Stars Who Have Undergone A Gastric Sleeve Surgery – Who Lost The Most Weight

The world’s system today has got a good tolerance range for quite a host of vices and character imperfections. Thus, there are a few bad habits you can get away with, without having to face the music or probably face outright rejection. If we are overweight, chances of getting unrecognized for close to impossible especially in areas such as the American movie industry, where a daily workout and strict dieting as instructed by your nutritionist may be the only safe route out of bankruptcy.

It is no surprise that celebrities in this industry see it as financial insurance to maintain a healthy weight, as even a minor weight addition might be a bad signal for one’s career, probably forcing one into early retirement. While some even argue that it is expensive, of course, there’s nothing too expensive when your body and your job are strictly intertwined. After losing weight, some of the world’s most famous celebrities became unrecognizable. This is the most dramatic weight loss change for some celebrities.


Gabourey Sidibe is an American actress. She is best known for the image of Claireece Jones in the 2009 premiere film “Jenny”. This role won wide acclaim in Sidibe and won the Independent Spirit Award in the Best Actress category and was nominated for Best Actress. The Golden Globes and Oscars, as well as the nominations at every famous award ceremony that year. Gabourey Sidibe’s struggles and subsequent successes still provide a lot of inspiration for oversize women who are trying to make their skin comfortable.

Thanks to an effective nutrition investment planning decision and workout sessions, Gabourey Sidibe seems to be getting there. If you want to be sure of what I’m saying compare and contrast her look in these two movies – Precious and Empire (a series). In an interview with The Daily Beast, Sidibe talked about how rejecting the patriarch helped build her confidence. Sidibe said he had decided to reduce his adaptation to men before filming Antebellum.


Remember Lisa Riley? Riley has been trained at the Oldham Theater Workshop since the age of nine and was signed by an agent three years later. She was the first person on British television in her early positions, including appearing on Coronation Street and acting as an actor in Michael Winterbottom’s “Butterfly Kiss.” The groundbreaking role was played in Emmerdale for seven and a half years. In 1996, Riley won the National Television’s Most Popular Rookie of the Year award for her work in Emmerdale.

After losing a staggering 140 pounds in no time, the new body shape Lisa has remains a shocker to the entire world. Her case shows that everything is possible including finding the right mortgage or mortgage rates. Many claim she has gastric bypass surgery but she said the remarkable change she experienced was all-natural. By now you should know natural means proper food selection and scheduled workouts.


June Edith “Mother of June June” Shannon was born August 10, 1979. She is the patriarch of the Shannon family and the mother of Anna, Jessica, Laurin and Alana. She was born in Sandra Hundley and Marvin Shannon in McIntyre, Georgia, and divorced at the age of two. After playing a popular role in “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”, Mama June revealed to the world what seemed to be the greatest level of weight loss in history.

She lost 300-pounds and gave the credit to a gastric sleeve and skin removal surgery worth about $75,000. Many would have complained of bankruptcy after spending such a huge amount. Additional activities included liposuction, workout regimen, and intake of fitness-friendly meals. Tagging her as “unrecognizable” seems to be a weak expression of her new shape. Lucky for her, she had the opportunity to showcase this elegant shape at her ex’s wedding.


Joell Christopher Ortiz (Joell Ortiz) is an American rapper and a member of the slaughterhouse organization. Ortiz grew up in the Cooper Park residence in the East Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, New York, and previously signed with Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment record label. Joel Ortiz is one musician whose weight loss story is like being able to repay a long-standing business loan. In short, his story has been nothing but inspiring!

The singer experienced remarkable popularity in 2014 after he had lost 50 pounds of weight. Typical of the normal diet and regular exercise, his weight loss seemed to have shot the rapper from nothing to being the envy of all and sundry. If Joell Ortiz had known that weight loss would such a great impact in his career, as small business loans would when used appropriately, he surely would have started his weight loss program a long time ago.


Kevin Lyles is an American record executive. He graduated from Woodlawn High School. Liles began his musical career as a member of Baltimore-based DJ crew Numarx, first recorded by Numarx, but later famous for co-writing “Girl You Know It’s True”. Milli Vanilli.Liles’ first hit was President of Def Jam Recordings and Executive Vice President of Island Def Jam Music Group from 1999 to 2004. He was Executive Vice President of Warner Music Group and worked for former Island Def Jam Associate Lyor Cohen.

Before resigning as Executive Vice President of Warner Music Group in September 2009 and pursuing entrepreneurship. He is married to Ericalis. Kevin and Erica have two daughters. Geneva & Valentina. He also has two children, Kevin and Keila, from a previous relationship. I found out he had undergone gastric sleeve surgery and with all honesty, I am proud of his investment planning decision. His business and financial advisor are also doing a great job too.


Lea Delaria played an outstanding role in the Netflix hit series “Orange Is the New Black” twice as “Carry” Big Boo “Black” and won the SAG Award, and seems to have won stardom overnight. However, Delaria’s multifaceted career as a comedian, actress and jazz musician actually spans decades. Lee is the first openly gay cartoon on television in the United States, featuring a myriad of television and film roles depicting police lieutenants, PE teachers, and lesbians improperly attacking straight women.

Lea was the star singer of the 50th anniversary of the Newport Jazz Festival and has performed in some of the most prestigious houses in the world. Known for her lovely style of music, Lea Declaria never for once disregarded the fact that her illness and determination was the major factor why she lost weight. She was placed on a low carbohydrate diet and was exposed to simple forms of exercise after been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.


Jill Scott is a poetic R & B powerhouse with slow sensual material, bright pride, and the same ability to handle voluntary national anthems. At the beginning of the Millennium, Jill Scott is ranked in the Top 20 and Platinum Tops. Speech and Sound, Volume 1. 1 (2000). The debut also has four Grammy nominations, including the best rookie nominations. Received. This shows that the singer has fulfilled her promise throughout her career. Her numerous collaborations have won three other Grammy-winning recordings.

Jill Scott became overweight to some degree after her pregnancy. Determined to improve his health, she adopted a strict diet intake which entails that she had to cut down on her calorie intake. Combined with regular exercise, she was able to lose 200 pounds within the space of two years. Of course, one can only apply for loans when he or she is confident of repaying within the stipulated time.


She has a chubby face, funny haircuts, and a contagious laugh. She is a typical female comedy. Anyone can make her look and attitude laugh. She wasn’t that beautiful since she was a kid, but she was more confident because her father told her she was the most beautiful girl. This vibrant and confident woman was born with a quirky sense of humor and was arrogant when she was a teenager. She was always interested in debate and drama.

She is now part of the popular comedy duo France and Sanders. Popularly known for her famous role in the flooring comedy show “French and Saunders,” Dawn never hid the fact that she battled weight gain for a while before achieving her current shape. Rumors claim she underwent a secret gastric bypass procedure but she has come out to tell the world that her current shape is all thanks to calorie-counting diets and a little bit of regular exercise.


EJ Johnson originally came from Los Angeles and swept the fashion world with only one Birkin at a time. The 22-year-old son of NBA legends Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Cookie Johnson formally got rid of the shadow of their parents and established a rapidly growing media personality and a fashionist identity. Appeared in national joint talk shows, such as Wendy Williams and Bethenny or E! News New York EJ Johnson serves as a fashion correspondent for “New York Fashion Week”.

He continues to establish it by providing professional knowledge related to fashion and entertainment. Bring one of the wealthiest reality show stars, Ej Johnson decided to go for a gastric sleeve surgery which made him lose an enormous weight amount. He didn’t need a lawyer, doctor, financial advisor, or friends to urge him to lose weight. Believe it, it was a totally good use of money; however, he needs to add regular exercise and healthy eating to his schedule to achieve a full result.


Shonda Rhimes is an American screenwriter and producer. She is best known for the television series “Grey’s Anatomy” she created and produced. This is one of the longest-running shows in American television history. She is recognized as one of the most influential African-American women in the American entertainment industry. In less than 20 years, she has opened up a niche for herself as one of the most successful writers and producers in the country.

Known for her marvelous creation – Grey’s Anatomy, the legendary writer has been one with a busty appearance. However, after saying what seems like a goodbye to childbearing, Rhimes decided it was high time she worked on her body shape, not only money management tactics. With the help of a strict diet, exercise routine, and financial advisor, she seems to be getting there! At least for moms of her age.


Adam Richman is an American food lover, food show host, former TV host, and host of the “Travel Channel” program “People and Food”. After graduating from Hyères School of Drama, he started his career as a full-time stage actor, mainly in Atlanta and New York. Later he switched to TV, starred in many shows and appeared in a series of TV commercials. Richman is a well-trained sushi chef who likes to travel and explore food. This makes him the perfect host.

Richman is a football fan and has become a vegetarian for charity matches. I believe Adam Richman can’t be blamed for his initial weight because believe it or not, hosting a food show comes with its side effect. That’s how loans are. However, immediately after the show stopped filming, Adam Richman turned to a new chapter of his life and decided to flush himself. He embraced a strict vegan diet module and engaged in a serious workout which saw him lose about 70 pounds.


Amber Patrice Riley is the most famous American actress and singer who played Mercedes Jones in the comedy series “Gree”. She also participated in guest appearances on several TV shows including The Simpsons and Crazy X Girlfriends. Riley is the winner of the 17th season “Dancing with the Stars”. He also appeared on the stage of the musical “Cotton Club Parade”, “Dream Girl” and “Hair”. As a singer, Riley, along with Cassidy Janson and Beverly Knight, is a member of the musical theatre super band “Leading Ladies”.

Though Amber Riley decided to shed some pounds, she was still a lady glooming with confidence irrespective of her weight. Her decision to reduce her weight all started when she visited her doctor and was advised to imbibe a weight-loss method. While her doctor offered the suggestion of gastric bypass surgery, she was more of the notion of strict dieting and regular exercise because she was a fan of proper money management. Now, Amber Riley is two sizes down.


Who is Tyla Banks? Tyla Banks is a leading international fashion model and the first black woman to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuits. Later, she hosted the reality TV show “American’s Next Top Model” and her own daytime talk show and won two Emmy Awards. The bank continued to increase its business interest and launched its own cosmetic line in 2014. Just like Amber Riley, Tyra Banks also didn’t really give a damn about what other people thought about her weight gain.

