You Don’t Actually Need to Buy Everything in Your Child’s Christmas List! Here’s Why

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We all know what this means: Kids hanging Christmas stockings, singing Christmas carols, writing their Christmas lists. This is a time when parents play Santa and check off the items from their children’s wish list. However, buying everything listed isn’t really practical. For some, Christmas overshopping for the kids could lead to working on a really tight budget for the more important things.



While Christmas is the best time to show our children we love them and only want them to be happy, gift-giving isn’t the only way to show it. Loving our children doesn’t mean giving them everything they want. When budgeting for Christmas gifts, you also need to be honest with yourself on what you could afford. Besides, Santa had all the right to choose what to give each kid.


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This will also teach your children a lesson that can never be bought: they can’t have everything they wish for on Christmas. That’s easier to learn when it actually happens to them. This will prevent you from raising spoiled brats as well.



Also, another thing to teach our children is that Christmas isn’t just all about receiving but giving. As early as now, teach them to pick out things they don’t need anymore and wrap them as gifts. Then let your child pick which charity or group shall you give them.



What’s the most important thing this Christmas is the memories we make. Children deserve a nice Christmas night to look back on when they get older. However, you don’t need to spend all your money just to give them that, let alone succumb yourself in credit card debt. Christmas is all about love and being with family and that is all that matters.

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