achieving albums in the 1970s. She retired from the show business in the 1980s to raise children.

Also known by her full name Barbara Lynn Klein, Barbi is can easily be recognized due to her appearance in The Playboy Magazine. Since then, she has featured in other shows such as Hee Haw was for 4 straight seasons. She also released various music albums back in the 70s when she decided to test the waters of the music industry which were moderately successful. She is currently married with a $20 million fortune which is most likely due to proper money management with little to no mortgage issues.


William December “Billy Dee” Williams Jr. (Williams Jr.) was born on April 6, 1937. He is an American actor, voice actor and artist. His most famous in the “Star Wars” series is Lando Calrissian, first in the early 1980s, and then nearly 40 years later in “The Rise of Skywalker” (2019), which is the same One of the longest periods of time between two actor depictions on the screen in American film history.

For over six decades, Billy’s acting career always took a stronghold to success. His first major appearance was like most, on a Broadway show titled The Firebrand of Florence. His notable role was as Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars Franchise, making his first appearance in The Empire Strikes Back. It doesn’t look like the actor is anywhere close to retiring as he still looks young despite his age. With the looks of things, it doesn’t seem like he’s going to be in a loan or mortgage situation.


Angeline Dickinson was born on September 30, 1931. She is an American actress. She started her career on TV, appeared in many anthologies in the 1950s, and later appeared in James Arness and the Western film Rio Bravo (1959) in Gun the Man Down, 1956) won a breakthrough role, and therefore won the Golden Globe Award for Rising Star of the Year.

1959 was the year for Leading Actress Angie Dickinson. She quickly rose to the top and featured in numerous blockbusters before deciding to retire in 2009. Seeing how she had good financial planning thanks to her financial advisor and good investment planning we assume; her retirement must be one smooth ride. She does, however, have a daughter who was born three months premature and diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. All of this and many other problems had a massive negative effect on the daughter which led to her committing suicide.


Linda Evans is an American actress, mainly known for her roles on TV. In the 1960s, she played Victoria Barkley’s daughter Audra Barkley in the Western TV series “The Great Valley” (1965-1969). She is best known for her role as Krystle Carrington in the ABC primetime soap opera “Dynasty” in the 1980s, which she played from 1981 to 1989. After featuring in Dynasty, Linda became quite popular and it seemed as if she had a bright future ahead in acting.

That was until she retired unexpectedly from acting. But that didn’t stop her from doing other work done as she still featured as a guest appearance a few times. She focused more on investments into the fitness centers she set up as well as making commercials about a face rejuvenating mask. She has been able to build a fortune for herself and with the right money management skills, she is sure to do greater before retiring fully.


Theodore William Lange was born on January 5, 1948. He is an American actor, director and screenwriter, and is best known for his role as the bartender Isaac Washington in the TV series “The Love Boat”. Ted Lange made his way to stardom after being cast in The Love Boat to portray the role of Isaac Washington, the bartender. It was on the show he met Gavin MacLeod whom he has been best friends with ever since.

Having gotten his degree from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, he decided to pursue a career in acting. His time spent in 2006’s VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club enabled him to lose a staggering 28 pounds. Over time, he has been able to accumulate a vast fortune of over $4 million. Having retired since 2014, we hope he made some investments to gain access to other income sources.


We all know the well-talented Jamaican-American singer Harry Belafonte, who has made his mark on the wall of success. Recently, he has been spending most of his time being an activist and committing to causes. Being in his 90s, we hope he has made decisions into getting a good retirement and insurance plan. Belafonte was known for his version of the Jamaican folk song entitled The Banana Boat Song, or lyrically known as Day-O.

The musician also ventured into acting after he was cast on different films, such as Bright Road, where played the role of Mr. Williams, a school principal of the elementary school in Alabama where black students were enrolled. His great acting talent racked up him up a total of three Academy Awards in 1961, 1966, and 2000. In addition to his many endeavors, Belafonte is also known for his humanitarian activism and became one of the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors in 1987.


Playing the role of Gomez Addams in The Addams Family did a lot in bringing John Astin into the public spotlight, allowing him to swim in the pool of success since then. He hasn’t let old age slow him down, though, as he now spends his days teaching upcoming actors and directing at John Hopkins University. Being a man who has lived through different generations, he knows how wise it would be to invest in a good insurance plan for when the time comes that he will need it.

Astin played the role of The Riddler in the Season 2 of the 1960s TV Series, Batman, temporarily replacing Frank Gorshin, who played the villain between Season 1 and 3. In 1977, he played the lead role of Lieutenant Commander Matthew Sherman in the sitcom entitled Operation Petticoat. He has five sons, and two of them are celebrities, namely Sean and Mackenzie Astin.


From the 1940s to the 1980s, Betty Lynn has always been giving a remarkable performance on screen. Now 94, she spends her time enjoying the fortune she made from her success, having retired in 2006. Let’s hope part of that fortune was used to get the perfect care she needs and make profitable investments before leaving the industry. She began to embark on her career at the young age of five as a dancer for Kansas City clubs, where she was born.

During her teenage years, she began her acting career on a radio drama show in her hometown. At the age of 17, she participated in a USO event, and on her first year on Broadway, her first appearance was in the 1940s musical entitled Walk With Music. During her Broadway career, she was given a big break when Darryl F. Zanuck discovered her and signed her to 20th Century Fox.


Being a child actor doesn’t always turn out great in the long run, but the case was different for Terry Killburn as it created a way for him to shine in the eyes of the public. As they say, dreams are made in Hollywood, which is why, after many unpaid roles in England, the U.K.-born actor decided to try his chances in Hollywood, which turned out well.  In 1969, he made his last TV appearance before retiring, but not entirely, as he still spent some years being the artistic director of Meadow Brook.

He must have also made investments from his time in the spotlight. He was a son of a bus conductor, and in 1937, Kilburn and his mother migrated to the U.S. One of his iconic roles was Tiny Tim in the 1938 film A Christmas Carol. He became a lead actor in two films starting with Lord Jeff and Swiss Family Robinson.


Entering the acting world at the age of five and retiring at age 18 is almost unheard of, but that’s precisely what Cora Sue did. At five years old, she was already a talented actress with a bright future in the movie industry. Having exhausted her acting energy, she retired at age 18. It was quite an early age to retire, making fans think about what investments she made afterward to avoid bankruptcy.

She made a salary throughout her career with a total amount of $250 every week in 1934. Her first appearance was in The Unexpected Father as Pudge. She also became the face of Scrappy Toys. Collins worked on various movies before she completely left the entertainment business. She was originally slated to play Becky Thatcher in Adventures of Tom Sawyer, but her role was replaced because she was not fit for the role, citing Collins’ height as one of the reasons.


The Love Boat TV Show was perhaps the most notable work Gavin MacLeod has done in the past. Also featured in McHale’s Navy and The Mary Tyler Moore Show, he has been able to make a massive fortune of $10 Million, which with the help of his financial advisor, we hope he has been able to invest. He now spends most of his time preaching and being a religious activist.
Macleod graduated with a diploma in fine arts in the year 1952 at Ithaca College.

After finishing his time serving in the U.S. Air Force, Macleod relocated to New York City to find an acting job, and that was also the time he changed his name. His first name, Gavin, was derived from a disabled character from a classic TV show, and he got the surname Macleod from his mentor, Beatrice Macleod. He was reunited with his wife Patti in the year 1985 and married again in the same year.


Since the ‘50s, Lee Meriwether has starred in numerous movies and shows, but her most notable roles are in Catwoman and Barnaby Jones, which earned her two Golden Globes nominations. The former model and actress have had her own fair of success from her time spent in the entertainment industry, which she now basks in, in her retirement free from loans and bankruptcy, we assume.

Meriwether graduated from City College of San Francisco with a course of Theater Arts major. She won both the Miss San Francisco and Miss California in the year 1954 and the following year; she has crowned the winner of the 1955 Miss America pageant. During her fame as a beauty queen, she joined NBC’s longest-running morning show Today up until 1956 as one of Today Girls’ members. Aside from being a titled holder and actress, she also voiced Big Mama (Eva) in the 2008 video game Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots.


Maggie Smith is often referred to as an icon and a legend since she is one of Hollywood’s most reputable stars. You might remember this talented British icon from the Harry Potter Franchise as Professor Minerva McGonagall. Having acted for decades and making what we assume is a fortune, we hope she had time to create some sort of insurance and future plan when she decides to retire from the business.

She began her acting career as a teenager in the stage play Twelfth Night. Maggie first appeared in the 1956 film Child in the House and rose to international fame when she played Professor McGonagall starting with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. As a result of her noble works in theater and cinema, Queen Elizabeth II turned Maggie Smith into a Dame way back in 1990, and in 1999 she was awarded the William Shakespeare Award for Classical Theatre in Washington D.C.


Although Cicely Tyson is 96, you won’t be able to guess that, seeing as she looks so young and still acting as she recently featured in movies in 2017. She must be enjoying her time in the spotlight as she has no plans of retiring anytime soon but has most likely created an insurance and retirement plan to avoid bankruptcy if the case arises. The veteran actress has proven that age doesn’t matter when it comes to acting and modeling.

Tyson began modeling when she was 18 years old and was discovered by an Ebony magazine photographer. Her career as a model boomed, making her one of the most popular catwalkers at the time. In 1972, she played Rebecca Morgan in the film Sounder, where she racked two nominations from both Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. She was inducted in both the American Theater Hall of Fame and Television Academy’s Hall of Fame.


If you saw shows like Bewitched, Easy Come, Easy Go, and Death Valley, then you know who Pat Priest is. Known for her most famous role as Marilyn Munster from The Munsters TV show, this American actress has shown great acting talent in front of millions of viewers. At 84 years old, it is safe to assume she already has an insurance plan and valuable funding in place.  Born in Bountiful, Utah, on August 15, 1936, her mother was a treasurer of California during former President Ronald Reagan’s tenure as the Governor of California.

She became the United States treasurer during Dwight Eisenhower’s time as a president. Priest replaced Beverly Owen from the TV sitcom The Munsters after 13 seasons and later rose to prominence in Owen’s former role. She was featured in veteran singer Connie Francis’ movie Looking for Love and Elvis Presley’s musical film Easy Come, Easy Go.


Back in 1951 till the present day, actress Joan Collins has always been a beauty. Her acting days are far from over as she has been taking on roles down to 2018. At 87 years old, we can only assume she has reached out to insurance companies and taken massive steps towards getting the right policy that will fit her needs.  Dubbed as Britain’s “bad girl,” Collins made her debut in Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll House and made her Hollywood debut in the 1955 film Land of the Pharaohs.

She played the villainous Princess Nellifer, earning her successful Hollywood break as a result. With her successful performance as Princess Nellifer, she was given a seven-year contract by film producer Darryl Zanuck. Collins was featured in the 1981 soap opera Dynasty as Alexis Colby. When the show ended in 1989, she began to appear on Broadway, starting with Private Lives and more.


Tina Turner has been wowing her fans from the time she started in the business until today. Although said is to be in semi-retirement, she did her own biographical musical show on Broadway in Autumn 2019. She took out insurance measures a while back and now has her legs insured for a whopping £1.5 million. Surely, you were surprised that she had her legs insured rather than her voice.

Turner was known as the “Queen of Rock and Roll” and used to be the lead singer of The Ike and Tina Turner Revue. Her fame bounced back after making a rendition of Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together, which was placed 1st on U.S. Dance Chart. She was one of the singers of the U.S.A. for Africa’s We Are The World, along with some of the biggest names in the music scene. Since 1994, Turner lived in Kusnacht in Switzerland and applied for Swiss citizenship.