Recently, she lost 30 pounds of weight and this was visibly evident in her recent catwalk style. She revealed in an interview with Shape Magazine that even when she noticed her increased weight, she still went months without any workout. But upon fearing that things might get worse with respect to her weight, she decided to hire a personal trainer and nutritionist (knowing it was a worthy investment) who then directed her to write down all she eats.


Ricky Lake is an American actress, Emmy award-winning TV presenter and producer. She played Tracy Turn Blood in the movie “Hairspray” and is known for participating in the international daytime talk show that has been aired for many years. She moved to Los Angeles to enrich her acting career and experienced extraordinary physical changes. She lost weight and assumed this role. Ricky Lake started her professional career as a 300-pound teenager in Hairspray, at her Tinsel town debut.

Bothered about her weight, Ricki attempted a rather ridiculous weight loss schedule, going for the costly Atkins diet, estimated to now cost up to $100.52 per week. It was an understandable investment which resulted in a tremendous weight loss of about 100 pounds. Recently, she seemed to have gained remarkable weight after divorce with her husband, Christian Evans. Still bothered about her weight gain, she opted for a workout schedule. Although less enthusiastic to a degree about the weight loss schedule, she is paying quite heavily for it.


Perez Hilton is the nickname of the Cuban-American blogger, columnist and TV personality Mario Armandra Jr. and is widely known on the celebrity gossip blog After he started writing a blog, the blog became one of the most hated websites due to his fanatical support for certain celebrities and irrational criticism of other celebrities. He is known for the numerous lawsuits against him by Paparatch photographers and celebrities, who claimed that his fame and fortune were based on the work of others.

While Perez Hilton was busy criticizing celebrities and blogging so much about their lives, he was going to come. Perez Hilton became a figure of public scrutiny after his recent weight gain. Being that his mockery didn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, he decided to take proactive steps towards reducing his weight. Though, like a lawyer, he argued that his weight loss was due to diet and exercise, his body after some years, showed signs of liposuction.


Who is Miranda Lambert? Lambert was born in Longview, Texas in 1983. He released an album of the same name in the early 2000s and competed with the Nashville Star to pursue a career in music. After her major record label debut, Kerosene became a platinum record, and the singer-songwriter achieved important commercial success in subsequent albums such as Crazy X Girlfriend, Platinum and the weight of these wings.

Lambert is also known for his four-year marriage to country superstar Blake Shelton. Miranda Lambert is well known for her songs. The famous country singer, Miranda Lambert, was formerly married to Blake Shelton. But, like mortgage, her marriage didn’t last long. Following divorce with Blake, she decided to opt for a weight loss schedule considered to be as flexible as online classes. With consistency, she lost 25 pounds of weight via diet and exercise.


Jonahill Feldstein is often called Jonahill, has a versatile personality. He is an actor, producer, screenwriter and comedian. He is known for his comedy portrayal of comedy roles in movies, including “accepted”, “grandma’s boy”, “super villain”, “21 Jump Street” and “War Dog”. He comes from a creative family and has been dedicated to creation since he was a child. Jonah wrote songs and played plays when he was in school and college. He was introduced to Dustin Hoffman in a college drama.

After weighing the pros and cons, like glancing through one’s credit report, he decided to drop the surgery and move for strict dieting. He revealed that the reason for his remarkable weight loss was due to strict dieting as directed by a nutritionist. Of course, he also had to spend quite some thousands of dollars, which was not his problem. His interesting weight loss story has served as an inspiration for his fans and to some degree, those in the weight loss community.


All-round entertainer Jennifer Ellison is famous for her role in the British melodrama “Brookside” and the adaptation of the Hollywood opera “Phantom”, but she was also a pop star in the mid-2000s. She started to learn dance at the age of three. He trained at several theater art schools and then played Amy on Thorpe Brookside on Channel 4 in 1998. In the same year, she started her popular career by translating the cover version of Vamp’s “Baby I Don’t Care” and finished sixth.

Since then, she has focused on acting, playing the role of Meg Gilly in “The Phantom of the Opera” in 2004. Jennifer Ellison is yet another celebrity who seemed to have had great difficulty in achieving a healthy weight. After much struggle, she decided to go for a strict dieting program called the 800-calories-per-day Cambridge Diet, and it paid off. You can say her case was like someone who took a student loan and was able to pay back entirely after graduation.


Anthony Anderson is one of the fastest-growing African-American comedians of the early 2000s. In 2000, he played a role in the famous films “Big Mama” and “Me and Me, Me and Irene”. fame. Following in the footsteps of other modern comedians like Bernie Mac, he created a comedy scene based on his life and experience. His television series “All About Andersen” (2003) takes advantage of his family relationships. Anderson’s familiar and witty image and strong comedy sensation inherent in family relationships have made him a familiar face to casual movie enthusiasts.

Anthony Anderson was never willing to change his foodie attitude not until he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes mellitus. And like a building that needs proper roofing, he then realized that his health requires urgent attention. His weight loss schedule was not different from most other celebrities, the typical healthy diet combined with regular exercise. He was able to lose about 47 pounds of weight through this and his now looking healthier than he has ever looked.


Michael Moore was born in Flint, Michigan and attended a Catholic school. He was a boy scout, a newspaper reporter this week, and was the youngest person to be elected to public office in Michigan at the age of 18. The highest award film festival continues to be the highest-selling documentary ever. It became the first documentary premiered at the Box Office on the first weekend. In movie reviews, this is called the “Film of the Year.”

Sometimes, typical dieting combined with regular exercise might not be comfortable with some celebrities. It’s almost like taking a business loan with no idea of the ideal area to spend it. Fortunately, there are modernized ways weight can be lost without going through all those hassles. You may likely not experience bankruptcy but have to pay through the nose. For Michael Moore though, the money was never a problem. So he opted for the weight loss spa to lose weight. He spent nothing less than $4,500 per week on the spa.


Rachel Frederickson is one of the most fruitful women in business. Most importantly, she moved to Minnesota and started another business, Simply Gelato. Then, Frederickson proposed her own business and created Beeline for Las Vegas, where she worked as a culinary expert at Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. In the additional games, I participated in an audit class and opened a local vocal studio.The show “the Bigger Loser” seems to have a record of making anyone who participates in it lose weight.

This was also the case for Rachel Frederickson, a one-time winner of the popular show. Rachel emerged from the show as a transformed person well different from how she was before the show to some degree. Even though she had to go through workouts and diet program, she still achieved the perfect body she has always desired. It’s like making an investment plan and achieving the targeted goal. The feeling is always great.


Missy Elliott cooperated with the Chrysler Group to support the launch of Jeep Commander, reaffirming her status as one of the most famous female painters in the world. This is just the achievement of the African-American rapper in 2005. These include six nominations for the MTV Music Awards and his outstanding achievements on his sixth album. The latter ranked second on the Billboard’s top 200 charts and Top R&B/Hip Hop album charts. In short, there is clear evidence that Elliott has maintained his ingenuity and created outstanding music.

Missy Elliot was one of those celebrities who didn’t give a damn about her weight. Anyways, Missy had a change of mind when her doctor told her about the adverse effects of being overweight and how it could cause cardiovascular diseases, eventually leading to stroke. So, like carrying out proper roof repair to restore a leaking roof, she had to do the typical regular exercise combined with healthy nutrition to salvage the situation.


Since 2011, “Long Island Medium” has been aired on TLC, and in 13 seasons, viewers have watched Teresacapto laugh and cry with dozens of people as she reads spiritually. doing. They also saw how her reading and spiritual connection affected her family and people around her. There are a few episodes in the middle of the grocery store, and I even read it. Theresa Caputo’s story is quite an inspiring one.

She battled with being overweight for quite a long time before she finally made a stern decision to start losing weight. She shared her experience via online classes with her fans, detailing how she achieved her desired body weight and awesome shape with just proper dieting and regular exercise. After changing her eating habits and exercising regularly, Caputo was able to lose about 30 pounds. Now, she looks amazing as a result of her determination and investments.


Charles Wade Barkley is a former professional basketball player and currently one of the hosts of the “Inside the NBA” TV show. Berkeley is considered to be one of the most dominant players in the National Basketball Association. He has played for 16 years in his career, during which time he played for three different NBA teams: Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Sang Now with the Houston Rockets. In 1993, he was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player of the Year.

As a member of the national team, he won two gold medals in the Summer Olympics and one gold medal in the FIBA United States Championship. He retired in 2000 and has since established a successful career as an NBA analyst. No one would expect an athlete, who is actively involved in sporting activities to be overweight. Charles, due to numerous missed sports training, gained a lot of weight. Following a weight loss program comprising proper diet and fitness training, he was able to get back his normal weight and fitness.


Britney Spears was the driving force behind the return of juvenile pop music in the late 1990s, something no other single singer has. The great success of Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys undoubtedly paved the way for her own business breakthrough, but Spears has not only become a star, but also a real popular phenomenon. Among the female singers of that era, her star superstar strength was only comparable to Jennifer Lopez. Martin meticulously produced contemporary dance pop music and sentimental ballads, and became a star of Backstreet Boys.

Britney Spears is one of those celebrities who battled with weight loss. At one time, she had tremendous weight gain due to emotional disturbance and depression. Later on, she began to notice her increased weight gain and decided to go for a weight loss program. This really paid off though, as she now has her once envied sexy physique and peace of mind like taking online classes to secure a degree. The flexibility of such programs offer is impressive.


Jason Siegel is an American actor and comedian, known for playing Marshall Ericsson in the CBS family comedy “Until You Fall in Love with Mom”. Before Sitcom became famous, he worked with producer Jado Pateau on the TV series “Freak Academy” and “Unannounced”. Siegel is a talented actor with a silly smile. He is also a screenwriter, writer, musician and songwriter whose songs have appeared in some of his performance projects.

He has also appeared in several other TV projects and even participated in the film challenge. He is as popular as business loans and made the show more exciting to show. Jason Segel never bothered about his weight. But after he saw a picture of himself which was taken by his assistant, he decided to shed some pounds. Adhering to strict dieting and prompt exercise, as an individual on a title loan, Jason was able to lose weight.


Who is Matthew Makonohi? Matthew Makonohee graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and made his first major breakthrough in the 1993 film “Dazed and Confused”. Makonohee was selected as the “Sexiest Man” by People magazine in 2005, and also starred in Mad (2012) and Dallas Buyers Club (2013), and won the Oscar for Best Actor. While others were complaining of overweight, Matthew McConaughey’s case was that of an extreme weight loss just like an individual that pays a meager amount as an electricity bill.

The famous actor has always been known for his muscular physique which also features his abs or six packs. His extreme weight loss started prior to his appearance in the movie, Dallas Buyers Club, he just had to make the right weight loss investments to get back to shape. His role, which required him to be extremely thin made him undergo extreme weight loss. After the movie, he was back to his muscular body framework.


Sherri Shepherd is an American actress, comedy, writer and television personality. From 2002 to 2006, he played Ramona in the ABC sitcom movie “Not Perfect”. Famous as Pratt (Ramonaprat). In 2005, she was nominated for a support actress in the BET Excellence Awards Comedy series. Shepherds often appear in several movies and television shows. Sherri Shepherd, just like Anthony Anderson, never bothered about her weight like an individual on a student loan isn’t bothered until after graduation.

But she became more concerned after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Sherri decided to make her weight loss journey public through her weight loss program. She aimed to show how far a balanced diet and regular exercise can change one’s body, the same way a business loan can boost production. She was able to lose about 40 pounds of weight and currently, she doesn’t seem to be reliant on her diabetes medication anymore.


David Styles, known by his stage name “Styles P” or “Styles”, is an American rapper, most famously a member of the hip-hop band The Lox, and his childhood Friends Sheek Louch and Jadakiss. Like other members of The Lox, he is the founder of D-Block Records and a part of Ruff Ryders. The popular rapper and founder of D-block Records, David Styles, didn’t always have the physique he presents today.

His transformation started when he began to be more concerned about his home finance, diet, and fitness. David Styles or Styles P (as he is sometimes called) decided to go for a low-carb diet combined with fruits and vegetables which paid off like hiring an excellent financial advisor. Considering the fact that he has already made it known publicly that he is not a drug addict and neither a promotion of drug use, his weight loss took to a higher level.


Wendy Joan Williams is an American TV presenter, businesswoman, media figure and writer. Since 2008, she has hosted the national joint TV talk show “The Wendy Williams Show”. Before going on TV, Williams was a radio DJ and host, and quickly became known as the “shock dummy” in New York. Full of life, lively are the words to describe this curvy actress, radio and TV presenter. Her love for constantly watching her weight made her enroll for another weight loss journey.

Since her divorce case was completed last year, Williams has not been shy about returning to the dating world. She also insisted on maintaining her best condition. She even hinted to fans of her potential suitors and dates. She remains a living wonder to most celebrities to a degree. Wendy is also an epitome of beauty, brain, money management strategist, business, curve, and nice body shape. Her last weight-loss session led to a remarkable loss of 50 pounds.


Christopher Michael Pratt is an American film and television actor. He is known for small-screen characters, including Bright Abbott from Everwood. Pratt rose to fame as an actor for playing the television role in the WB drama series “Everwood” and the NBC sitcom “Parks and Recreation.”Chris’ hobbies include fishing, hunting and working in automobiles. Talk about an actor who has an experience of weight instability and all you hear me say is Chris Pratt, he is as popular as electricity.

However, after understanding the negative effect of his weight fluctuation, he decided to request the service of a personal fitness trainer alongside a veteran nutritionist. He claimed he would never get fat again after losing an enormous amount of pounds but trust me, we will be here watching! And we also don’t mind taking online classes if things turn out well for him.


Yvette Marie Stevens, known by her stage name Chaka Khan, is an American musician, singer and songwriter. In her more than 50-year career, she has won a total of 10 Grammy Awards. She was also named the 65th most successful dance artist in history by Billboard magazine. Since the 1970s, her career has spanned nearly five years, when she was the lead singer of the funk band Rufus. At the age of 20, she released her first album with the group.

The group won the first Grammy Award a year later. A few years later, she made her debut as a solo artist and released her first self-titled album.Almost everyone knew Chaka Khan battled with weight gain for more than a year. However, what made way for the veteran singer was healthy eating and exercise. Her hard work resulted in the loss of over 60 pounds. Khan’s case was like looking someone looking for the best mortgage rates. She found the mortgage which stands as a weight-loss opportunity and took it.


Christian Philip Bale is a British actor. Bell is known for his versatility and superb acting skills and is considered one of the best actors of his generation. He is the recipient of many awards, including the Academy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards, and was among the best in the 2011 “Time 100” list. Another victim of weight instability was Christain Bale. Although, sometimes I think his weight gain or loss is dependent on the role he wishes to land.

Christian Bale is an actor who truly employs a “method” to play a particular character, and he has changed dramatically over and over again by increasing or decreasing the weight of his role. Bale mainly changed the appearance of him and prepared the movie 10 times. According to the Evening Standard, the veil earned £ 40 for the role of him, despite the fact that it was said not necessary for advanced prosthetics and makeup. He also spent hours in a hair salon trailer to take care of the figure’s look. Just like the size of personal loans one receives depends on his or her needs.


Jennifer Kate Hudson who known by her nickname J. Hud, is an American singer, actress and philanthropist. Hudson was shortlisted in the third season of 2004’s “American Idol” and became famous in one fell swoop, ranking seventh. After impressing the world in her ”American Idol” debut, flooring many contestants, Jennifer was described as an artist with great potential. Hudson has an unconventional but effective technique for overcoming food temptations and avoiding excessive snacking and bingeing.

She throws a pancake across the room! He does not intimidate her with food. She fulfilled her dream and became a popular singer in no time, although the excess weight it brought along was never bargained for. To eradicate it like paying back cash loans, she determined to go for serious exercising and fat shrinking diets. This happened when she became an ambassador for ”Weight Watcher”.


Kelly Rowland is an American singer and actress who gained fame as a member of the best-selling R & B girl group Destiny’s Child. In the 1990s, Kelly Rowland became a founding member of the R & B girl group, which later went on to win multiple Grammy Awards and sold tens of millions of records. Since then, Roland has recorded several solo albums and has been a judge for competition series such as The X Factor and The Voice.

Although the singer gained a staggering amount of weight after childbirth, the former “Destiny’s Child” member never took no for an answer. She worked on her shape through proper nutrition and recommended exercises from physical and online classes. With a loss of about 70 pounds, Kelly seems to be getting back in shape faster than everyone thought. Kelly always looks stunning in music videos and red carpets with or without the extra weight. However, she decided to shed the extra pounds while she’s still young.


Liz Torres is one notable celebrity who experienced a tremendous turnaround in terms of weight. No one is sure how she did it, but her immense weight loss has earned her so much credit, especially since she appeared on the Netflix reboot of Gilmore Girls. A few blogs speculated that the actress underwent a gastric bypass surgery resulting in a somewhat mature appearance. Although that is possible, we can’t be so sure.

She isn’t quite concerned about all the rumors her sudden weight loss has generated, as things seem to be moving in her favor. Liz even got cast in an upcoming film called Chick Flick. Whether or not she had the surgery, her weight loss journey has become one of the most remarkable changes in the world of celebrity weight loss. She might not have had surgery and might just have participated in a diet and exercise program and became active in it in which her active participation is indeed worthy and impressive.


If you’ve seen the reality show Sister Wives, you will agree that Janelle Brown is slightly on the heavier side. However, that is all in the past now! Today, Janelle Brown is a different lady with a whole new credit score and a whole new look. Thanks to her healthy diet and lots of physical activities, Brown experienced a considerable weight loss. Details of her fitness journey are well documented in her blog by Brown herself.

After publishing books such as Watch Me Disappear, Brown got recognized as a New York Times bestselling author. She is also a leading journalist and has appeared in leading publications for her essays. Though her progress made her look like an entirely different person, we’re pretty sure Janelle is still the same driven person on the inside. Don’t get it wrong, Janelle is still trying to make further progress, but at least she’s heading in the right direction. She also keeps up with her self-maintenance.


Kelly Clarkson is an American singer and winner of the 2002 American Idol contest. Thanks to her remarkable success in the talent show, Kelly was given a chance to record her first-ever album. However, as the singer progressed with her career, her weight started to go unstable. She finally decided to shed off the excess weight using different means ranging from online classes to physical ones after her engagement.

With determination and a well-balanced diet, she was able to lose 40 pounds. It might have taken her longer than others to shed those extra pounds finally, but the wait was worth it. Once, the singer even shared a dressing room photo of her on Instagram, captioning it with a message that says that the secret to her weight loss is the most ordinary way. She added that she found it easy losing those extra pounds with just the simple diet and no pressure exercise. We sure are glad to see Kelly happy with her transformation.


Mia Khalifa, a popular adult film star who is known to be successful at what she does also have a degree of weight issue. However, if you see a recent picture of Mia Khalifa today, you won’t believe that the lady with such wonderful shape was quite overweight some time back. She shocked people when she shared old photos of her overweight self. Then, she wasn’t bothered about her weight as she was a foodie but now, it is an insurance policy. Mia didn’t bother to go through the strict diet plans. She rather opted for a tight fitness schedule while maintaining a balanced diet.

With over eleven million followers on Instagram, her road to a better career is impressively growing every day. Mia is still a foodie, posting pictures of delicious meals and videos of five star kitchens around the world with her chef fiancé. But she balanced all of her love for food with strict workout routines and day by day, she still seem to be losing more weight, if that’s even possible Her career change from adult filmography to now being a model and a businesswoman is very impressive. Looks like Mia Khalifa is a woman who takes control of her own life.


Teresa was another celebrity who caught the attention of everyone by getting into shape. After disappearing from the spotlight for some time, Teresa shocked everyone by returning with her fit figure intact. According to sources, the reality show star walked around a lot, did a lot of yoga, and on a strict diet. Maybe being isolated from the rest of the world isn’t so bad after all.
Like Martha Stewart and other famous personalities, Teresa proved that being in correctional facilities can often lead to a significant change in habits and attitudes.

People in her position sometimes write books, and others find a stronger spiritual connection while on their days of service. Teresa’s weight loss was more than just a revenge body; it was her way of saying she came out stronger. Even in her lowest moments, she did not waste a single moment on improving herself, getting her life back on track, and preparing for what’s to come as soon as she is set free. We just hope she’s making all the right investments now.


Who would have thought that magicians also need a remedy? Famous magician, Penn Jillette, had to embark on a weight loss program after his doctor told him that he had the risk of having cardiovascular disease. Penn Jillette opted for a strict potato diet and regular exercise. He was able to lose about 100 pounds of weight. Like going to a chiropractor, Penn decided that he needed his future aligned.

Sometimes, weight loss is not just for the physical appearance and feeling good about your exterior looks (although this feeling truly is magic); it is more about one’s health concern. That was the case for Penn Jillette. His discipline prevailed because he still wants to live healthily. He is living proof that being full does not necessarily mean having a large appetite; it can also be about one’s satisfaction from hard work and willingness. We’re also quite sure Penn got adequate insurance to help him cover any medical bills in the future.


Pauline Quirke is a famous English actress who rose to fame for her role in the movie, Birds of A Feather. Though Pauline spent a lot of time being plus size, she eventually decided to lose an incredible amount of weight by dieting and exercising. She didn’t need to go for surgery. With an initial size of 28, her tremendous weight loss routine later reduced her to 12. To be honest, her weight loss transformation was remarkable.

Not a lot of people can go from plus-size to being a regular size. It takes full control, and passion for what she was aiming for that led Pauline to this incredible shape and wealthy health. Pauline took the not so easy route since her previous size was already a candidate for obesity. However, she proved to all of us that it is never too late to decide to go for something. Investing in your health is indeed a worthy investment.


Renée Zellweger is one of those actresses who followed the paths others have dreaded. While other actresses were worried about gaining weight, Renée had an obligation to add weight for her role in the Bridget Jones movies. After playing her franchise role, she went on a weight loss program based strictly on her nutritionist diet instructions. Anyway, that’s what happens when you hire an excellent financial advisor for a business.

Renee invested her time in gaining weight much easier than investing her time in losing weight. The actress even managed to shock Oprah Winfrey herself when she showed up on her talk show. According to those present in the interview, Renée was so tiny on-screen that people could not seem to believe what they were seeing. Not only is she a shapeshifter, but she is also a versatile and very talented actress, ready to take on any role and whatever she has to do for it.


Kate Winslet is one of the most beautiful, successful, famous actresses of all time, thanks to her undying, timeless, classic film Titanic. The film made an impression on viewers worldwide that it is still considered one of the most iconic films to date. This movie was what brought Kate to stardom and introduced her as one of Hollywood’s brightest names. In 1997, when the film was released, Kate already showed some large bone structures.

However, not even Kate Winslet found it easy to embark on a weight-loss investment planning program. It was somewhat of a struggle for her as she had to go the extremes following a rigorous diet and exercise for a long time to lose weight. Anyway, Kate added weight during pregnancy but was quick to shed them after giving birth. She later lost weight as she aged, and when the actress gained a bit of them back, she quickly decided not to let it reach an impossible state and started managing her body and again, turned out to be pretty successful.


Robbie Williams was one of those male actors that attracted the ladies. It doesn’t come as a surprise, though, considering his manly built. However, the popular actor later drifted away from his highly admired physique and gained a lot of weight the same way loan interest increase over time. Noticing this, he decided to take part in a weight loss program. Following careful food selection and regular exercise combined with yoga, the popular actor achieved his muscular build.

Yoga is one of the most in-demand weight loss workouts. Not only is it beneficial in sweating, but it is also very relaxing and helpful in keeping balanced mental health. In one of Taylor Swift’s concerts, Robbie Williams appeared as a surprise guest, and they did a duet with this hit song, Angels. The crowd was overwhelmed when Robbie came off stage, showing that his popularity, along with his macho figure, has not faded.


Sara Rue is an American actress popular for her movies Less than Perfect and Shedding for the Wedding. She also decided to follow her counterparts and embarked on a weight loss program based solely on a principal diet and regular exercise. Like money loans, her decision paid off. It is safe to say that the most successful, not to mention the healthiest, form of weight loss technique relies simply on the basics. Increase body movements to release the fatties and decrease intake of elements that can create body fats.

Sara Rue was confident that following this diet and exercise will help her reach her body measurement and scale number goal. It sure was challenging to cut down her food intake, but Sara Rue was determined to shed the extra weight. Having those sweat come off does feel amazing afterward. Diet and exercise must come together for a successful and healthy weight loss program. As long as the body and the system do not crave and starve, diet and exercise are the perfect pair.


Valerie Bertinelli is well known for her role in Hot in Cleveland. Even though her career became the talk for its stellar record, her weight, on the other hand, became an entirely different story. It all started in 2007 when the actress began to put on some weight. Noticing this development’s effect on her career, Valerie decided to go for a weight loss schedule considered to be as flexible as online classes. Her weight loss schedule took a basis on proper diet and exercise. After following the strict regimen for months, the actress eventually emerged, looking and feeling a whole lot better!

Today, Valerie loves to show off her new silhouette at the beach by wearing the most attractive swimwear. Once, the paparazzi snapped a photo of Valerie wearing a neon green two-piece. The actress also recently began investing her time and attention in a cooking show that teaches viewers how to cook healthy and delicious meals. She must have an excellent financial advisor behind her because her career and financial moves are moving in the right direction.


Alice Through the Looking Glass actor Timothy Spall gave his fans something to talk about when he appeared at the Venice Film Festival sporting a much slimmer figure than before. According to him, his weight loss was due to a strict diet and regular exercise. Although his weight loss triggered fans’ concern, Timothy reassured that it was merely the result of him cutting back on alcohol and fatty foods. It only took him that long to lose the extra pounds because he played a character that required him to look a certain way.

Sometimes, being a little bit on the bigger side gives actors a chance to portray a specific role. If a film or the director’s need required an actor to alter their looks, artists must oblige. However, after fulfilling his character, he later decided to put his investment money into availing a good workout and diet routine. As long as he’s happy with his transformation, then we’re nothing but supportive of Timothy.


If you know Sam Smith when he started his music career, you will agree that he has lost weight since that time. The investments he made for his fitness paid off in the end. In short, his determination to lose weight led him to shed about 14 pounds of weight in just two weeks. How quickly can such weight loss investments produce tangible results? Although he claims that his weight loss is due to careful selection of diets and exercise, rumor has it that the famous British musician underwent gastric sleeve surgery.

There may be a small debate in this area because the world knows Sam Smith as this successful artist who is bold and daring, and unapologetically himself. Either way, his reformation looks very outstanding. Sam Smith is one of the most prominent music personalities today. His songs are easily comparable to the music of Adele, Ray Charles, James Taylor, and a few artists who can make listeners cry after playing two notes.


Jimmy Kimmel is one of those celebrities who had to go through a hard time to lose weight. Jimmy Kimmel didn’t go for a healthy diet or regular exercise. Instead, like seeking shortcuts for credit card processing, he decided to choose calorie deprivation. The controversial diet entails cutting down his food intake and somewhat starving himself. Though he lost some pounds of weight via this method, it is not medically advisable.

Jimmy Kimmel’s choice of weight loss program could have been very detrimental and damaging to his health. However, he still got fortunate and learned his lesson not to tad diet anymore. Today, the host is devoting his time and effort to adopting a more healthy method that involves eating a more balanced diet and exercising. Jimmy Kimmel’s situation should also remind everyone that losing weight is a long and tiresome journey. Nothing good ever comes from taking a fitness shortcut. Always invest in healthy meals and habits to ensure total weight loss success.


English reality TV star Kelly Osbourne is a famous Hollywood figure with several investments and recognition to her name. However, the young Osbourne was also a victim of cyberbullying and body shaming. Kelly later couldn’t tolerate the cyber mockery and decided to take proactive steps to reduce her weight. After being diagnosed with Lyme disease and facing several medical challenges, the celebrity decided to engage in a weight loss program.

She lost about 70 pounds of weight without breaking the bank. Good thing Kelly and her family have some of the most talented financial advisors to guide them through services like this. Kelly later appeared in various famous films and TV shows and even co-starred with Miley Cyrus for the film So Undercover. Kelly was already showing off her gorgeous curves in that movie, and aside from being a beautiful actress, she has a great sense of humor and a powerful personality. Her transformation brought a new type of a glow to Kelly, that’s for sure!


The famous comedian Drew Carey has always described his weight as “funny” until he was diagnosed with a severe medical condition. The condition can bring about a not so good credit report considering the financial implication that the treatment can bring. Physicians advised the comedian to undergo gastric bypass surgery, but he quickly allowed that advice to slip through his ears as he opted for regular exercise and a strict diet. Today, he’s back to the average weight he once had.

In show business, being on the bigger side helps actors and actresses be a better comedian, but this does not have to be the case. Drew Carey’s decision was one of the best things he has ever made in life. He would have suffered worse consequences had he did not follow the correct diet and shift into healthier meals. We can tell that the comedian has learned his lesson. Hopefully, he’ll be able to maintain this lifestyle for the rest of his life.


The hip-hop star, Fergie, did not expect to gain weight as quickly as she did. Like a home loan interest, the singer’s weight suddenly shot up, surprising both herself and her fans. However, it was all justified considering that the singer was carrying her baby. However, after giving birth, the hip-hop star decided to follow a 1,200-calorie diet, which Carrie Wiatt instructed. In a matter of months, she achieved a loss of about 20 pounds of weight with this method. To maintain a healthy weight, she adopted a 1,600-calorie diet plan and regular exercise.

Fergie is one of the most famous artists of her time. She also appeared in various shows and films. As successful as she seems, she showed the world that even the sexiest women with the most handsome husbands could gain so much weight. It is also important to note that gaining and losing weight comes naturally to every person. What’s important is to adopt and maintain a healthier lifestyle, just like Fergie did.


While others tied the success of their weight loss to exercise, diet, or probably surgery, Kelly Price said the success of her weight loss is not any of the above, but rather a surprising source — God! Although she was on a strict diet and exercise, looking at her now, compared to when she was plus-size, weighing about 300 pounds, the famous singer most probably had intervention from God.

Some of her fans feel that she gained back her self-esteem while on the weight loss schedule. Diet and exercise can be beneficial, but not without a little faith. One must mix faith and prayer into something that you are striving to get into at the very moment; at least, this is what Kelly Price believed. Her strength and determination to invest her time into forming a healthier and sexier version of herself were accompanied by the guidance of God, for she could not have done it alone. She surely deserves credit for her undying belief in God.


If you’re a massive fan of 2000’s music, you are probably aware of Jojo. Jojo was just 17 years old when she scored a high profile record deal and rose to international prominence. The company had high expectations that she got placed on an HCG diet, which only permitted her to take in 500 calories daily. However, the singer believes that going on the same diet as she did before is no longer healthy.

After going on hiatus and calling on lawyers’ help regarding her contract, Jojo jas finally revealed the truth. In a documentary, the singer admitted that her old team often criticized her and her body, saying that she needs to get down to a certain weight to succeed. Jojo is clearly over that part of her life and has now chosen to lead a better lifestyle. Now that she’s more mature, Jojo is probably maintaining one of the sexiest and healthiest bodies. She just could not allow herself to fall into the trap again after the trauma that she has experienced.


David Barner grew up as an avid eater. He ate a variety of foods and, because of this, developed a very moderate addiction to food, especially comfort foods. It was not after he was diagnosed with sleep apnea and hypertension that David decided to take weight loss seriously. He followed a low-carb diet, which David followed four to five days per week, a tight fitness schedule, and sheer determination.

After some time, David Banner lost some pounds of weight, similar to repaying loans without worries. After everything he went through, he is now stronger than ever. Sometimes, people have to undergo hardships and deal with a more severe type of trouble with themselves first before they wake up to the reality that things need to change. Whatever it took, David made it out alive and healthy. We’re also glad that he’s taking the right steps forward, and we sure are hoping it stays that way for a long time.


The Origliasso sisters, Jessica and Lisa, rose to fame with duo band The Veronicas. At the height of their music career, the two sisters began paying more attention to their weight and appearance. So much so that the sisters adopted a ridiculous weight loss program that, to some extent, harmed their fame. After losing weight, fans speculated Jessica and Lisa were engaging in unhealthy vices. They lost followers during this period. Fortunately, they were able to get back to their average weight without losing any investment money.

Most people agree that Jessica and Lisa were more suited to their old physiques, and they looked more beautiful with a little curve left. Critics and fans also claimed that being their size is too much and weighing that much is far from healthy. Although some speculations might be correct, Jess and Lisa know what they were doing when they decided to lose weight. To them, their present sizes are what’s beautiful and what matters is that they are happy.


Teairra Mari was always making the right investments in her body and looking good, not until her unhealthy vices and poor nutrition began to change her weight dramatically. When she noticed she was starting to gain weight, she immediately decided to shed some pounds. Even though her old habits made her fitness investments challenging to fulfill, she still lost weight following a tight fitness schedule and a strict diet.

Her weight loss program included liquor restrictions and lifestyle changes. Now, the singer looks utterly different from the old Teairra Mari. With her sexy and gorgeous body and shape, you might not even realize it’s her. If you’re trying to get fit like Teairra, remember that the fastest causes of a weight gain are junk foods, snacks, cigarettes, and alcohol. Aside from liquors being fattening, they are very detrimental and deteriorating to ones’ health. It’s a good thing Teairra realized that she went too far with her vices and took the healthier road instead.


The popular actress and Pretty Little Liars alumni Sasha Pieterse was among the female celebrities who had to face the bane of weight gain. However, unlike other stars, Sasha Pieterse’s case was due to her polycystic ovarian syndrome. After she gained fame in the hit show PLL, Sasha got married to her long-time boyfriend. According to her, he has always been supportive of her with her battle with PCOS. She didn’t need to do much, though, to lose some pounds.

In short, her impressive investment planning strategy and degree of consistency made her weight loss journey a piece of cake. Dancing with the Stars was enough to do the trick as she lost about 37lbs of the 70lbs she gained since she was diagnosed with PCOS. It seems that all she needed to lose some pounds was just a little shift in her diet. Now, she has a YouTube cooking channel and a cookbook. Sasha also had a solid base of Instagram supporters which witnessed her weight difference.


Kathleen Turner experienced remarkable weight gain 30 years into her career as an actress. It happened so suddenly that it was like an interest in cash loans. However, Kathleen remained nonchalant about her weight gain until she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, a sad one for an individual whose career was as smooth as perfect flooring. After her diagnosis, she began adopting a more organic and healthy lifestyle to lose all the extra weight on her body.

Kathleen also had to cut back on all her liquor consumption to maximize her new fitness regimen. She surely did gain back her self esteem following her weight loss as she stated that she would like to experience falling in love. It is good that Kathleen realized that gaining so much weight can cause all types of possible diseases. Otherwise, she would have suffered from more severe health consequences. If you’re planning to follow Kathleen’s diet plan, it is better to stay away from anything that has too much sugar and too much fat.


Hollywood comedian Jack Black was once one of the celebrities who ignored their weight. Since his career as an actor had little connection with his physical appearance, the actor didn’t deem it necessary to cut down his weight. However, after witnessing Kyle Glass’s transformation, Jack Black became particularly interested in shedding some of his pounds of weight. Jack Black credited his weight loss to a low-carb diet and tight fitness training featuring various high-intensity exercises.

Some news outlets have also suggested that some weight-loss drugs may have induced Jack’s weight loss. Weight loss pills can, in some cases, be helpful, as long as a physician supervises it, and it is taken in the right manner. Jack Black starred in the hit movie Shallow Hal alongside Gwyneth Paltrow. It is a beautiful movie about love and how it is so much more than just skin deep. Here’s a hint – it had something to do with weight. I guess we can all say he made the right investment.


In the American movie industry, only a few actors get the chance of having career breaks. Bradley-West seemed to be among these very few as he often had time to take some break off his acting career. However, the numerous career breaks Bradley-West took also had their downsides. Despite having good money management skills, he began to gain weight tremendously. His weight gain became so apparent that a Game of Thrones fan had to ask the actor why he wasn’t losing weight irrespective of the movie’s demanding activities.

Despite the criticisms that came his way, Bradley-West simply brushed off the critics as fat-shamers. However, the actor was spotted sporting a leaner figure. Fingers crossed for Bradley that he won’t be affected by social media’s negativity and the show business. He would just continue healthily, losing those extra pounds. He surely deserves credit for pulling through with his fitness plan and diet.


Few wrestlers have natural bodies, and Rikishi was one of them. If you know, Rikishi was a famous WWE wrestler known for his 425 pounds of weight. Following his announcement that he was now part of the renowned fitness group, Planet Fitness, he lost weight remarkably. Credit for his weight loss goes to regular exercise, mainly cardio exercises and a low-carb diet. Since he started his weight loss journey, he has lost an astonishing 125 pounds and seems willing to shed more pounds.

Of course, who wouldn’t want to lose some pounds and feel confident in their bodies again? Seemingly, his weight loss success is going to be a good thing for his career. Many wrestlers, as well as boxers, maintain a particular weight requirement. Some do not have to follow strict restrictions as long as they are capable of the sport. Fortunately for Rikishi, he made his decision entirely by himself and decided to live a healthy life before reaching the golden ages or even planning to retire.


Bruce Vilanch had made significant investments and tried different natural methods to lose weight, but none yielded good results. He finally decided to give surgery a try. It did work immensely well for him as there was a noticeable decrease in his size after the procedure. Regardless of this, he still gained weight again, which, according to him, was due to a moderate food addiction he developed on the set of the musical Hairspray. However, Vilanch doesn’t seem interested in adopting any fitness schedule and can only hope that his weight doesn’t increase further.

Surgeries that help promote an intense loss of weight, such as liposuction and other heat therapy, can sometimes be beneficial. For Bruce, just like most people who underwent weight-loss surgeries, the effect was short term. Weight loss surgeries are famous for making people larger than they originally were over the years, especially if they abuse the many conditions that go along with the procedure.


Though weighing almost 300 pounds, comedian Deba Digiovanni wasn’t in a hurry to lose weight. After her doctor told her about the risks of obesity and the possibility of having cardiovascular disease, she had no choice but to start her weight loss journey. Debra simply decided to cut her diet a few degrees smaller. Now, compared to her original weight, Debra Giovanni is much lighter and looking healthier.

Being a great entertainer, Debra is also active on social media like Twitter and Instagram. Her ability to make people smile and laugh so quickly is a gift. She is also great at singing and other quirky spontaneous live performances. Her aura on stage is undeniably fantastic. Kudos to Debra for choosing a better lifestyle is always the key to living a longer, fuller life. Now, her fans can enjoy more of her humor as there are lesser risks to the comedian’s health.


Though rumored to have embarked on some degree of weight loss schedule, Sharon Rooney still insists that an increase in her weight has never been an issue that bothered her. However, the popular actress, well known for her role in the My Mad Fat Diary movie, seems to be relatively lighter than before and must have probably partaken in some exercise and dieting schedule. Unlike most celebrities, however, Sharon never engaged in damaging vices.

In other words, she made the right investments in her health. Health should never be at risk, even though life, in general, is a gamble. Most artists surprise fans about their weight loss without having to announce details before or during the process. Examples of these are Adele and Sharon Rooney. They made their first appearance in public after quite a while, shocking their fans in the process. Sharon sure knows how to impress the crowd.


Fans of Margo Martindale have since waited for her to shed a few pounds off her weight. She gave the fans what they wanted when she announced that she would be adopting a strict diet to check her weight. That was after her nomination in the Emmy Awards. Now, she looks much healthier, with over 20 pounds off of her body. Though the actress hasn’t brought to the public how she managed to shed some pounds, our best guess would be a low-calorie diet and reduced alcohol intake.

Margo might also want to thank her financial advisor for handling her finances. Margo’s health and weight advisor must also be very patient and dedicated to her during her entire journey. Margo sent out a powerful message after reducing her alcohol intake and calorie-filled diet. Not many people can have enough strength to let go of their habits, but for Margo, even in her advances, she chose to live healthily and sexily.


While every SNL member went back to losing weight, Aiden Bryant decided to do the unusual and maintained her weight. However, when thoughts of potential health risks began to come in, Aiden had no choice but to change her decision. Willing to improve her health, the actress decided to spend her investment money and embark on a weight loss program. She started by dieting, which was not too strict, and did moderate exercises.

Eventually, she lost 15 pounds of weight and gained back her curvy and sexy physique. People may recognize this beautiful actress in movies which she appeared in like Amy Schumer’s I Feel Pretty and more. Aiden might have the height, but still, she decided to go with a more pleasant figure and better health. Besides, she has Connor O’Mally, her husband, who is ever supportive of her journey. We don’t know about you, but we couldn’t be happier with Aiden’s transformation.


While the public expected George Wendt to join the list of struggling actors after his significant run in the ’90s, the actor shocked everyone instead. Financially, he has shown everyone that he is nowhere near hiring a bankruptcy lawyer. After George struggled with food addiction, the popular actor had an outrageous weight gain of 300 pounds. Adopting diet changes and an intense workout schedule, he was able to lose 75 pounds.

Now, the actor looks healthy and happy. If you look at George’s before and after pictures, you would be surprised at how much weight he had put off. Not just that, he managed to maintain it, too. At 72 years old, he is healthy as a horse, inspired by the love of his life, his beautiful wife, Bernadette Birkett.
If you want to be as healthy and fit as George Wendt, then you better start investing in yourself and start going to the gym. It might be exhausting, but it will surely pay off in the long run.


Eric Stonestreet’s weight loss journey started when he began to add some minutes of jogging to his regular exercise schedule. Eric said that he might have dropped a few pounds while playing drums, but that wasn’t enough for him to get the desired weight loss he wanted. However, he still gives little credit to drum playing anyway. Stonestreet was determined to reduce his weight after Eric turned 40 years of age.

Within a short time after he started his weight loss program, he already lost 35 pounds of weight. Eric is a very familiar face and name, all thanks to his portrayal of Cameron Tucker in ABCs Modern Family. He is an award-winning actor who got nominated in many award shows. He appeared as a guest star on Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon, and many other shows. A lot of people can tell the difference in his weight then and now.


Elle King never seemed bothered about her weight. That’s why the announcement of her weight loss in the reality TV series Say Yes to the Dress, to a degree, surprised her fans. The soon-to-be-married actress/singer seemed to have gone on the weight loss program to get in perfect shape for her special day. Who wouldn’t want to fit in her wedding dress anyway? One of the diet changes she made was doing away with alcohol.

She lost about 20 pounds following her diet changes, making her into a healthier-looking bride. Her credit cards were also not emptied during her weight loss journey. Elle King has a very cheerful personality, and this is what most people loved about her. She was also a guest mentor/celebrity duet on American Idol. Elle always looks comfortable with her choices of outfits and the way Elle moves on stage. Not to mention, she dazzles everyone in the crowd as she opens her mouth and reveals that golden singing voice.


Amber Portwood’s path to weight loss was that of sheer determination and persistence. Amber was ready to make such a sacrifice to have a better life. She started her weight loss journey in 2015 by adopting strict dieting and routine exercise. Eventually, Amber lost a remarkable 36 pounds, bringing her weight down to 135 pounds from 171 pounds. To perfect the whole weight loss thing, Portwood decided to go for surgery.

Following the successful procedure, Portwood dazzled the industry and is now more beautiful and sexier than ever before. As netizens would put it, the more weight a celebrity loses, the more successful and impressive they become. However, most of the time, it is not about how much weight one can shed, but how they maintain their bodies. Yes, it takes a lot of work to cut fats, but it takes more effort to stay in shape. With that said, I guess we can all give Amber credit for putting in the work for a healthier body.


Following the show, Glee, Ashley Fink gained enormous weight that shot up her size to 300 pounds. Being prone to diseases associated with weight gain, Ashley Fink picked up interest in working out. After a strict diet and intense workout routine, the actress was able to drop 80 pounds. It sure was not easy, but Ashley made it with some degree of hard work and consistency. The main reason for her tremendous weight loss has a lot to do with her lifestyle change.

She made a switch to a low-calorie diet and an intense cardio workout routine. Even in her days at Glee, Ashley became an inspiration through her character. She portrayed an unapologetic high school student who has a strong personality. Despite being bullied at her school, she refuses to play the victim. Just like Ashley, her character always fought back. Thanks to her performance, girls who are not skinny can see a representation of themselves on screen.


Almost anyone who may have faced the same tragic event that struck Lady Antebellum will turn to unhealthy vices to achieve mental balance. Nevertheless, Lady Antebellum, a one-time winner of the Hilary Scott award, decided to ditch her damaging habits and adopted a strict diet plan coupled with a regular exercise routine. Now, she is looking as elegant as ever, with her weight dropping down to 135 pounds. Along with her new body, her credit score also remains impressive.

Lady Antebellum is one of the most successful vocalists of her time. She always looks fantastic on stage and red carpets amid her full figure. She popularized some of the most beautiful love songs, from heartbreaking to inspiring, and her voice has an identity that can easily be recognized. She was born to be a star. Once, there was a rumor that Lady Antebellum only wears black because of her full figure, but maybe that’s not why. Perhaps she wears black because she knows she will look stunning in any color anyway.


No one would have ever believed that the fast-rising music star Meghan Trainor, will ever be the size she currently weighs. Meghan Trainor started her music career a few years ago, and since then, she has been making significant strides and investments to further her place in the industry. However, despite being artistically and financially successful, her weight still bothered her. With her boyfriend’s support, she used a proper diet and regular exercise routine.

Her efforts paid off because Meghan looks stunning in her new look. She’s always been beautiful, but we hope she feels even more confident in this new shape she’s sporting. The singer has also been giving a glimpse of her new look, looking very stunning in her leaner size. Add to that her fashion, her hair, and style; everything about her today looks perfect. Just in case you want to follow in Meghan’s footsteps, just take note of the things she changed and followed in her fitness journey, and you’ll be walking the same path as her in no time!


Queen Latifah has always expressed how much she loves her curves, but this didn’t stop the celebrity from joining the bandwagon and embarked on a weight loss program. Just like using investment money wisely, she also chose a proper regimen that suited her lifestyle. Because of this, Queen Latifah dropped about ten percent of her body weight. Although the actress thanked her diet and exercise routine for her weight loss, the actress still decided to undergo breast reduction surgery to complete her weight transformation. She now looks better and healthier than before.

Queen Latifah earlier said she is not really into the diet, but she knows how to keep everything in moderation. She also does regular exercise and eats right, like a lot of vegetables and lean meats. The singer also drinks a ton of water, which is an integral part of one’s diet. If we all have the same will and determination Queen Latifah has, all of us would also be in tip-top shape.


Jersey Shore reality star Snooki was never one to be bothered about her shape. However, after giving birth to her first child, Snooki quickly realized the amount of weight she has put on. It was then that Snooki decided it was time to shed some pounds. With her credit card and plastic surgery history, Snookie could have quickly gone to the cosmetic surgeon for liposuction or probably a gastric bypass surgery.

However, this time, she decided to leave out the surgeons and preferred to try something more natural. The reality TV star went on a diet and mild exercise routine, which worked quite well. In just a few months, Snooki was able to drop 40 pounds thanks to her 1,300-calorie diet, coupled with a workout regime four times a week. At least, she was able to save a couple of bucks. Today, Snooki is still putting her best foot forward when it comes to keeping her weight in check. Hopefully, she’ll stay on track and emerge healthier than ever.


John Goodman is another plus-size American actor who didn’t care about his outside appearance. Although he has a good credit score, it took him a while to invest in fitness and physical health. However, when the public began to tag him as the ‘fat funny man’ of Hollywood, the comedian realized that matters were getting worse. He decided to go for a weight loss program when his little nickname started affecting him negatively.

He paid a personal fitness trainer for his weight loss journey and adopted a well-balanced diet. With this, he was able to drop up to 100 pounds. He had successfully kept off the pounds by taking only lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and a lot of work out. While he saved a lot by bypassing cosmetic surgery, he seemed not to have been at his best even after losing weight. We sure hope that he is now in a better and healthier condition to make more audiences happy.


John Goodman wasn’t the only Hollywood star to be tagged as “fat and funny.” Seth Rogen was too. After he featured in NBC’s The Green Hornet, he was able to get the rather horrible nickname. Since then, Seth embarked on a fitness program to become fit enough to play a superhero role. Seth Rogen started his weight loss journey by employing a personal trainer to take care of his fitness.

Of course, finding one who can help was easy, considering that Hollywood overflows with physical instructors. Fortunately, the actor found the perfect trainer and quickly went to work, shedding his extra pounds. He also adopted strict dieting that made him drop 30 pounds just within ten days. Seth even revealed that he is feeling a little weird when he eats something unhealthy now. His body even hurts if he does so. He is looking slimmer and healthier now. What an inspiration, right? Hopefully, Seth doesn’t swing back to his old ways.


Steered into motivation by a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis, Dr. Dre, a renowned rapper, and music producer, made a firm decision to shed his weight to remain healthy. At 52, and with his body being in perfect shape, the rapper looks younger than ever. His doctor even refers to him as a 31-year old. Dr. Dre thanked the tremendous change that he made in his lifestyle that improved his overall health – eating healthier and regularly exercising.

It didn’t just help him lose fast quickly but also build strong muscles and develop more strength. After Warren G saw how weight loss had transformed his brother’s life, he somehow convinced his brother to follow suit. His appearance shows that adopting the right money management tactics and a healthy lifestyle is a secret to happiness. Good thing Dr. Dre’s health investments paid off because he would have faced a myriad of different illnesses had he remained with his old lifestyle.


Nobody knew why ‘Turtle’ decided to be a part of the Flab to Fab train, but it came to the fans’ delight that Jerry Ferrara and his character made remarkable weight transformations right in front of the screen. The actor never really bothered about his weight until he got on the scale and realized he was weighing about 203 pounds. Having a height of about 5’7 inches, this wasn’t good for his health.

Jerry Ferrara was aware of this and had to go for a strict diet program. Through the help of a nutritionist and fitness trainer, he lost over 55 pounds of weight. He also played basketball twice a week, which later became a hobby. For the first time, Jerry revealed he became addicted to “something good.” He is now looking lighter and healthier. His financial advisor is also to thank because Jerry didn’t break the bank to achieve his desired weight loss goal. To this day, Jerry has an impressive credit report and an even more amazing body to show.


If there is one prominent feature, everyone notices upon seeing Kim Kardashian for the first time, that’s her curves. They are, for sure, as impressive as her credit score. However, Kim’s iconic curves faced a bit of a challenge after Kim gave birth to her two kids with renowned Rapper, Kanye West. She gained an enormous amount of weight during that period, which prompted her to go on a fitness schedule. The reality star could have easily chosen surgery, but going organic was the way to go.

There were reports that she followed the famed Atkins diet, the variety that limited her take of sugar and carbs. That meant that she was only allowed to have 40 grams of net carbs a day, 110 to 170 grams of protein per serving, and two to four fat servings. Kardashian also had to take only 1,800 calories per day. Today, Kim still stuns with her hourglass figure despite being 40 years old.


When you talk about big-sized comedians, you couldn’t possibly leave out Zach Galifianakis. The famous comedian’s weight loss transformation was so impressive that he was barely recognized after he had shed the pounds. Zach Galifianakis credits his weight loss to withdrawal from alcohol intake and an advanced weight loss program that he adopted Zach Galifianakis also avoided eating food advertised on TV, like fast food. He opted to eat whole grains and other stuff of its kind. Besides that, he also cut out whipped cream and pizza from his diet.

To make it more effective, Zach Galifianakis must have coupled his diet with an intense workout program, such as Anarchy Abs, which would melt off the fat right away. His weight loss journey was a successful one, as he is now looking slimmer and healthier. Although we miss seeing the cuddly version of the actor, we couldn’t be more proud of the progress he’s made so far, and we’re excited to see more results from his fitness journey.


None of the weight loss stories has been as remarkable as that of the famous actor, Alec Baldwin. The actor simply dropped his sugar intake, and he lost 30 pounds afterward. He also started drinking juice in the morning, as he didn’t feel like eating breakfast at all. The star usually opted for green juices and cashew milk, eliminating the sugar as much as possible. What a way to dodge cosmetic surgery and save a couple of bucks!

According to sources, Alec’s choice to drop his sugar had everything to do with taking care of his health. The actor didn’t want to wait till he was pre-diabetic before dropping sugar from his diet and adopting a fitness routine. He didn’t want to shoot insulin, and so he followed a strict meal plan. It’s the same thing anyone would do when faced with a difficult health decision. Good thing Alec had a good financial advisor and trainer to guide him along this journey.


Kirstie Alley is an American actress well known for her girl-next-door rolls back in the 1990s. However, with time, the actress’s fans started noticing the amount of weight she gained in quite a short while. To retain her status and not lose her Hollywood rank, she hired a veteran weight loss trainer and a diet planner to set her feet back on the right path. She succeeded in managing her weight by making suitable investments in her health.

When she shared a photo on Instagram, Kirstie stunned everyone with her surprising body transformation. She had lost around 50 pounds and even looked a few years younger. What did the actress do, you ask? She worked out three times a week and stayed active by doing dance classes or yoga. She also stopped eating at 7 p.m. Her journey is, without a doubt, a very inspiring one, and if you’re someone looking to achieve the same results, then better follow Kirstie’s example.


When you ask other celebrities out there, most of them will tell you how much they’ll love to lose weight, especially for the big guys. It was the same for the renowned rapper, 50-cent. However, his weight loss journey seemed to have somewhat taken a toll, which left his critics talking. In a bid to lose some pounds, 50-cent embarked on a very demanding fitness program that made him lose an enormous (yet somehow unhealthy) amount of weight.

After all, he needed this for his role as a cancer-stricken football player in the movie Things Fall Apart. However, he was quick to go back to his healthy form and didn’t jeopardize the investments he made to keep fit, even after the movie. 50 Cent eats well and works out to maintain his lean body. He said food impacts his productivity, as what he takes directly affects his brain’s structure and function, especially the mood. He also goes to the gym twice a week and has a trainer who helps him stay fit.


After beating many contestants, winning the second season of American Idol, and gaining immense fame, R&B singer Ruben Studdard began a strict diet after being diagnosed with a semi-serious medical condition. However, instead of getting a radical surgery for faster results, he decided to participate in the show The Biggest Loser. His decision made him shed an incredible 100 pounds in no time.

To maintain his new physique, Ruben goes to the gym three times a week and gets a trainer’s help. He also follows a vegan diet, which ultimately changed his life. Surprisingly, as he is pursuing a new lifestyle, he found out that many places in the U.S. serve healthy food. The singer is not looking for any vegetarian restaurants, but the one with the most nutritious menu.
It’s safe to say that none of this recorded success would have been possible without the right investment planning decision.


American singer Lauren Alaina rose to stardom upon appearing on the famous popular show American Idol. After leaving the show, the singer released her debut album Wildflower. Since then, the singer’s career has grown steadily. Though she did not appear overweight, the singer decided to go for a low-carb diet, which ultimately saw her drop about 25 pounds. She didn’t just stop there, though. Lauren went the extra mile to lose 15 more pounds.

Lauren also worked with a chef who cooked and delivered the best nutritious food that’s perfect for her diet. She usually chooses meals high in protein, like lean meats and vegetables, and low in carbohydrates. Lauren also upped her game when it came to working out. The singer would usually walk or jog on the treadmill and even start sprinting. It’s clear that Lauren thought out her fitness investments thoroughly, and we’re glad it worked out for her. We’re also hoping to see her back on stage in the future. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


If you watched the famous Reality TV show Jersey Shore back in 2009, you probably know who Ronnie Ortiz is. However, before he joined Jersey Shore, he was a worker in the real estate industry. His love for the Reality TV show made him appear once more in 2012. However, this time he looks so much different from how he was a couple of years ago. Before that, however, Ronnie had been battling with fluctuating weight gain and kidney stones.

Concerned for his well-being, he started following a well-balanced diet mixed with regular exercise. It was a much-needed investment, and thankfully it paid off. He was trying his best to go to the gym every day to get himself moving. He even admitted that it helped him feel better mentally. Instead of just spending his time doing nothing and curling on the couch, Ronnie chose to get his body moving. We have to agree with that one, as well. Getting yourself up and running is always the best way to start your fitness journey.


Jessica Simpson is not one of the most beautiful singers in the country for nothing. Her elegant face and natural beauty have always given her fans something to talk about. Because of her massive fame, Jessica made countless investments inside and outside of the entertainment industry. However, the public’s perception of the actress began to change after giving birth to her daughter, Maxwell, in 2012. She began to gain weight, and her elegant shape was starting to disappear.

Determined to get back in shape and regain her much-envied body, she underwent a weight loss program that saw her lose over 100 lbs. Planning about her weight loss, Jessica’s trainer, Harley Pasternak, revealed her client didn’t set a specific weight goal in mind. Instead, she created a healthy habit for her to follow that Jessica had successfully kept up, resulting in a natural way of losing weight. Now, she is looking as beautiful and dazzling as before, and she is determined to get even better.


Kevin Federline is an American celebrity who credits his fame to his dancing skills and short-lived marriage to the pop music princess, Britney Spears. Although the couple enjoyed a passionate whirlwind romance, the pressure that comes with superstardom eventually caught up with their marriage. Soon, Kevin found himself struggling with weight problems after he gained almost 200 pounds.

At the time, Kevin admitted he looked pregnant with the huge tummy he got. It was upsetting for him to hear people calling him “K-Fat,” and he decided that he needed to do something with it.
Determined to lose weight, Kevin decided to join the VH1 Celebrity Fit Club. That proved to be the right decision. During his time on the show, Kevin gave his all to working out. The bottom line is that Kevin was able to shed some pounds and get back in good shape. Now that he’s a changed man, Kevin is trying his best to stay in tip-top condition.


Famous comedian, Amy Schumer, didn’t have a problem with her weight but had to shed some extra pounds for her role in the movie Trainwreck. Though, revealing that the experience was more of a herculean one, she seemed to have benefited from it. She visited the gym regularly for several months in a bid to further drop the pounds. During that time, Amy worked out like a professional athlete with her fitness trainer’s help, Harley Pasternak.

The latter later revealed that Amy was a natural sportswoman who was very active in high school and college. She, too, was an aerobics instructor, so she knew how to be very well coordinated. We’re also pretty sure Amy pairs her workouts with an equally effective diet plan. Now, Amy Schumer looks just as dazzling as a real Hollywood star. Getting in shape was indeed a worthy investment for Amy. Hopefully, she’ll maintain her healthy lifestyle in the years to come.


Candace Cameron’s rise to stardom started when she appeared in the popular TV show Full House. Despite experiencing fame, Candace didn’t get spared from the struggles of gaining weight. To lose extra pounds, Candace adopted a strict diet plan and left out any exercise plans. Surprisingly enough, it yielded great results for her. After shedding some pounds, the famous actress looks healthier and in better shape. She also seems to be happier and more energetic to a greater degree.

The actress also said that she loved getting older as she began to appreciate her body more. Now, she believed she was in the best shape of her life and liked seeing what she could still do. She is grateful for the body she has, and so Candace continuously cares for it by watching the food she eats, exercising, and getting adequate rest. Candace is undoubtedly setting a great example of how we should care for our bodies, so following her tips might be a good idea.


Without a doubt, Mark Wahlberg is one of the most promising actors in the American movie industry. Starting as an unknown actor, he climbed his way up and is now one of the highest-paid in the game. Mark’s financial advisor and money management tactics seem to be in order. As proof of his dedication to his craft, Mark lost 40 pounds to prepare for his role in The Gambler. Mark achieved this by adopting a strict diet and hiring a personal trainer.

After he finished starring in the movie, he decided to return to his former weight. On the regular days, Mark has his go-to diet, composed of food heavy on proteins. He usually eats fish, turkey, meatballs, chicken, steak, vegetables, healthy fats, and egg whites. In case you don’t know, Mark also has his protein shakes line, so he has no problem doing one for himself, which he takes regularly.


Jay Scott Greenspan is a popular actor, movie director, and comedian who goes by the stage name Jason Alexander. At a point in his life, the popular actor dedicated his time and efforts to shed every extra pound on his body. To do this, Jason adopted a well-balanced low-calorie diet. Through the diet alone, he was able to drop 30 pounds. He didn’t end his weight loss journey there, though, as he was determined to drop more pounds.

In 2010, Jay became the new face of the weight loss company, Jenny Craig, which might have helped him put off the pounds. To this day, Jason Alexander continues to stick to his diet and workout routine in the bid to maintain his healthy body. Thanks to this investment, Jay can continue his passion without worrying about his health or his appearance. His journey should serve as an inspiration to everyone looking to drop some weight.


Tami Roman is a popular American businesswoman and television star who began to feel very dissatisfied with her weight at some point in her life. Because of this, she decided to take proactive measures to lose weight. To do this, Tami decided to take action by using the weight loss supplement, NV Clinical. She also began practicing yoga. After losing 40 pounds of weight, Tami expressed that she has never been as happy as she is now.

However, trolls didn’t stop making fun of Tami’s weight. To address the issue, she called out her critics and stressed she is happy with her new shape. Tami revealed she started looking after her health by making proper diet choices after facing some health issues. She is now looking forward to being healthier for her kids and the man of her life. She even practices yoga with her daughters to some degree. What mum!


Not many people are aware of this, but Hollywood funnyman Craig Robinson has been battling excessive weight for some years. He always felt uncomfortable with his body as he was often exhausted and short of breath in it. After some serious contemplation, he finally decided to quit alcohol and started a vegetarian diet. During this time, the comedian went through a tremendous transformation, shedding about sixty pounds in a short period.

He recently made an open confession that going vegan and ditching alcohol were the best decisions he’d made in his life. He even found several great vegan dishes and restaurants out there to try with his new lifestyle. With that, he knew his new diet would be more comfortable than what he expected. Fingers crossed, we hope to see Craig doing his thing on screen soon. He should thank his financial advisor for guiding him with his bills, like his weight loss expenses.


One of the popular “boyz 2 men” star Nathan Morris has undergone a tremendous weight loss judging from the recent pictures seen on his Instagram page. He has been able to drop almost a whopping 50 pounds which makes him look more fabulous these days. He followed a strict diet plan which makes us think that he has been taking beneficial health advice from a nutritionist online and a financial advisor too. And credit to Nathan for his determination and consistency. He also visits the gym daily. Nathan is an example of motivation for all those struggling with weight loss problems.

If you follow “Boyz II Men’s Nathan Morris” on his Instagram account you can see his amazing weight loss transformation. He was able to shed almost 50 pounds, so these days, he’s looking dapper than ever before. He probably took some nutrition advice online as he seems to have been on a strict diet plan. He also decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Nathan apparently goes to the gym on a daily basis. He is indeed a true inspiration to anyone out there struggling with weight issues.


Mila Kunis has always looked incredible, but after landing a ballerina role in the film Black Swan, the actress experienced some degree of pressure to go down to a certain weight. To fulfill this, Mila started following a strict diet, which allowed her to lose an impressive 20 pounds in only a couple of weeks. She followed a 1,200-calorie diet and started training for five hours a day, seven days a week.

Although Mila was on a low-carb diet at the time, she was also taking food high in protein to balance everything out. She usually ate lean protein, such as chicken breast, fish, lentils, and beans. For carbs, she only took quinoa and brown rice. It’s a particular and effective diet plan that anyone can try, so if you want to achieve the same results as Mila did, we say go for it. If it’s good enough for Mila, then it’s good enough for all of us.


American singer Marie Osmond has been wowing us with her voice and talents for as long as we can remember. A couple of years back, she decided to trim down her physique and stay that way. After following a diet plan suggested by a nutrition establishment, Marie had dropped 50 whole pounds without any surgical intervention. She used Nutrisystem that let her keep off the pounds for the next ten years. She is also the spokesperson of the weight-loss product company.

It taught her how to eat proper food, so her body would love her back, yielding a leaner, more favorable result. Anyhow, she still ate food that she loved, like pasta and chocolate, but in moderation. Marie now knew portion control and opted for smaller meals more often, like six times a day. Now, the problem she got with her weight gain since she was 14 was gone. For anyone looking to try the same strategy as Marie, just remember to follow dietary instructions thoroughly to achieve the same degree of success as the singer.


Chelsea Settles rose to stardom after unveiling her own MTV reality show in 2011. Not too long after, fans and audiences witnessed her tremendous weight loss journey unfold. With hard work, determination, and a strict diet plan by her side, she was able to drop a whopping 120 pounds without the need for surgical procedures. To achieve it, Chelsea dedicated herself to eating healthy and maintaining good habits. She focused on changing her lifestyle to a much healthier one and followed a specific diet that was high in protein.

Her meals often had a lot of vegetables, and she also started exercising. Aside from these efforts, Chelsea also revealed that changing her mindset also helped her achieve a slimmer body. Chelsea never thought she would change but seeing herself getting heavier made her do so. She now looks incredible, thanks to the right investments and planning she made. May her journey serve as motivation to everyone out there, as well.


Monica Seles is an incredible tennis player who had the misfortune of having weight fluctuations for years. In 1993, the tennis star suffered a tragic incident that left her emotionally and mentally traumatized. To cope with the aftermath of the incident, Monica adopted unhealthy dietary habits that later resulted in an eating disorder. As time went by, Monica decided to live healthier by following a healthy diet plan.

Everything started when she sought professional help to learn more about her condition. When she learned that what she was going through was a medical disorder, she found it a huge relief. Now, she knew she didn’t lack any will power and developed a more specific strategy to overcome her condition. Instead, she talked to a healthcare professional to address the issue and find a solution that would best work out for her. No home loans, or emotional trauma from past incidents, she now looks better too.


It’s been ages since we discovered the NSYNC boy band. Not many people know this but, one of its members, Joey Fatone, has been struggling with pesky pounds for a long time now. After signing up for a dance competition, Joey decided to get back into shape by following a diet regimen proposed by a diet company. With the show’s help, Joey was able to try it and praised it for giving people a chance to lose weight while having fun.

He even compared it to the Biggest Loser, where the contenders had to work out tremendously. Here, he learned to dance; he felt free and confident, giving him the self-esteem that Joey needed to get out of his comfort zone and show everyone that he could dance. To hasten his weight loss, Joey also revealed he followed the Nutrisystem diet plan and stuck to eating pre-packaged meals before he appeared on the show. Now he is pleased and satisfied with his current looks. He also doesn’t look like someone that needs health insurance.


Marissa Jaret Winokur is an American actress best known for her Tony-award winning performance in the Broadway musical Hairspray. Although her weight and physical appearance contributed to her success, the actress lost weight after her doctor informed her of her dangerously high cholesterol levels. With her personal trainer, a special calorie diet, and gym membership, she lost 60 pounds. Recently, Marissa revealed she was using the extra time she got by getting as healthy as possible.

Her free time inspired her to get fit after realizing being unhealthy came with a dangerous threat of developing serious illnesses. Marissa started having online classes on Zoom with the fitness trainer Keith Anthony and eating more mindfully. Her weight loss didn’t only give her a sexier physique but much better health, too. Good thing she made the right decision very early on. Who knows what medical consequences were waiting for her before she turned her lifestyle around.


In 2015, Taylor Swift’s mother, Andre Swift, was diagnosed with a terminal condition that threatened her life. After undergoing several treatments, Andrea lost a staggering 40 lbs. She is currently following a diet plan and healthy work out sessions to help maintain her health. A good financial advisor and money management strategy were also vital to Andrea’s health journey.
Her family is not far behind in supporting her, either. As an expression of undying love, Taylor wrote an emotional tribute to her mom in her album, Lover.

Recalling her beautiful childhood memories, Taylor returned to her country roots for the song Soon You’ll Get Better, telling her she had to get better because she had to. Taylor also honored the excellent relationship they had by writing The Best Day, which featured in her album Fearless. Taylor seemed to allude that the singer loved her mother for giving her the same eyes as her, saying back and watching her rise to fame. In the song, she also said that she had the best day with her mother by her side.


Jason Sudeikis is one of the most popular comedians in Hollywood. He is so popular that even if mortgage rates were to increase today, he would still be able to pay it. However, Jason Sudeikis declared that he was battling weight problems for quite a while despite his financial success. He clearly stated that he felt terrible about his weight and started trying to get into shape. During this time, the actor hired a personal trainer to help him.

Presently, he feels delighted with the way he looks and often credits his trainer for pushing him harder. He also thanked his then-partner, Olivia Wilde, for introducing him to the vegan diet. The actress was a vegetarian, and so she became a big part of his new fitness journey at the time. After he learned the wondrous world of plant-based cooking, Jason started to get slimmer. Jason revealed that working on a movie while trying to lose weight also helped him get a more structured eating time.


American rapper, record producer, and actor, Eminem gained worldwide recognition after releasing his debut album, Infinite. However, the rapper hit rock-bottom at some point in his career because of his unhealthy habits. Fortunately, he pushed through and quickly recovered. At the time, he had also put on a weight of 230 pounds before he decided to seek treatment. After coming out of his chosen facility, he decided to lose the weight through a stringent diet plan and shed almost 90 pounds.

He also started running a lot and jogged 17 miles a day on the treadmill. Eminem would usually get up in the morning to run eight and a half miles in an hour before going to his studio. When he arrived back home, he would again run another eight and a half miles to complete his target. