Best Low-budget Marketing Move for Small Business

Best Low-budget Marketing Move for Small Business
Starting up a small business is not a small task at all. Many people are overwhelmed with how much effort they need to put in considering the limited budget they got. If you’re tight on funds and you wanted to reach out to people about your business, what is the best way to do it?
Doing a traditional advertising can cost a lot of money from your business. As a typical small business or a start-up venture, funding is always a concern so here are the best ways to market your business if you are in a budget.

Know your Target Market

Knowing who and what your target markets is basically the first thing you need to consider when planning an advertisement campaign. Once you know who your buyers are, it easier to come up with a plan that is more appealing to them.
Saving a lot of money is our goal here and doing a blanket marketing campaign to reach out to people might not the best approach for this. Although you have access to most people, you’ll more likely to get a few people interested in your products or services. The best way to approach this is to get a list of your target markets and draw a plan from there.

Business Cards

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Getting yourself a business card or postcards is one of the most cost-efficient ways of reaching out to other people about your business. They are also cheap and some can be ordered online and will be delivered right to your doorsteps.
Posting your cards and giving them to a fellow colleague usually is the start of a good business deal. Make it a habit of bringing your business cards always. You’ll never know the time when opportunities present themselves.
Join Networking Groups


Another effective and cost-efficient way to get a name for your business is to attend networking groups. If you sat down in a luncheon with your follow networking group members, chances are that they will refer your business to other members as well
If you’re not into meeting people face to face, you might as well join networking sites like LinkedIn. It is recommended. That you needed to get one account for your business and start connecting with others.
Create a Blog

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Setting an online presence nowadays is very important and knowing whether you need to update your potential customer about your product is necessary or not.
Most people use blogs as a medium to talk about their products and services. You can also give some detailed background about your business. Also, having a blog about your product acts a review, an introduction and an explanation of how your things work.

Always Ask for Testimonials

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Once your website is up and running, it would be best to get testimonials from your previous customers. Just be sure that you ask permission to post their testimonials along with their names on it.
Partner With Other Business

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Having a helping hand can go a long way. This is same for businesses whether it is a large enterprise or a start-up business. Do some research around your community and find businesses that target the same market, just be sure that you offer different services to avoid any conflicts.
After partnering with them, may find yourself filled with referrals from your new-found partner. Business in similar nature can go hand-in-hand using this approach.

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An example of this is happening a lot in construction sites. Many construction companies are looking for contractors that do interior paint jobs and what do they do when they need to finish a project like this? They go to their trusted partners to do the job. The same principle applies to build up a partnership with other small business within your community.

Utilize the Web

Adding a number and showing your address in Google Places is one of the first things you need to do when starting up a small business marketing campaign. Another thing that you need to take advantage would be social media.
Create a Facebook, Tweeter and Linkedin account for your business. Depending on your business, also do some Instagram or Pinterest accounts to widen up your audience and your influence.

Just a side note, once you got yourself a good amount of followers or subscribers, make sure to keep them updated every few weeks. Another way to get a higher subscriber for your audiences would be giveaways to show your appreciation

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