Max Baer Jr. had quite an early retirement when his acting career didn’t turn out quite as planned. In the ‘60s, he was among the cast of The Beverly Hillbillies show till its cancellation in the ‘70s. His effort at directing and producing movies didn’t also go as planned. We sure hope he hasn’t gone bankrupt since then or facing financial issues. He made his acting debut in 1949 with Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Son of former boxing champ Max Baer Sr., he started working in Warner Bros. He was featured in several TV shows beginning with Maverick and would later rise to fame on his role as Jethro Bodine in the 1962 TV Series The Beverly Hillbillies. During his time in Christian Brothers School, Baer Jr. was a golfer, where he won the golf exhibition twice. He also gained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Santa Clara University.


Robert recently announced his plan to retire after releasing his new movie, The Old Man and the Gun. Having spent a lot of time in the movie industry, he has won many awards, and we think he deserves the rest he is about to take. Hopefully, he already made some investment into a good future plan alongside his plan to retire. He made his theatrical debut in the 1960s in the film Tail Story in a minor and uncredited role.

He also appeared on both Marvel Cinematic Universe film, starting with Captain America: The Winter Soldier in 2014 as Alexander Pierce. He the reprised his role in the 2019 Avengers: Endgame and made a cameo appearance in some of the film’s flashback scenes. Aside making a name in the entertainment business, Redford also served as an environmental activist and is one of the trustees of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).


Willie Nelson is one of those people referred to as A Jack of All Trades. He has a variety of talents as he is a singer and a poet, songwriter, and activist. He rose quickly to the top after his album titled Shotgun Willie and Red Headed Stranger took the world by storm. He has been featured in numerous movies, written loads of books, and is also an activist for biofuel usage and marijuana legal. So far, he has not invested in retirement.

He’s still young despite the fact he is 85 but getting a hold of health insurance now won’t be such a bad idea. Willie made his first song entitled No Place For Me and continued his job as a radio announcer and club singer. Nelson was one of the singers for the USA for Africa’s song, We Are The World, and sang To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before featuring Spanish singer Julio Iglesias.


Princess Caroline is the eldest daughter of Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly, who was once an actress before getting married to Rainier III. For a while, Princess Caroline held on to Heiress’s title, which changed when her brother Prince Albert was born. Over the years as a princess, Caroline has attained a diploma in both psychology and philosophy. Her iconic style has made her even more popular. It doesn’t seem like she has any need for insurance, seeing as she is from royalty.

During her childhood, Princess Caroline spent her time in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with her grandfather John B. Kelly Sr. She is a polyglot and can speak languages aside from her native French, such as English, Spanish, German, and Italian. She was married to Ernst August, Prince of Hanover, and they have a daughter named Princess Alexandra of Hanover, who was born in 1999. She also has three kids with her former husband, Stefano Casiraghi.


Since he started his acting career, Dick Cavett has made quite a name for himself mainly because of his talk show with his namesake. For over five decades, he has been in the entertainment and writing industry, it would seem as he occasionally does some write-ups for the New York Times. Although he has retired from TV, he still writes for broadsheets every now and then. He is currently married, although he has no kids.

At 84 years old, we are pretty sure he must have made investments into his health by now, seeing as he is fast aging. He studied at Yale University, and while studying, he took part in acting on drama productions, and when he became a senior, Cavett shifted his course from English to Drama. Dick was first seen as an extra guy in one of the episodes of The Phil Silvers Show as a student, making it his television debut.


Everyone knows Cable News Network or CNN as it is often called, but not everyone knows the man behind it. That man is Ted Turner. He is a wealthy media genius and a very charitable person at heart as he occasionally makes donations to charity and even once to the United Nations in the hefty sum of $1 billion, which led to the creation of the United Nations Foundation. He has been out of marriage up to three times and is now single.

His lawyer has may have been busy, looking into Turner’s businesses. Let’s hope that people who handle their finances are just as active as well. In 1980, he founded CNN, a 24-hour news network, and eight years later, he founded Turner Network Television or TNT as we know it. Turner was the man behind Cartoon Network when he bought Hanna Barbera in 1991 and began airing on October 1, 1992.


A Nightmare on Elm Street was a fan favorite, but this was mainly due to the excellent performance delivered by Robert Englund as its villain Freddy Krueger. He did such a fantastic job with the role that when a reboot of the movie was made in 2010 and featured Jackie Haley to play his iconic role, most fans of the franchise didn’t take it so well. No one could match Englund’s greatness.

Englund turns to be a fan favorite for horror movies as he has also starred in major horror films, such as The Last Showing and Fear Clinic. He currently has not invested in retirement. Hopefully, he has some insurance plan on the ground. Despite his villainous and scary roles, Englund was friendly and excellent according to his co-workers, and he doesn’t let his fans down. He voiced superhero villains in cartoons like The Riddler in the 2004-2005 animated TV series The Batman.


Kym Karath starred as one of the children of the Von Trapp Family in the movie The Sound of Music, which is the role she is mostly remembered for. At the early age of three, Karath already started her acting career, alongside Henry Fonda and Veronica Cartwright in Spencer’s Mountain. After doing The Thrill of It All and The Sound of Music, she made most of her fortune from her TV appearances. There is a chance she had made other investments to add to her stream of income.

She also makes sure her health is checked so that she can continue living healthily. Karath was born in California to Greek parents, which pretty much explained her incredible beauty. After graduating from the University of South California, she relocated to Paris and studied modeling. Her final TV appearance was on Midnight Offerings in 1981. She married Philippe L’ Equilbec in 1985 and gave birth to their only son in 1991.


Back in the ‘50s, Richard started his acting career as a stage actor first, then later moving on to have a role in the Dr. Kildare show, which quickly made him a teen icon. He was also featured in exhibitions and hit movies like The Thorn Birds, The Bourne Identity, and later as a guest star in The Drew Carey Show. He then became more focused on television work. Chamberlain may have been 86 today, but he still manages to maintain his good looks.

He must have an excellent financial advisor to still retain this kind of look, despite the advancing age. Besides playing Dr. Kildare, Chamberlain had shown his singing skills when he sang the theme of Dr. Kildare. This stint even earned him a Golden Globe Award for Best TV Star. Other roles Chamberlain made in the past are the Shogun miniseries in 1980, playing the role of Pilot Major John Blackthorne, and King Solomon’s Mine in 1985.


The 70s show Little House on the Prairie was the premise on which the future of Katherine’s acting career took off. Her performance was so good that she maintained her role in the show till it ended in 1983 after which she headed for retirement. So far, she has been divorced twice with her last divorce being in 1970. Hopefully, her divorce lawyer did a good job. She is now single with no child and with age not on her side, it is safe to assume she already has insurance.

She moved to New York City after studying to pursue her career in acting in theater plays starting with The Seven Year Itch. She first appeared in the 1954 film On The Waterfront in an uncredited role as Longshoreman’s mother. Aside from her prominent role in Little House on the Prairie, she played Miss Boswell in The Student Nurses and Alice Thorn in The Traveling Executioner.


What captivated fans when watching Crocodile Dundee was the mesmerizing performance Paul Hogan delivered in the movie. His acting skills were so good that he earned a Golden Globe Award for it. He was also the screenwriter of the film, which also got him an Oscar nomination. Although Paul is mostly remembered for this iconic film, he has tried his best to still be in the spotlight by trying his knowledge when it comes to stand-up comedy.

This helps the actor to have a different source of income, which we hope he has the right money management skills to keep the money folowing. He made his own TV show, The Paul Hogan Show, an Australian sketch comedy that aired from 1973 to 1977 on Seven Network. It also aired on Nine Network from 1978 to 1984. Successfully, the series was often considered akin to America’s longest-running late-night sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live.


Betty White gained popularity from being both a comedian and an actress, who earned several awards in her decades-long time in the entertainment industry. The American-born star is also a producer and writer. Now in her 90s, White is still active in the business. Fans can still see her on both the big and small screens. Despite her advancing age, it cannot be denied that White still possesses incredible beauty.

By the looks of it, she perfectly knows how to take care of herself, probably having the best investments for her health. In fact, she doesn’t look like her age and even much younger. White first wowed the audience when she started her acting career at Bliss Hayden Little Theatre. However, her time in the theatre was cut short. She then volunteered for American Women’s Voluntary Services, while her most notable role was as Sue Ann Nivens in The Mary Tyler Moore Show.


James Lipton has been able to mold a career for himself in not only acting but as a producer and writer as well in Hollywood. Aside from all these achievements, he is also a pilot who is quite passionate about his work. It seems like flying planes is going to be part of his retirement plan and hopefully, he has some good insurance on the ground and sound investments. Born in Detroit, Michigan.

Lipton started his humble beginnings as a newspaper copy boy for the Detroit Times while studying in high school to help his family from financial problems. He made his television debut in Pulitzer Prize Playhouse in one of their episodes. Lipton served as the head writer of Guiding Light in 1952 and he was the dean emeritus of Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University. He guested in many TV series like Celebrity Apprentice, Glee, The Simpsons and Family Guy.


American fan-favorite Dawn Wells quickly rose to prominence after stealing the show with her performance in Gilligan’s Island. She also featured in other shows such as Maverick and Bonanza. Her acting jobs usually involved touring around U.S. theatres from the ‘70s to the ‘80s. She appeared in a couple of guestings in TV shows, such as Cheyenne in the episode entitled Lone Patrol as Sarah Claypool. Her Gilligan’s journey didn’t end yet after reprising her role as Mary Ann Summers in the reunion trilogy.

She appeared in Rescue from Gilligan’s Island, The Castaways on Gilligan’s Island, and The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan’s Island. She also joined its cartoon spinoff, Gilligan’s Planet. After attaining a massive fortune of $7 million, she decided to expand her charity work and keep fit. In fact, she doesn’t seem to have any form of mortgage or bankruptcy issue to worry about as she looks stress-free. Wells even represented as Miss Nevada during the 1960 Miss America held in Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where fellow beauty queen Lynda Lee Mead was crowned that time.


Eileen Atkins seems to have also had her fair share of ups and downs in life and in the entertainment business. Back in 1995, she faced a serious health issue, but Atkins is all fine now. She probably has the best health insurance plan in place aside from the U.K.’s NHS system. Despite what she has been through, the 86-year-old star didn’t let it get the best of her. In fact, she continued acting, appearing in a variety of TV shows and movies even in her 80s.

Atkins was part of Broadway in 1966 in The Killing of Sister George, where she racked a Tony Award nomination. Apart from that, she was nominated for her performances in Vivat! Vivat! Regina! and The Retreat from Moscow. In 2016, she guested in BBC Radio 4 soap opera The Archers playing as Jacqui. We sure do hope she will reap the fruit of her labors when she finally decides to retire.


George Hamilton has been in the spotlight ever since he started his career as a television and film actor in the ’50s. He is most remembered for his fantastic work in The Godfather III, Light in the Piazza, Your Cheating’ Heart, and Once is Not Enough. He also did a bit of advertising for KFC back in the days. Till 2018, he is still carrying out his acting passion as he still plays a role on General Hospital TV show to date.

It doesn’t seem to he is retiring anytime soon, but we sure hope he has a capable financial advisor to guide him on keeping the money flowing. In case you didn’t know, Hamilton is the son of George “Spike” Hamilton, a bandleader in Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. His first-ever TV appearance was in the all-star ABC series Harold Robbins’ The Survivors. At the time, he was supporting the great actress Lana Turner.


Actor Jerry Mathers started his acting career at the tender age of nine, having been cast as Theodore Beaver Cleaver in the then hit show Leave It to Beavers. A few years later, his acting career took a boost as he started making appearances in movies such as This is My Love, Men of the Fighting Lady, and Trouble with Harry. Although his career was making waves, he had to hit retirement early to finish school.

We are sure he is happy with his decision as he is settled with a wife, having gotten insurance and making some worthy businesses in the past. When his show Leave It to Beavers ended, Mathers made songs like Don’t Cha Cry and Wind Up Toy. He led a band named Beaver and the Trappers and graduated from the University of California Berkeley with a major in Philosophy. In 2018 and 2019, Mathers was seen promoting his classic TV series Leave It to Beavers for its rerun on the MEtv channel.


Liv Ullmann has been experiencing massive success since she started her acting career. She started her acting career in London and worked with Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. Her career began in New York when she performed in A Doll’s House in 1975, and the musical version of Thomas Meehan’s I Remember Mama. She reportedly rejected Scarface director Brian De Palma’s offer to be in his movie Dressed to Kill due to the film’s violent nature.

Ullman also decided to venture into the world of directing, which turned out to be another success for her. She officially became a film director in 1992, and Faithless was one of her successful films, winning the Palme D’or and Best Actress at Cannes. Aside from these professions, Ullman can speak a variety of languages, including Norwegian, English, Swedish, and other European languages, which we must say is quite a remarkable feat. Approaching her 80s, it is safe to assume she already has a life insurance plan in place and spent her money wisely on investing.


David Crosby’s career as a musician has always been a success and often finds a way to go about it. Despite that, he has met different challenges. He experienced a serious health issue and thankfully, his good friend Phil Collins came to the rescue. Crosby also had several personal issues in the past. Fortunately, he is now a changed man. After what happened to him, he probably had himself the best health insurance he could get.

This would surely help the 79-year-old star keep himself checked and in 100% good shape. Imagine, he is almost in his ‘80s, but he still possesses the strength of a young man. Not that we say Crosby is old, but, yeah, he is uncontrollably getting there. Crosby was one of The Byrds’ vocalists, and when he parted ways with the group, he founded his own band along with Stephen Stills and Graham Nash. As he continuously wows the audience with his great talent in music, fans will still see more of him from time to time.


If you’ve seen the movie Ted, then you most definitely remember Sam Jones after he made an unforgettable cameo in it. Having been in the movie industry since the late ‘70s, he has starred in over 15 films. We last saw him in Ted and haven’t really heard much about him since then, which has confused people. You’ll be interested to know that he retired from acting and invested heavily into his security business, where he guards executives traveling here and there.

He most likely had a genuine financial advisor to guide him down this road to keep the cash flowing. After serving in the marines, Jones moves to Seattle to fulfill his dream of joining the Seattle Seahawks, but he was rejected. He is better known to moviegoers as Flash Gordon when he played a role in the movie of the same name in 1980 and was included in the TV version of Flash Gordon but played a different character.


Jon Voight has made a name for himself in the movie industry after starring in numerous hit movies over the years. He is the father of Angelina Jolie and well known for being James Haven. It doesn’t seem like he plans on retiring anytime soon, seeing as he still acts even at the fine age of 81. He currently stars in the TV series Ray Donovan and is part of the 2019 movie Roe v. Wade. He most likely already has a retirement plan on the ground and, considering his age, an insurance plan as well.

Hopefully, his advisors will guide him so that he can have a comfortable retirement. Some of the most iconic roles Voight did are as President Franklin D. Roosevelt in Pearl Harbor, Howard Cosell in the sports film Ali, featuring Will Smith, and Jim Phelps in Mission: Impossible. He also played as Oscar Manheim in Runaway Train, which earned him the best actor in Academy Awards.


Tim Matheson can be most recognized for his role as Eric Otter Stratton in the movie National Lampoon’s Animal House. He also played the role of VP John Hoynes in The West Wing. He has also tried out being a voice actor, which we assume turned out well. So far, it doesn’t seem like he is reaching for retirement yet. He has made several movies as of late, such as 6 Balloons and episodes of The Good Fight and The Affair.

He most likely already has a retirement plan and insurance since he’s not getting any younger. Let’s hope he made fair use of his wealth in making some suitable investments. Matheson first appeared in Window on Main Street. He was known to many cartoon watchers, especially those who love cartoons from Hanna Barbera as the voice of Jonny Quest and played the role of former President Ronald Reagan in Killing Reagan.


American journalist and broadcaster Barbara Walters, born on September 25, 1926, has now mainly become an inspiration for women out there who want to walk the same career path she did. In the mid-‘70s, she was the co-anchor of the evening news, which was very rare to happen in those days. However, what really made her even more popular were appearing on the talk shows, like Today, 20/20, ABC Evening News, and The View.

She then made history, recorded as the highest-paid journalist back then with a $1 million salary per year. Today, Walters is 91 years old and out of the spotlight. She officially retired from the business but surely watching every woman take the center stage, following the same success she has. Walters probably has the best insurance that one can own so that she can perfectly look after her health. She is an inspiration to many and for sure, these people want the best for her.


Dennis Holmes already showed the potential of being an amazing actor when he was nine years old. He was highly mesmerized by the influence of Robert Fuller, who also became his acting and business mentor. It is also good to note that his friendship with Robert lasted for over 55 years. Meanwhile, Dennis started his career in the early ‘50s and appeared in General Electric Theater, Key Witness, Woman Possess, The Restless Gun, and a few more shows.

However, his popularity arose when he played the role of Mike William, an orphan, in the TV show Laramie, which aired on NBC for four years. Fans best remember Holmes for this role. Although he showed real promise of having a remarkable acting future career, he decided to have an early retirement and completely disappeared from TV in the mid-‘60s. Hopefully, he has proper money management to make the funds continuously grow after leaving the movie industry.


Most people remember Richard Keith from the comedy sitcom I Love Lucy and The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, playing the role of Little Ricky. Originally born as Richard Thibodeaux on December 01, 1950, he started playing the drums at the early age of two. When he grew up, he decided to change his last name to Keith after noticing just how hard his last name was to pronounce and recall – not to mention, to spell.

When he entered a university, he joined a rock band named David and the Giant and eventually left when he became a Christian. At the age of 21, he was lucky enough to have a trust fund set up for him from his time spent at the I Love Lucy Show. Hopefully, he was able to make some investments after cashing out the trust fund. He is the last surviving principal cast of the I Love Lucy cast.


The identical twins, Joseph David and Michael Leo Mayers, both ventured into acting. They almost immediately got their big break by being cast as Little Ricky Ricardo on the I Love Lucy show. They already earned $150 per week at the tender age of three, thanks to the producer who saw their photo in a local newspaper. Before Joseph immediately retired, he appeared in the episode of Little Red Riding Hood.

On the other hand, Michael kept acting and appearing in different movies, like Kill and Kill Again, Sell a Million, and Die Banneling. Anyhow, he also left the entertainment industry eventually. After retiring from the business, Michael now works as a high school special education teacher, while Michael works at Portland General Electric doing computer-based work. Having retired at an early age, it is safe to assume they both adopted some money management skills to live a comfortable life afterward.


After retiring for about seven years, French actor Alain Delon decided to make a comeback in the movie industry. It would seem his retirement schemes and money management skills didn’t go as planned, or he misses the industry so much and wants to do more with it even though he hasn’t relied on his acting funds since his hiatus. Anyhow, this didn’t stop Delon from venturing into the business world. He has created his own brand of perfumes, stationery, and even cigarettes to let the money flowing.

Talking about his time in the industry, you might remember Delon in his debut film in Yves Allégret’s Send a Woman When the Devil Fails in 1957. With his attractive physical appearance and greatness in acting, the usual role would become an iconic romantic genre that turned him as one of the most favorite western stars in Japan. He even ranked 72 Premiere Magazine’s The 100 Sexiest Movie Stars of All Time list in 2008.


Sam’s acting career gave him a massive success, credits to his outstanding performances in movies. Everything started in 1969 in his debut film, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, which instantly rose him to prominence. He also played the role of General Ross in the 2003 movie Hulk and donned a combat patch for the 1st Cavalry Division. In 2008, Elliot wanted to reprise his role in the 2008 Marvel movie, but it was already given to William Hunt.

Despite not getting the role he wanted, Elliot remained to be the one and only actor nominated for an Emmy on Robot Chicken in 2005. Today, the legendary actor is 76 years old, but he seems to have no plans to retire anytime soon. He continuously has different movie and TV projects here and there. Elliott has been in the business for more than five decades, and it looks like, fans will continuously see more of him in the coming years.


Over the years, music icon Joan Baez has had quite a fruitful career, and even though she is currently 79, it doesn’t seem like she has made any investments into retiring anytime soon. Her debut album happened in 1960, and her most famous song over the years is none other than We Shall Overcome. Additionally, she became popular to the public as a distinctive folk singer in 1959.

You might remember some of her hit songs, which include The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, Forever Young, Joe Hill, Here’s to You, and Sweet Sir Galahad. Over the course of her career, she has worked with the biggest Hollywood stars such as Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Paul Simon, and The Rolling Stones. Seeing how wealthy she is, she most likely had good money management skills. Her most recent concert was at New York’s Beacon Theatre in honor of her 75th birthday in 2016.


Don Mclean rose to fame in his early days after releasing his hit song American Pie in 1971. A few years back, he sold the original manuscript of the music for a whopping $1.2 million. When he was only 16 years old, he was so determined to become a professional musician, and after a few years, he did become one. In 1969, Mclean recorded his first album entitled Tapestry and was released by Media arts, while his latest album is Addicted to Black in 2009.

With all this accumulated wealth, he definitely won’t have any issues making investments in a retirement plan. However, it doesn’t seem like he needs one yet as he is still very active, having been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2004 and having a new album released in 2018. Until today, McLean’s name remains to be huge in the music scene, making him a real music icon in his own right.


Lee Majors became uniquely popular in the ‘60s, mainly because of his rugged good looks. He became the star of many action and western films, quickly becoming a fan favorite. His real moment was when he played the role of Steve Austin in The Six Million Dollar Man TV series. However, that moment didn’t last as he had to depart the show at some point. Afterward, he still managed to stay in the public eye for a while by getting featured in The Fall Guy.

He was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6933 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California, on September 8, 1984. Despite the fame, Majors had some issues with his wives, which forced him to seek the help of an attorney multiple times. He does, however, have a large fortune of about $15 million, which he hopefully used for investing in different business ventures.


Famous music artiste Loretta Lynn is well known for her primary hit songs, like Don’t Come Home A’ Drinkin’ (With Loving’ On Your Mind) and Coal Miner’s Daughter. Having spent over 60 years in the business, she has successfully earned different awards along the way. Her first single was I’m a Honky Tonk Girl in 1960. In 1976, Lynn tried something new and published her first autobiography, titled Coal Miner’s Daughter, which instantly became a best seller.

This optimistic 88-year-old singer doesn’t look like she will be retiring anytime soon and now blending in with the modern generation. Anyhow, due to her advancing age, it cannot be helped that Lynn has been experienced some health issues. Hopefully, she has poured investments into getting the best health care and prioritizing taking care of her health. Fans will surely want to see Lynn taking the stage again, belting the highest notes that she can.


Quincy Jones maybe 87 years old, but he has no plans to retire yet. He is still active in the industry and continuously creating a legacy. His career has been making waves to the top ever since he started more than sixty years ago, and he is still considered one of the most incredible gems in the music and television industry. Jones got his first-ever Grammy Award in 1963 with his arrangement of Michael Jackson’s I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.

He also appeared to be the producer and director of the music video of another MJ hit song, We Are The World. A series was recently made of him titled Quincy by Netflix, which heavily honored his wonderful contribution to the music and entertainment scene. The series is a documentary about his life, which was created by his own daughter and Alan Hicks. It is safe to assume he has the proper money management skills that made him one of the most affluent stars of today.


Robert Fuller was born on July 29, 1933, in Troy, New York, in the U.S.A. Famously known as a retired actor, he is also famous for being a horse rancher. He rose to international stardom when he played the role of Dr. Kelly Brackett in the TV series Emergency. He also had a part in other TV shows, like Laramie and Wagon Train. He then went on to deliver a captivating performance in 1994’s Maverick.

Despite his excellent acting skills, his career never really seemed to go beyond that point. He even becomes the uncredited extra in Stanley Kubrick’s Spartacus. Nevertheless, he still acquired to be the most admiring actor, but he later retired at the age of 67. His two final guest-starring roles were on Walker, Texas Ranger show. Thanks to his money management skill, he may have secured a good retirement for himself and his beloved family for the future.


Michael York was born in Fulmer, England, on March 27, 1942, and has achieved quite a lot at a young age since he started his acting career. He first started by performing in theaters before getting his big break and landed a role in the movie Accident. Since then, he has been featured in over 167 movies, which earns him two Emmy nominations. He was discovered by many when he played Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet in 1968.

Moreover, he was awarded as the Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the 1996 Queen’s Birthday Honours. He currently has two movies on the way and doesn’t seem like he has any plans for retirement just yet. Although he has no health-related issues, making investments into health insurance would be advisable even if he appears to have financing stability, especially now that he is 78 and his age is uncontrollably advancing.


Swedish actress Ann Margret Olsson started her walk down to success after moving her career to America. In the U.S., she instantly became a part of several movies, such as Viva Las Vegas, Tommy, Grumpier Old Men, and Bye Bye Birdie. Her acting was so exceptional that it landed her up to five Golden Globes Awards and was chosen by Empire Magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in Film History, entering the top ten spots in 1995.

She also ventured into the singing career and succeeded, resulting in the release of multiple hit songs and albums since she started. She is currently worth over $20 Million. Talking about her personal life, Olsson was only married to one man, the late Roger Smith. The two remained married for 50 years until he passed away in 2017. Anyhow, though they weren’t blessed with their own kids, Olsson became a step-mom to Smith’s three kids from his former relationship.


Since he started his acting career, Jack Nicholson has always been able to act in any role given to him. He ranked 6th in Empire U.K. magazine’s Top 100 Movie Stars At All Times in October 1997 and received a Lifetime Achievement award from the American Film Institute in 1994. For over sixty years, Nicholson has always displayed his exceptional acting skills, which quickly made him a legend in the movie industry.

He is also known for refusing to conduct any televised interview except for press conferences. Nicholson was last seen in the 2010’s How Do You Know, and although he hasn’t confirmed his retirement, it would seem as though he has reached the end of his acting career. Seeing as he has just his savings account to go by, he would need a financial advisor’s help, so we can make valuable business ventures and have other streams of income.


Peter Weller was born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, United States, on June 24, 1947. He began his acting career in the early ‘80s with his first on-screen movie being Firstborn. Since then, he has landed several roles in over 60 films and TV shows alike. He turned down a role in King Kong Lives in 1986, and he was chosen to play the lead role in the blockbuster Robocop movie franchise and Aphrodite because of his slender build.

Weller was also the star of the science-fiction television series titled Odyssey 5. He is still active in the acting industry despite his age and respected by many actors; it doesn’t seem like he would be retiring or cashing out his senior’s insurance anytime soon. It may be safe to assume that he has made some businesses that would be of value to him and his daughter Kate later along the road. This would surely help them to go by.


Gary Burghoff was born May 24, 1943, in Briston, United States. He has been a popular actor known as “Radar” ever since he appeared in the original M*A*S*H in 1970 and was featured in taking charge of the leading role in the late ‘80s. He had successfully delivered an outstanding performance which left fans swept away in Broadway plays like You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Since then, he has moved on to several projects, from starring in a spinoff of M*A*S*H, W*A*L*T*E*R*, to authoring his autobiography.

In addition, Burghoff is also a composer and has written more than 100 songs, winning three the ASCAP Award for Excellence. He is currently worth about $6 Million. We assume he has retired, seeing as he hasn’t been in any movie since 2010. We doubt he would need his senior’s insurance with his vast fortune, but it would be a good idea to get in on some businesses.


Jane Fonda is one of those actresses who has maintained her good looks right from her early days to the present day. In 1995, she was branded as one of the 100 sexiest stars and ranked 21st in film history by Empire Magazine. She also ranked 83rd in Empire U.K. magazine as one of the Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time list. She won’t have any need for her senior’s health insurance seeing as she has also managed to stay surprisingly fit.

Considered a legend, Fonda has won several awards, including two Oscars thanks to her fantastic performance in numerous blockbusters, such as Klute and Coming Home. Back in 2001, she donated $12.5 Million to Harvard University, and it was reported to be the highest school donation that ever happened then. She is currently worth over $200 million and is also a political activist as she always tries to raise awareness about civil rights. It doesn’t seem like she has made some moves to retire just yet.


Ursula Andress, known for being fluent in five languages and love, engaged herself in arts like painting and sculpture in Paris. She turned heads when she starred as a Bond girl in one of the James Bond movies. Andress used her good looks and acting skills to create a massive fortune for herself worth $25 Million for being both a model and an actress. Her role as a Bond girl made her more recognized and gave way to her landing more exclusive parts with famous characters such as Elvis Presley in Fun for Acapulco and Frank Sinatra in 4 for Texas.

She also appears in many racy-for-their-time movies both in the United States and Europe. Now in her 80s, Andress has needed the help of her attorney in the past to see her separation from his then-husband through and never got married again since then. It looks like Andress is happily single.


Considered one of the most beautiful women in the movie industry back in her days, Katharine Ross was able to use her charming looks in the ‘60s to secure prominent roles in movies. This even led her to win various awards, such as her getting an Oscar Nomination for her performance in The Graduate, BAFTA Award for her performance in Sundance Kid and Golden Globe Award in Voyage of the Damned.

She is currently set to star in an upcoming movie as it seems she has not invested in making retirement plans yet. We hope she has health insurance already if she runs into any health-related issues along the way. During her later years, she co-starred in the 1990 TV series Conagher with her husband Sam Elliott as the leading actor, and surprisingly, she was one of the writers of this film, too. She was last seen in the 2019 film Attachments as Eileen, a computer illiterate older woman.


Cindy was one of the casts on the Happy Days Show, playing the role of Shirley. She then portrayed a same-named character in the hit TV series Laverne & Shirley. Since then, she has been cast in various TV shows, such as Touched by an Angel and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She started appearing in multiple shows since then and gathered a huge fortune of $10 Million. With such little roles she had, her financial advisor must be doing a great job to have her cash continuously flow so that she could make a huge net worth.

However, it couldn’t be denied that Williams also made some of the best movies, like George Lucas’ 1973 film American Graffiti, earning her a BAFTA nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, thanks to her role as Laurie Henderson. Henderson also appeared in one episode of Sam & Cat, reunited her with Penny Marshall. Besides acting, she was a celebrity endorser for Visiting Angels, a senior home care industry.


Kris Kristofferson is mostly famous for being not only an actor but also a singer and songwriter. He has made several hit songs back in the days, such as Me and Bobby McGee and Helps Me Make It Through the Night. With his career having skyrocketed, he is now seen in movies, live performances, and cartoons. At 84, he seems not ready to make investments in retiring yet, as he is still very much active. Kristofferson was one of the members of The Highwaymen, a band consisting of rock legends Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Johnny Cash.

The band used to be very active in the music industry, from 1985 up to 1995. They even made one movie, titled Stagecoach. You won’t only hear him sing like he was known by many from that era, but he also acts. It is the reason why he was featured in films like Martin Scorsese’s Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore and served as a mentor of Blade (Wesley Snipes) in the 1998 movie Blade. This made us confident that he still enjoys his fortune from his efforts made in decades on both music and films.


Rita Coolidge made a name for herself right from the ‘60s as one of the most outstanding recording artists. Throughout her career, she has effortlessly made her way to the Billboard Magazine charts and won two Grammy Awards. She was one of the very first hosts of VH1 in the United States. To date, she is still very active in the industry, and her songs can even be heard on Spotify and Amazon. Seeing how she isn’t ready to retire yet, she most likely has made no investment plans towards it, but with her achievements, she should be able to get a state-of-the-art health practice.

Coolidge was known for her renditions of (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher, and We’re All Alone, originally performed by Boz Scaggs. Her single All-Time High was featured as the theme song of the 1983 James Bond movie Octopussy. Now, if the time came when Coolidge retired from music, you should not worry much because her singles will surely keep her from earning. After all, it’s always been played on the radio or even on streaming apps.


Everyone remembers the classic Star Trek series, but perhaps the most notable character was Captain James T. Kirk, portrayed by none other than William Shatner. After the show ended, he was almost filing for bankruptcy as he went broke, unable to land new roles. All that later changed as he is currently worth around $100 million, and so far, it doesn’t seem like he has made any investments towards a retirement plan yet.

Besides acting, he is also an author with numerous published books and has been married up to four times. Shatner wasn’t only known as an actor. He also became a TV host, most notably on Rescue 911. He then made numerous appearances on other shows, like T.J. Hooker, where he played as a police sergeant. Shatner then ventured into voice acting, lending his voice on the animated TV and video game version of Star Trek, reprising his role as Captain James T. Kirk and on Over The Hedge as Ozzie. Shatner continued to be part of various TV shows.


Most people know Alan Alda because of his exceptional acting in portraying Captain Hawkeye Pierce from the TV show M*A*S*H. He was also featured in The West Wing TV series, which also helped in boosting his popularity. However, his $40 Million fortune came when he became the TV show, Scientific American Frontiers, host. We can only imagine how the will attorney he hires later would feel working with such a wealthy celebrity.

He has also written a few books as an author. Alda was featured in Crimes and Misdemeanors, starring Woody Allen and Bridge of Spies in 2015, directed by Steven Spielberg. Alda was fond of cosmology and founded the Alan Alda’s Center for Communicating Science in 2009 for those who are cosmology geeks. He continued his passion as an actor when he appeared in the 2019 movie Marriage Story and eight episodes of Ray Donovan as Dr. Arthur Amiot, so we still don’t know what’s next for him. Still, there was no mention of him retiring from showbusiness.


Judd Hirsch has starred in several movies and TV shows, ranging from his appearance on Taxi as Alex Rieger to making appearances on Dear John and NUMB3RS, which increased his popularity. To date, his acting career is still going nonstop as it doesn’t seem like he has any investment plan on retiring soon. He shocked fans when he made an appearance in the popular comedy series The Big Bang Theory and is currently the lead role in the comedy show Superior Donuts.

With so much work being done at such an old age, it would be excellent if you plan for the future. Born in Bronx, New York, Hirsch first became a Westinghouse team before landing his career in theater. Hirsch was last seen in the 2020 Amazon Prime web series Hunters. It looks like fans will continuously see Hirsch on both the small and big screens, blessing us with his great acting talent.


Legendary actress Julie Andrews first captured viewers’ hearts in her role as Mary Poppins in The Sound of Music when she was just 30 years of age. Since then, she has made appearances on different musical films and Broadway shows, which has dramatically boosted her acting career. Alongside movies, she has also ventured into animations, voicing a character in both Despicable Me and Shrek Forever After.

She is now worth a total of $45 Million and is one of British’s most influential actresses. Over her lifetime, she has needed an attorney to help her with her marriage twice. For her noble works in the cinema, she became a Dame in 2000 before being featured in The Princess Diaries in 2001. She rose to prominence in 2004 for playing as Queen Lillian in Shrek 2. Hopefully, she will get a chance to reprise the Queen’s voice again in the fifth Shrek film if the rumors surrounding this film is true and if it pushes through, preventing her from leaving the film industry scene.


Bernadette Stanis’ road to success started after she starred in the hit TV show Good Times. Due to her inspiring acting, most African-American women wanted to be just like her. Although she had a bright career ahead, she surprisingly went into early retirement by choosing family over career. Let’s assume she already made investments and got insured before she retired even though she is still a well-known writer.

Before rising to fame, Stanis joined beauty pageants and dreamed of taking part in Miss Black America and become known as Miss Brooklyn when she won the Miss New York pageant. She then appeared on various TV shows, most notably in The Cosby Show episode Adventures in Babysitting in 1991 and The Wayans Bros. episode Unspoken Token in the year 1997. Outside television, Stanis was featured on rapper Positive K’s Car Hopper’s music video. In 2019, she appeared on ABC TV special Live in Front of a Studio Audience: Good Times.


Born British, Actress Olivia de Havilland has been able to make a name for herself in the movie industry and becoming one of the most actresses during her time. Her acting career started in 1930 and since then, she has featured in several movies including The Snake Pit, Gone with the wind and To each His own. Her acting skills resulted in her winning multiple awards such as the Academy Awards. The last movie she starred in before retiring was The Woman He Loved.

Having retired, she has most likely already worked with her probate lawyer concerning her $20 million fortune and hopefully, gotten insurance as well. She was about to appear in the film adaptation of The Aspem Papers in 2010 making it as her supposed comeback in films but unfortunately it was scrapped but regardless, she was given by then French president Nicolas Sarkozy an award to became a Chevalier of the Legion d’honneur in the same year and was appointed by Queen Elizabeth II as Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire seven years later. She died on July 26, 2020 at Paris, France at the age of 104.


Julie Gibson has probably broken records by being the oldest celebrity in the world. Although currently in retirement, her acting days were glorious as well as her singing days when she ventured a bit into the singing industry. She retired in 1984. She never needed the services of a divorce lawyer as her husband died in 1981 and she never remarried. Even though she celebrated her 105th in September 2018, she must have gotten insurance already seeing as she is already older than most people.

Aside from acting, Gibson knew how to sing that’s why she was included in Jimmie Grier’s Orchestra where she was first discovered and joined Joe Penner’s radio program afterward. Her singing career was combined with her second film appearance in the 1941 movie The Feminine Touch. She joined the iconic vaudevillian group the Three Stooges on their two movies entitled Three Smart Saps and Sock-a-Bye Baby. Gibson passed away on October 2, 2019.


Mike Farrell also starred in the hit show M*A*S*H as Captain B.J. Hunnicutt. This role helped him to rise to prominence, ultimately taking him to his next significant role — the TV series Providence. He got his $10 million fortune after directing Patch Adams, featuring the late Robin Williams. Farrell has also made appearances in other popular TV shows, such as Desperate Housewives, Law & Order: SUV, and the horror series Supernatural.

We have no idea if he has made investments towards retirement, but he may get there. He hosted National Geographic specials, and not only that; he provided the voice of Superman’s father Jonathan Kent while his longtime partner Shelley Fabares voiced Jonathan’s wife, Martha Kent, in the 1996 animated TV show Superman the Animated Series. His last appearance was on NCIS in 2019. By the looks of it, Farrell has no plans to retire yet and fans will continue his acting glory on the screen.


Marla Gibbs came into the spotlight after her captivating performance as Florence Johnston in the TV series The Jeffersons. Although she spent most of her career portraying TV characters, she later went on playing supporting roles in movies like The Visit and Madea’s Witness Protection, which led to her making a vast fortune of over $2 Million. Her career did so well that she earned several nominations from NAACP Image Awards and Primetime Emmy Awards.

She could grow more of her fortune if she decides to hire the services of a professional advisor. She must have also made some top-class investments towards retirement. That is why she doesn’t seem to stop acting. She was cast in Breaking Bad sequel El Camino and episodes from TV shows like NCIS, The Neighborhood, Trial & Error, Bless This Mess, One Day at a Time, and The Last O.G, so her fortune might skyrocket if she opts to do one more movie or TV guesting.


It seems a lot of actors came into the spotlight after appearing in the hit show M*A*S*H. This was also the case for Jamie Farr after he starred in the show as Corporal Klinger. Even though he was a great actor, he achieved a lot in other sectors and has made contributions to the LPGA as well as hosted the Jamie Farr Toledo Classic Golf Tournament for up to three decades. This led to his gathering of over $6 million fortune.

In his early days, he was deployed to Korea and Japan where he served in the US Army. Due to that fact, he most likely has a top-notch senior’s insurance waiting for him. He has not had the need for a divorce attorney as he has been married since 1963. Farr remains the oldest living cast of the TV show M*A*S*H and he even promoted it in both 2016 and 2018 on the MeTV channel. This is why, as his surname suggests, he is Farr from retiring, although we cannot tell what’s next for him.


Marion was one of the cast members of the beloved show Happy Days, which was where her road to success started — this was in 1974. Her career took a giant leap in the 90s when she did voice acting for the popular children’s cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants. She also starred in a variety of hit TV shows like That 70s Show and Gilmore Girls. Almost 90, she has been able to gather a massive fortune of over $10 million, which she must have used to make investments into other streams of income.

She might have hired an advisor so as to not squander the fortune. One of her vocal performances that are well-known to viewers, regardless of age, was in Spongebob Squarepants — she voiced Spongebob’s grandmother, Grandma Squarepants, in 4 episodes as well as in the video game. She also voiced Mrs. Lopart on Disney’s TV series Handy Manny. After decades of her successful gigs, she retired in 2018, making Angels on Tap her last film appearance.


Yvette Mimieux started her acting career in the early 60s and signed her first contract with MGM, which she later found out wasn’t what she needed to have success. Her time in the movie Three in The Attic made her a bit popular but not as much as she wanted. It did end up giving her a lot of earnings throughout its airing. But her big break came when she starred in Picasso Summer — her role in this show made her more famous.

Now in her mid-70s, she has a fortune of about $5 Million, having retired in 1992. With such a huge fortune, she would need good money management skills to preserve it. She first appeared as Yancy Derringer in one of the episodes of Yancy Derringer. Despite retiring in 1992, it was still enough for her to make money and she reportedly invested her hard-earned money on building resorts and apartments.


Shirley Jones started her acting career in 1953, and so far, her most notable performance was in Elmer Gantry, where she blew people away with her skillful acting. She has earned herself various awards, including an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She also played the popular role of Shirley Partridge in the popular series The Partridge Family. She was able to make a $25 million fortune for herself and has never needed the services of a divorce attorney as she is now married with grandchildren. She might not have needed her seniors’ insurance, too, with the amount of wealth she has.

She is virtually unknown to younger generations unless one was able to follow her career. Her given name, Shirley, was based on late Hollywood actress and child star Shirley Temple. She was cast in The Partridge Family when she rejected the role of Carol Brady on the American situational comedy program The Brady Bunch. She made a cameo in the comedy program Children’s Hospital and the last we heard her was in a New York Post article where she shared memories of her time on the set of The Partridge Family during its 50th anniversary last September 2020.


Eunice Gayson played the role of James Bond’s girlfriend in the 007 franchise Dr. No and From Russia With Love. She was the very first Bond girl and took huge pride in that. She also featured in The Saint and The Revenge of Frankenstein. Her career lasted for 7 decades before retiring and she is now enjoying the benefits of her savings as well the fruits of her investments. Before becoming popular as the first Bond girl, she appeared on The Revenge of Frankenstein and The Saint, where Roger Moore, who played James Bond after Sean Connery, was featured in the lead role. Gayson also appeared in the 1962 stage play The Sound of Music.

She still performed in theater plays after ending her stint as Sylvia Trench on two consecutive James Bond movies, only to be replaced by Honor Blackman starting with Goldfinger. Her daughter to Brian Jackson, Kate Gayson, had a cameo in Goldeneye, making both of them appear in respective Bond movies — and that cameo surely served as a continuation to Eunice Gayson’s legacy on Bond movies (albeit it was only a cameo).


Raquel Welch quickly became popular after she starred in popular movies like Fantastic Voyage, One Million Years B.C. and Bedazzled. She hardly looks her age as she maintained a good diet and fitness routine when she was much younger. To date, you can still catch her on the big screen as it doesn’t look like she is retiring anytime soon. We hope she was able to make some good investments along the way and get a top-notch insurance plan as well.

She started performing on Broadway in 1981 and played in Walks Far Woman in The Legend of Walks Far Woman the following year. She joined Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren to audition for the role of Alexis Carrington on The Dynasty, and among the three of them, she was selected to play the role but it eventually went to Joan Collins. Welch became a mainstay of the 2017 TV series Date My Dad.


Shirley Eaton is known as one of the most famous blonde bombshells in the 50s and 60s. Most people even went further, referring to her London accent as that of a cockney Blonde Bombshell. Later in the 60s, she starred as a Bond Girl in Goldfinger. Currently, in her 80s, she has an estate that she must have already told her attorney to handle in case the unthinkable happens. She must also be enjoying her retirement right about now.

Eaton appeared in three episodes of The Saint — where Sean Connery’s successor, Roger Moore, was the lead — making her and Eunice Gayson the two Bond girls that have been featured on The Saint. She hung her gloves after her last movie The Girl from Rio and didn’t act ever since. In 1999, she embarked on a career as an author starting with Golden Girl, and her autobiography Golden Girl Shirley Eaton: Her Reflections contained photos of Eaton during the peak of her career. The book sums up Shirley Eaton’s career until she withdrew from acting.


Jill St. John is among the long list of bond girls who appeared in the Bond movie Diamonds Are Forever. After its release, she made an investment into a retirement plan and retired the next year (1972). She then followed her other passion which was Culinary arts and was able to release her own cookbook filled with recipes. She also started her own handmade Angora sweater business which brought in extra earnings for her.

It seems she has been able to handle her earnings well due to her money skills. She was known to James Bond fans as Tiffany Case and is the first American Bond girl. She dated her leading man, Sean Connery, who played James Bond in Diamonds Are Forever for the last time Aside from that, she appeared in two episodes of Adam West’s Batman as Riddler’s assistant, Molly. Like other celebrities, she appeared on various TV shows, particularly Seinfeld, in the episode The Yada Yada. She appears to have a stable life although she retired in 2014.


Faye’s career started on Broadway and later took flight, making its way to the big screens. This led to her being featured in Bonnie and Clyde and The Thomas Crown Affair. So far, she has had to hire the help of a divorce attorney more than once as she has been divorced twice. Hopefully, her money skills will help her make good use of her earnings from her time as an actress. Dunaway made her debut in the 1967 film The Happening, starring Anthony Quinn, and she was lauded by film reviewers for her performance.

She was featured in Hurry Sundown, starring Sir Michael Caine and Jane Fonda. Her career had its ups and downs, and she often took leave of Hollywood. She returned to the screen in 2016 and appeared in the satirical documentary show Documentary Now as the final celebrity guest. Her decision to revive her career was a good one, proving that setbacks are not a hindrance when making a comeback.


Mary Carlisle rose to fame in the 1930s when she starred in the movie College Humor with Bing Crosby. This opened the road to more prominent roles for her, and she eventually landed roles in movies like Double or Nothing and Doctor Rhythm. Having lived for 104 years, she can now enjoy the benefits of her seniors’ insurance. She retired in 1942 after she got married and it doesn’t seem like she has needed the services of a divorce attorney as she is currently still married to the same person until now.

Her acting career began with Jackie Coogan’s Long Live the King (in an uncredited role) and she was later discovered by Universal Studio’s heir Carl Laemmle Jr. Apparently, she was seen in the studio canteen eating with her mother. In 1960, 17 years after her retirement as an actress, she was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Tyne Daly became very popular after she was featured in a Broadway show called That Summer – That Fall. She then got the opportunity to star in Cagney & Lacey, which made her more popular and turned her name into a household name. With so much success, it doesn’t seem like she will be having any issues getting loans and mortgages in the future. She also played Alice Henderson in the TV Show Christy and was known for her Broadway performances in Rabbit Hole and The Seagull.

Daly appeared in the 2017 superhero film, Spider-Man Homecoming — she played Anne Marie Hoag, leader of Damage Control in the Marvel Comics. Back in 1988, she requested a duet with singer-songwriter Dolly Parton on her show, impressing Barry Brown. She made various appearances on TV shows, most notably in Judging Amy where she played Maxine Gray till the season finale. Her natural beauty matches her career stability.


Having starred in various movies such as Top Gun and Alien, Tom Skerrit has no plans of retiring anytime soon as he has currently started various projects to give the media industry a boost. He started Heyou Media, which he is currently the chairman of. Heyou Media is based in Seattle where he already has upcoming productions on the line, including Cooks Out There, a cooking segment that would feature Chef Jake Angel.

He also has a movie titled Your Move coming out soon, which he wrote the screenplay for. Currently in his mid-80s, making investments into a good insurance plan would not be such a bad idea. He served four years in the Air Force after graduating from high school. After the military, he proceeded to pursue an acting career, starting with War Hunt. He rose to prominence for his role as Captain Dallas in Alien and for his role as Commander Mike Metcalf in the 1986 film Top Gun. His role in Top Gun reminds us of his service in the US Air Force way back then. Behind the cameras, Skerrit is also a media mogul who founded Heyou Media.


Dirk Benedict is the author behind the famous books And Then We Went Fishing and Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy. He was also featured in the TV Show A-Team as Lieutenant Templeton. He then played the role of a Lieutenant in both the TV show and movie of Battlestar Galactica. He went further to film a cameo appearance in 2010’s A-Team movie. After, he starred in an on-stage play titled Prescription: Murder, where he also played a Lieutenant.

He currently has three sons and resides in Montana. With the famous roles he gets — and his fortune — it is safe to assume he has made some good investments and has gotten quality health insurance. Benedict isn’t his real surname, and he got it from the food named Eggs Benedict, a meal that he served before he became an actor. He reprised his role as Lieutenant Starbuck in the 2003 video game Battlestar Galactica.


Britt Ekland’s roles in The Night They Raided Minsky’s, Get Carter and The Wicker Man turned her into a big deal in the 60s and 70s. She was also once a Bond Girl thanks to her appearance in The Man with The Golden Gun. Later, she released an autobiography entitled Truly Britt, which helped create a huge fortune for her. Let’s hope she was able to make investments into getting a good insurance plan. Her relationship with Peter Sellers grabbed the attention of journalists and critics.

The couple appeared together in three films starting with A Carol for Another Christmas, After the Fox, and The Bobo. Her role in the 1971 movie Get Carter made her a blonde bombshell because of her attractiveness. Her career in the 90s was a mix of television and stage play appearances because she appeared in her last film in 1990. She made her comeback on the film Jeepers Creepers in 2020 and guested on The Real Marigold Hotel.


Grace Jones was quite successful in everything she did – -she was an actress, a model, and a singer. She was recognized as one of the most successful dance artists in history by Billboard Magazine. Even though she isn’t as active as she was back in the day, she still creates time to make song collaborations. Despite her age, she doesn’t look like someone who would ever need nursing insurance, but we sure hope she has made investments into getting a remarkable retirement life.

Jones was born in Jamaica but her family migrated to New York, the city where she began her modeling career. As time passed, she appeared in prestigious fashion magazines like Vogue, and in 1977, she began focusing on her music career. The film Conan the Destroyer was her first feature film with former California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. She was one of the cast members of the James Bond movie A View to a Kill — she played May Day. She is still active and has collaborated with numerous musicians, and her cross-dressing image heavily influenced iconic singers like Lady Gaga.


Diana Rigg’s fame started when she played the role of Emma Peel in the 1960s The Avengers. She’s also been a part of the hit TV series, Game of Thrones, so it doesn’t look like Diana will be cashing in on her seniors’ insurance anytime soon. Over the past years, she has found the need for a divorce attorney twice because both her marriages ended in divorce. Her professional career began in 1957 with the stage play, The Caucasian Chalk Circle, and she began performing on Broadway in 1971.

She became a Bond girl in the movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, where she played Tracy Bond. She wanted to live the American dream for that role. Rigg appeared on one of the episodes of Doctor Who along with her daughter. The episode, in particular, was entitled The Crimson Horror. She gained two honors, namely Order of the British Empire, and Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire. She died in London on September 10, 2020, at the age of 82.


The 1970s was a good time for Sharon Gless as this was the moment she rose to fame after being cast in Switch. She went on to feature in even more prominent shows like Cagney & Lacey and The Trials of Rosie O’Neill. She was last seen on set in an episode of Casualty. While we’re not sure whether she has retired, we do know that she won’t be cashing in on her seniors’ insurance soon, and hopefully, she has made investments into a good retirement plan.

Gless appeared on various TV shows and TV-based movies. She replaced Meg Foster for the role of Sgt. Christine Cagney on Cagney & Lacey and was one of the cast members of Burn Notice, where she played Madeleine Westen for the whole six years of the show. One of her notable recognitions was when she was nominated for playing the role of Christine Cagney on Cagney & Lacey.


Shelley Duvall has featured in captivating roles over the years in movies such as Brewster McCloud, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, and Thieves Like Us. All these roles added extra spice to her resume. She was last seen in the movie Manna from Heaven in 2002 and has only had the need for a divorce attorney once. She most likely can’t wait to cash out her seniors’ insurance. She shares her surname with veteran actor Robert Duvall, but she’s not related to him.

Surprisingly, her father’s first name was Robert, too. She had to spend her childhood in Texas because her father was working in the area. Her first stint in acting started in the 1970 film Brewster McCloud. Shelley Duvall became a familiar face when Jack Nicholson burst into the bathroom door saying “Here’s Johnny!!!”, a scene which rose to prominence because it became a meme that was used as a parody on several TV shows.


Barbara Babcock is mostly remembered for her role in Hill Street Blues where she played Grace Gardner. Although now retired, she starred in movies such as Home Alone 4 and Judging Amy back in the 2000s. Even though she has been retired since 2004, her fortune since then has lasted her till now, which means she either had a good financial advisor or good money skills. Babcock grew up in Tokyo, Japan, because her father was stationed there.

She also reportedly spoke and learned Japanese first before learning her native English. She became part of Star Trek, providing voice-overs despite being uncredited on the show. She won the 1981 Primetime Emmy Award for her role as Grace Gardner in Hill Street Blues, and besides playing Grace Gardner, she played Dorothy Jennings in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and won an award for her performance in the show. Her last film appearance was in Home Alone 4 and she’s now suffering from Parkinson’s disease since 2004, the same year she retired.


Joe Pesci is both a comedian, a singer and an actor. He is mostly remembered for his role in My Cousin Vinny where he played Vincent Gambini. He is also well-known for his villainous role as Harry Lime in Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. He went into retirement in 1999 after just a short while on-screen in the pursuit of a music career. Although, it seems he is trying to make a comeback as he starred in 2019’s The Irishman movie.

Being 75 hasn’t stopped him from living a healthy life but just to be safe, it would probably be a good idea if he already got health insurance and used the fortune he made to make good investment choices. Pesci was known for his roles in Casino and Goodfellas, both of which were directed by Martin Scorsese. And he accompanied Robert De Niro and Frank Vincent on those 2 films. In addition to that, Pesci was also featured in the sports movie Raging Bull, directed by Scorsese, where he played the famous boxer Jake “Raging Bull” Lamotta’s young brother. Movie enthusiasts will always remember Pesci’s foul-mouthed persona in movies. He may retire again after The Irishman but his roles in the past will still remain in our hearts and never retire.


Anne Buydens hardly looks a day over 70 even though she is already 100 as of April 2019. She was once listed on the International List of Best Dressed People for her unique style. After her battle with breast cancer, she decided to dedicate part of her life to philanthropy, which led to her co-founding the Research for Women’s Cancer and the Alzheimer’s institute called Harry’s Haven. Anne has been married to Kirk Douglas for a long while and doesn’t seem like she would be needing a divorce lawyer in this lifetime.

Currently, in retirement, Anne must be enjoying the fruits of her investments. Despite that, she still raises money for her philanthropy to help those who have health problems. She may be retired but her charitable personality will never ever retire for the people who need treatment, especially those who suffer from cancer and Alzheimer’s. She is, of course, such a wonderful personality.


When anyone thinks of Burt Ward, they instantly remember Batman’s sidekick Robin. In the mid-60s, Ward was cast to play the role of superhero Robin in the original Batman series and in Batman: The Movie. After his Robin role, it was hard for him to find more notable roles, and he found himself almost facing bankruptcy until he decided to voice characters in the 2016 and 2017 Batman animated movies.

Thanks to him being honored by DC comics for his contributions, he is now worth over $20 Million, part of which he donated to the charity he founded and named The Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions Organization. Ward has used the services of a divorce attorney three times in the past due to his multiple divorces. In 2019, he was featured on Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, where he reprised his role as Dick Grayson — or better known as Robin — and last January 9, 2020, he obtained a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Karen Grassle is most known for her role as Caroline Ingalls in the 70s TV series Little House on The Prairie. The roles she got afterward were minor roles which didn’t really boost her career like she wanted but she did have major success in being a stage Actress. She is now the co-founder of Santa Fe’s Resource Theatre Company in New Mexico where she moved to. She is currently worth around $550K, so it would probably be a good idea if she hired a financial advisor to guide her and make good investment choices.

She first appeared on Broadway in The Gingham Dog and performed on Butterflies are Free. She began residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico after her show Little House of The Prairie came to an end. Later on in her life, she left and began residing in Kentucky where she found an opportunity to perform at the Actors Theatre of Louisville. Her latest known appearance was on Where’s Roman last 2017 and we hope she enjoys her life and secures her future.


Jane’s acting career started when she was just three years old, which made her considered one of the biggest actresses back then. Most people remember her from Bright Eyes due to her captivating performance. She acted alongside Shirley Temple in this film. Although she is currently worth over $5 Million, most of it was from the string of commercials she did in the 60s. She is also a singer, which helped to boost her earnings to where it currently is.

She most likely would go into retirement soon and might even hire an attorney to handle her fortune should she pass away. It is also safe to assume she has gotten her hands on the best insurance there is. Withers became a Hollywood child wonder for two decades and made films before retiring at the young age of 21 years old but returned in 1950. She was internationally known as the voice of Laverne on Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Her earnings from decades of performances may sustain her financially even after retirement.


Marcy didn’t really spend much time in the entertainment industry. Starting her career as a teenager, she starred in blockbusters such as Higher and Higher with Frank Sinatra and Career Girl. The last movie she made before retiring in 1952 was Jumping Jacks. Considering how early she left the movie industry, it is a bit of a surprise that she currently has a fortune of over $1 Million. She most likely made good investment choices during the years, or maybe she hired the services of a financial genius.

She appeared in films produced by RKO films such as Seven Days Leave, Seven Days Ashore, and You Gotta Stay Happy. Her last but unofficial film performance was on Jumping Jacks in 1952, with the famous duo, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, but she didn’t stop there because she was present for an uncredited role in the Disney film, Summer Magic, which is the film that marked her official retirement.


The wonderful Arlene Dahl is known for her trademark mole. Her career was a success since it began starting with her contract with MGM, which opened up for her a path to be in more popular movies. Some of the movies she is most remembered for include Slightly Scarlet and Journey to the Center of the Earth, which gave a massive boost to her career. Arlene was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of fame and she decided to retire from acting to focus on her own business, which was mainly about selling beauty products.

Her current fortune of $19 Million is mostly from her being an advertiser for beauty products all over America. She probably got advice from a great financial guru or made great investment choices that would make her and her family have a stable life until today. In any case, we can only hope for the best for her.


Richard Erdman never knew he did live a mortgage-free life one day till he decided to pursue his acting dream which ended up paying off in the end. After signing a contract with Warner Bros, he was featured in a supporting role in Mr. Skeffington acting alongside the likes of Bette Davis and Claude Rains. He has acted alongside big stars during his acting years such as Marlon Brando in The Men even though most of his roles were as a supporting character.

Estimated, he is worth around $13 Million and with any luck, he also became legendary in the industry, he has most likely made good investment choices such as Top-notch Insurance. However, he died 3 on March 16, 2019, because of Dementia in Los Angeles California which happened to be the 3 years and 3 days after his wife died. We deeply hope that they both rest in peace.


Jacqueline, born on November 27, 1922, in Beverly Hills, California, had a charming and sweet personality in the industry. Her career didn’t really last very long but the few years she spent was enough to put her name on the map. She was first discovered by an agent at her UCLA play. And her first appearance was in the classic film Crossfire and the Narrow Margin. In 1942, she was featured in her first movie and it seemed like her career was just at its taking off point until she surprisingly retired in 1952 to focus on her family.

She is currently retired, but she recently began to appear in some film festivals and conventions, and we hope she put her seniors’ insurance to good use, as well as made good investment choices for her family. Surely, she is living her best life at the age of 98 — at least we hope she is!


Peggy Stewart’s or also known as by her birth name Peggy O’Rourke, career mainly revolved around western films back in her early days due to the fact that she signed a contract with Republic Pictures. She was able to star in some Western blockbusters such as Ride, Ryder, Ride and The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp. Even though she is nearly clocking a 100, she is still actively making guest appearances on TV whenever she wants to.

She is currently worth over $18 Million which would make her retire almost immediately but not her. She was currently guessed at the Western Film Fair in northern California along with other legends in the industry. It doesn’t look like she is looking forward to her seniors’ insurance as well as she hasn’t shown signs of slowing down. Let’s hope she was able to create time to make some good investment choices along the road.


Gene Reynolds, director and producer of the best huge successful TV show entitled M*A*S*H 1972) and My Three Sons in 1969. When he was a little boy he appeared in the movie “Little Rascal” and later on started his acting career with MGM, having signed a contract with them, he was able to feature in most of their movies. Gene received an Achievement Award for Extraordinary Service to the guild.

Although this was short-lived as he took a break to join the Army during the second world war. When the war ended, he made his return to Hollywood. Throughout his career, he got nominated for 24 Emmys, 6 of which he won. Despite all of this, he didn’t make quite a large fortune, as he had a worth of $400K. We hope he made some valuable investments that would be left by his children and grandchildren before he died of heart failure on February 03, 2020, in Burbank, California, USA.


Although Gloria Henry would later become a big star, that wasn’t always the case. She had to work her way into the film industry first by appearing in several commercials, radio shows and theater productions before getting a chance to show off her skills on the big screen. She rose to fame came when she starred in the hit show Dennis The Menace as Dennis’ mother, Alice Mitchell. She also became a leading co-star in several Western dramas.

Now, she is currently worth over $1.9 million. Her last role was in the 2005 film Her Minor Thing, so it is safe to assume that she is now retired, free from loans and is most likely enjoying her seniors’ insurance even though she might not exactly have a need for it. Indeed, it is safe to say that she had a successful career in the industry that made her what she is now.


Barbara Eden is an esteemed veteran actor with over fifty years of experience under her belt,. Her first appearance was in 1956 on The Johnny Carson Show. After this, she was able to move on to the big screen, starring in films such as A Private’s Affair and Swingin’ Along. She also acted opposite Elvis Presley in Flaming Star. However, Barbara Eden’s most iconic role is arguably the titular character in the 1960s sitcom, I Dream of Jeannie.

On November 17, 1998, Barbara received her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her work. Though she is worth $10 million, she has made no investment towards a retirement plan yet. Perhaps she plans on increasing her worth someday. The good thing is it doesn’t seem like she or her family would ever face bankruptcy with her massive wealth.


Born Richard Wayne Van Dyke, Dick Van Dyke became a household name when he starred in The Dick Van Dyke Show back in the 1960s. The show was a colossal hit and earned him three Emmy Awards. Van Dyke is also a singer and a dancer. His acting career led him to be featured in prominent movies and TV shows such as Mary Poppins, Bye Bye Birdie, Curious George, and The Comic. With his huge success, he was able to create a $50 million fortune for himself.

Hopefully, he was able to make investments into a good health insurance plan as he nearly lost his life after his car caught on fire in 2013. Dick Van Dyke has appeared with his family in several projects, including the TV show Diagnosis Murder and Murder 101 film series, in which he starred with his son Barry. The Van Dyke family is clearly full of talented entertainers.


Tippi Hendren’s acting career started in the 60s after she left her professional modeling career. After she was discovered by Famous director Alfred Hitchcock, her rise to fame began. She has starred in various movies including Marine and The Birds which resulted in ranked number 86 on Premiere Magazine 100 greatest movies of all times.  Therefore, it is not a surprise when Tippi received her Hollywood Star on the Hollywood Walk of fame on January 30, 2003.

In her legendary career, her most favorite film that was assigned for her was “Marnie”. Her private life wasn’t so glamorous as her career life as she has needed the services of a divorce attorney more than once. Now worth $20 Million, she devotes her time to fighting for animal rights and making investments to raise money for the foundations. And it is safe to assume that she has never been bothered by any mortgages and loan free.


Carl Reiner was both a legend in acting and a comedian and went further to becoming a director as he was part of the production crew of The Dick Van Dyke Show. He has featured in great movies such Ocean’s Eleven, The Russians are Coming and made a guest appearance on Two and a Half Men. Carl was awarded the Annual Kennedy Centre prize for Comedy. Whilst being a director, he worked with Steve Martin in producing his own movies.

He is now worth $70 Million and isn’t thinking about cashing out his seniors’ insurance or retiring just yet as he is still very active on TV. It is not surprising that he also got his Hollywood Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on February 08, 190. We assume he has already started making investments and he still did not have any plan in retiring from the industry despite his age and wanted to work until he met his death. Carl’s dedication is indeed amazing.


Long-time activist and American actor Ed Asner’s portrayal of the character Lou Grant in The Mary Tyler Moore Show was his breakout role. In fact, it was such a hit that he was given his own show, Lou Grant. His role as Lou Grant earned him seven Primetime Emmy Awards. He also made history as the first actor to win an Emmy for playing the same character in a drama and a comedy. It doesn’t look like he has plans of retiring soon as he is still very much active, with two upcoming films next year.

In addition, Asner works with and has contributed a portion of his $10 million fortune into foundations for people with autism, as he has a child and a grandchild with autism. He is also politically active as he was part of those who signed for a reinvestigation of the 911 attack in New York. We hope he has made wise investments into getting a good health insurance plan and a comfortable retirement life.


Comedic Actor Larry Storch started his career way back in the TV series Car 54. His popularity arose when the audience first saw him in quite a lot of TV shows such as Episodic TV, Phil Silvers Show and known his manic looking. Larry was Emmy-nominated for the role of Forrest Tucker. Ever since then, he has only known success in the entertainment industry. Now retired, he is worth over $1 Million.

Throughout his life, he has never needed the help of a divorce attorney as his only wife Norma Catherine Greve passed away in 2003 because of Cancer. Now, he was reported that he was living in the Upper West Side of New York City and perhaps indulging himself with the saxophone which is his favorite instrument by the way.  We hope that today would be a good time for him to look into getting life insurance since he isn’t getting any younger.


Marge Champion’s legendary career started at a really young age. Being an incredible dancer and choreographer either in movies or on stage. She quickly rose to the top from first being a ballet instructor in a studio to working with Disney as a dance model. She has also featured in numerous Broadway shows and movies. Marge is popularly known as a former wife of Gower Champion, as they created a great team that led to the success in MGM Musical Years.

After retiring from her career, she works as a dance teacher and choreographer in New York. She was 101 years old when she met her death on October 21, 2020, in California USA for disclosed reasons. Marge clearly spent most of her life doing the job that she fancies the most which are dancing. Clearly, her fans and family will never forget her and we hope that she may now rest in peace.


TV Host Hugh Downs is popularly known as the Co-host of the NBC News Program called Today. His career started when he won the job as a TV Announcer on the Children’s Show. Over the years, he has gained massive fame and had a successful career. One of these is The Guinness Book of Record holder for having a great number of hours in-network commercial television in 1985, he also received a prestigious Connor Award given by the brothers of Phi Alpha Tau Fraternity.

In addition to that, he is also an author and has released numerous books over the years. All his achievements have helped him attain a great fortune. Sadly speaking, he died on July 1, 2020, in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA because of having a heart failure. His fans and family are devastated by his death but clearly, he lived and started a Legacy in the acting industry.


Eve Marie Saint, actress, producer, has had a very successful acting career ever since he started 70 years ago. She was a member of Delta Gamma Sorority. And in the past, her popularity arose when she took the role of Elia Kazans in the show “On the waterproof ” which became the reason why she won the Academy Award for being the Best Supporting Actress. She has landed big roles in movies such as Grand Prix, A Hatful of Rain, The Russians Are Coming and, On the Waterfront, which earned her very first Academy Award.

Worth $20 Million. Aside from that she was awarded 2 Hollywood Stars in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Right now, she doesn’t seem like she will be retiring anytime soon. She certainly must have made some noteworthy investments in the past to maintain such a high worth and maybe even hired the help of a financial advisor.


Angela Lansbury, amazing actress and producer, decided to move to Hollywood in 1942 from the UK which was when her acting career kicked off and took a blast to the top for over seventy years. The first movie she was in was Gaslight which opened a door of opportunities for her due to her acting skills. One of her phenomenal Award was when she was awarded the Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1994.

Over the years, she has won more various awards and is now worth $70 Million which is quite a lot. And Angela was also one of the last star guests on the comedy show Newhart. She has also gained international recognition due to her skills and has no plan of retiring just yet despite her age. Seeing how she is almost 96, making investments into a good health insurance plan would be a good idea.


While most celebrities got their fame from acting and singing on the big screen, the case was different for Vera as she instead used her voice to perform for the troops during the Second World War. This act alone made her popular before she decided to move on to the big screens and radio after the war ended. Today she is considered not only a true star but also the official Dame of the UK.

She is currently worth $20 Million at the age of 101. You would think she is ready to retire at this age but that is not the case as she currently does charity work which includes helping women with breast cancer and disabled children. Sadly speaking, she died recently on June 18, 2020, due to the deceased. Surely her family and fans would not forget her, and by the way, her full name was Dame Vera Lynn.


Jerry Lewis’ was began playing piano when he was just a 9 years old kid. And now, he walked down his musical career as a piano pioneer in the Rock and Roll Genre. He has indeed been a remarkable one filled with challenges. He has been able to release hit songs such as Great Balls of Fire, Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On, Breathless and Crazy Arms which audiences loved. But when he decided to marry his 13-year-old cousin which became the root why his scandal arose, that is when his career took a fall almost leading him to bankruptcy.

After a while, he made a comeback to the industry with country music. He has also needed the help of a divorce attorney more than once as he has been divorced multiple times. Currently, he is worth over $15 Million. It is now safe to assume that he is living his private life away from mortgage and loan sharks.


American children’s writer whose award-winning books are mostly enthusiastic and humorous type of genre. Beverly Cleary has been writing fictional children’s books since the 50s and is so loved that her books have sold more 91 Million copies worldwide. She got her degree from the University of Washington and moved on to be a children’s librarian which was the first career path she tried. She then decided to become a writer since it was what she wanted right from time.

Her first books titled “Henry Huggins” and ever since she has always been a favorite to kids because of her captivating writing skills. Throughout her career, she has received several awards including the Newbery Medal. She is now worth $20 Million and till today is still an inspiration to many authors. We do hope she has looked into getting a good insurance plan as she has passed a hundred years.


Bob Barker has been loved by Americans ever since he hosted the popular game show Truth or Consequence in 1956. He has also hosted beauty pageants like Miss Universe and Miss USA. However, he became a household name after he hosted The Price is Right more than twenty years ago. He won an MTV Movie Award for his fight scene in Happy Gilmore. His 50 years on television was not in vain as he is now worth $70 million.

Now retired, he has fallen back on his senior’s insurance, so he’ll be able to live a comfortable retired life. With such a fortune, he must have also made good investments during his time on screen. It is safe to assume that now, he is enjoying the rest of his life doing his favorite things: playing golf and martial arts.


Mary Beth Peil is an American singer, actress and an amazing producer who has been in the entertainment industry for over 40 years.  Her first experience to train as a classical singer before she landed her first role was in the 80s’ when she starred in a Broadway show followed by her appearance in a 1992 movie titled Jersey Girl. She is also well known for her role in Reckless, The List, Best Day of my Life and Flags of our Fathers and the most famous “Mirror”.

People recently saw her when she was nominated for the Joseph Jefferson Award as a Solo Performance for “M. Proust” in 2006. All of these have been able to give her enough cash to make the investment into a good retirement and insurance plan. Clearly, at the age of 80, she did proved to people that she created a legacy in the industry.


American actor Bob Newhart gained popularity in the 1960s as a standup comedian following the success of his album, The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart. Along with his other awards, he received a Kennedy Centre Mark Twain Prize for Comedy. After a while, he decided to venture into movie acting and was featured in movies such as Elf and Catch-22. He has also appeared in popular TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory.

It was heard that he had a claim on his health insurance policy when he had to battle with health issues and was later able to stop his smoking addiction. So far, even after his insurance claim, he has been able to gather for himself a fortune of $25 million. Before he became successful and created a legacy in the industry, he was once a delivery boy for a meat market.


Actor Norman Lloyd, successful actor, producer, and director is indeed a true American veteran who has appeared in more than 60 television shows, truth to be told, he is now considered as a living legend as he has been in the movie industry for some decades now. He was widely known for his roles on television because of his role as Chief of Emergency Services on the show St. Elsewhere in 1982. Norman before he was also known for his work behind the camera as a good director he used to be a Dancer.

He starred in movies such as the Saboteur, Limelight etc. Fun fact: he did not appear in his first movie until he was 25 years old but now, Norman Lloyd is currently over 106years old, already created a legacy in the industry and perhaps will be needing a will attorney soon enough even though he isn’t looking towards getting an insurance plan.


Chuck Yeager has been a role model to many of his fans ever since he started his career. He has always been an inspiration to most people who knew him and was dubbed as the fastest man alive in 1947. After joining the army, he took up pilot training lessons and eventually he started piloting airplanes for the army. He made history when he broke the record of being able to fly an airplane faster than the speed of sound which was just an amazing feat.

After receiving numerous awards and prizes for making history he decided it was time for him to retire with the rank of brigadier general in 1975. With his $1.5million fortune, he should be able to enjoy a peaceful life free of personal loans and mortgages however, things change when the fastest man alive met his death end on December 7, 2020 at the age of 97.


German-born political scientist Henry Kissinger has achieved quite a lot in his career. He is also an author, wherein in fact he wrote a bunch of books and articles on USF Policy i.g. In 1938, he relocated with his family to New York and it was there he completed his education in Harvard University as part of the Faculty Member both in the Department of Government and Center of International Affairs.

Henry Kissinger is also a diplomat alongside a political scientist who worked with former President Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford which led to him getting the Nobel Peace Prize Award. He was also the 56th Secretary of the United State from 1973 to 1977. So far, because of his hard work and dedication to his career, he has earned himself a net worth of $20million. With his investments and hopefully no cash loans, he will be able to enjoy his retirement away from mortgage and loans.


The American 41st President and was a vice president of the United State, George H.W Bush saw quite a lot in his lifetime from serving in the Navy to joining politics and becoming a president. All of this led to him becoming really loved by everyone and gaining popularity along the way. In 1959 he became active in the Republican Party in Houston after losing a senate campaign in 1964.

Few years after becoming the 41st President of America, his son George W. Bush also became a president. George H.W Bush was a philanthropist who carried out charity work in his spare time and was able to gather a large fortune of about $25 million which he most likely used to make investments into his retirement. Although he passed away on November 30, 2018 in his beloved place Houston, it is safe to assume he got a good insurance plan before his death.


Hal Holbrook, one of the great craftsmen both on stage and screen. He is also a multiple award-winning American actor with 5 Emmy Awards. He was only 29 years old when he began touring his one-man show of Mark Twain and in 2005 he returned his Mark Twain Tonight to Broadway and became the biggest hit for a long run. Tony Award has been in the entertainment industry for over 50 years.

He has starred in lots of movies right from his days of being a student in the year 1954 when he became famous. He is popularly remembered for his character in the movie Lincoln, Sons of Anarchy and rectify egg. He is currently worth over $5million. Moreover, in 2008, he became the oldest male actor to be nominated for an Academy Award at the age of 82. We wonder if he will mortgage his career and get a good health insurance plan since he’s still seen on TV.


Robert Clary is a Jewish French-American actor and he is known for his character role as corporal Louis LeBeau on the television sitcom Hogan’s Heroes. He was among those who survived the Nazi concentration camp during the time of the Holocaust. Even with the terrible things he experienced as a child during the Holocaust, he was able to gain popularity both in France and the USA after the war was over.

He began singing professionally at the age of 21. Also, people will always remember him for his role as “Corporal Louise LeBeau” in the television series Hogan’s Heroes although he wanted to leave the set, the director convinced him and said something to him that wound changed his mind. He has been calculated to be worth over $20 million. We don’t know if he has made any investment towards retiring but safe to assume, he is already on a health insurance plan.


Cloris Leachman is a beautiful American icon who was once a Miss Chicago – 1946, indeed a beauty queen before joining the movie industry and who recently set a record when at the age of 82 when she appeared on Dancing with the Stars in 2005. Her popularity grew after she starred in popular ’70s show The Mary Tyler Show. After which she also starred in other famous movies and shows like Malcolm in the middle, etc.

Till date, Cloris Leachman is still a television diva as she currently has a role in the series American gods. Cloris has won for over nine Emmy Awards including the one daytime Emmy award. Moreover, she also ranked 23 on the TV Guide Network special on Funniest Women in TV in 2011. With a net worth of $21million, we hope she has made investments towards her retirement and hope she’s on a health insurance plan as well.


David Attenborough, English broadcaster, writer, and natural historian is popularly known as one of UK’s biggest national treasure has always had a good and caring heart for both people and animals since when he worked at the Refugee Children’s Movement. He once served in the Army but later went on to work at BBC presenting shows on National History. David was once elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1983.

After the 50 years in the natural history program, that made him to be the most travelled person in human history.  He started his own moving company when he started making his own documentary and is currently worth $35million. Clearly, because of his hard work and dedicated to his craft, he created a legacy in the age of 92. With his net worth, we hope he has employed the help of a good financial advisor to avoid getting broke and also secured a good insurance plan.


At the staggering age of 103, we can’t possibly imagine the costly life insurance Author Herman Wouk currently has. Living an almost full life, Herman Wouk has faced a lot of challenges in the past such as the death of his firstborn son, Abraham Wouk. The Author has since retired to live out the rest of his days in comfort, with a great credit score we assume.

He started serving in the military in the following year after the Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese soldiers in 1941 and led the USS Zane and USS Southard ships making him promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. He began his writing career during his day time off as a military personnel starting with Aurora Dawn and was published in 1947. His life as a writer continued with City Boy and ending with Sailor and Fiddler: Reflections of a 100-Year Old Author. We are sure and certain that Heman Wouk’s works would make his investments stable.


Legendary American Actor Kirk Douglas has starred in a lot of roles since his acting career kicked off. Over the six decades he has been acting, he has been featured in Young Man with a Horn, Champion, and Ace in the Hole to name a few. He has also received numerous awards thanks to his contribution to the movie industry. You might also be wondering why this name sounds more familiar. This is because Kirk Douglas is the father of also legendary actor Michael Douglas.

A while back, Kirk Douglas suffered from a stroke and survived a helicopter crash which is as scary as it sounds. Now retired, he focuses all his energy on his spiritual life. Being worth over $60 million and past the age of 100, it won’t be such a bad idea of having life insurance and some valuable investments at this point. Kirk’s final role before his retirement was the 2008 film Empire State Building Murders.


Honor Blackman has had quite a lot done in her acting career ever since she started in the 40s. The very first movie she starred in was Fame Is the Spur. She later featured in other movies such as The Square Peg, The Virgin, the Gypsy and A Night to Remember. But her most notable role which also made a huge boost to her career was Cathy Gale in the TV series The Avengers.

This brought her more into the spotlight as her career took a much better turn. She later starred in Goldfinger as a Bond Girl. Till date, you can still catch her up on TV on the show The Upper Hand. She was able to gather a fortune of over $600k. Getting insurance and making some investments won’t be such a bad idea right about now. Blackman was considered one of the oldest Bond girl.


Popularly known as James Bond Agent 007, Sean Connery has featured in a lot of blockbuster movies aside from his role as James Bond such as The Rock, Finding Forrester, The Hunt for Red October and The Untouchables which earned him an Academy Award. He retired in 2012 with much advice from his financial advisor, we assume and has since been living a life of comfort free from loans. He was a longtime friend of Michael Caine in 1954 and since then they become good friends.

His first Bond movie was Dr. No and was the first Bond movie produced by Eon Productions up until You Only Live Twice and was replaced by George Lazenby in the sequel entitled On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and reprised his role again as the secret agent in Diamonds Are Forever. He co-starred with Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones The Last Crusade as Henry Jones Sr.


Swedish actress Bibi Andersson has been a huge success since she started her career in 1951. She was later forced into retirement due to her suffering from a stroke. It was so bad that according to reports, she could hardly speak a word. Hopefully, she made investments into a proper health insurance plan so her loved ones won’t suffer from loan related issues. Andersson commonly appears in films directed by Ingmar Bergman.

She appeared in the 1966 film Persona and won the award for best actress at Guldbagge Awards and Silver Bear for best actress in Berlin International Film Festival for playing a nurse who is assigned to take care of Liv Ullmann’s character who suffers from mental illness. In the same year, she appeared in the western film Duel at Diablo starring veteran actor James Garner. Bibi Andersson died on April 14, 2019, at the age of 83 in her native Stockholm, Sweden.


Robert Conrad was a fan favorite during his younger years having featured in a wide variety of western movies and shows. His most memorable role was in the TV show The Wild Wild West which later turned into a film by Will Smith and Kevin Kline. Robert also made appearances in shows such as Baa Baa Black Sheep and The PM Show with Robert Conrad.

The acting wasn’t the only area he specialized in as he was also a stuntman and singer who went with the name Bob Conrad. Afterward, his life took a turn for the downside as he was involved in a terrible accident in 2003 which made him unable to move his arms fully. On February 8, 2020, he died at the age of 84 at his home in Malibu, California due to heart failure and was cremated at Hollywood Forever Cemetery and his ashes were sprinkled into the Pacific Ocean.


Katherine was a Broadway and stage actress around New York City and will always be remembered as Ms. Harriet Oleson as a gossiping, nasty, and an arrogant lady from the TV show Little House of Prairie. Before she landed this role, she didn’t really get major roles in series and studied acting under three phenomenal mentors. When the show ended in 1983 and so did Katherine’s acting career as she went into retirement afterward refusing to work in the movie industry anymore.

Recently, she passed away on November 13, 2018, two months before January 12, 2019, to welcome her 94th birthday. The way she spent some of her life in the industry, she clearly manages to create a legacy seeing how she had an early retirement. Many people must have been devastated by her death but regardless, she definitely enjoyed the most of her life. We hope that she may rest in peace.


Abby Dalton has always had such a perfect smile right from her younger days to date which has fast become her mark. Fans first noticed her exemplary performance when she starred in the TV show Hennesey. She has gone ahead to feature in other TV shows and movies such as The Plainsman and Falcon Crest in the 80s delivering her best every step of the way. After Falcon Crest came to an end, she decided to retire in 2008.

Surely, the fortune she made would guide her through her investment into a comfortable retirement plan assuming she has proper money management skills or a financial advisor. She started acting in the 1957 film Rock All Night on a lead role as Julie and her role in Hennesey made her nominated for Emmy Awards in 1961. She made several guestings from game shows like Hollywood Squares. Her last film was the 2008 film Prank.

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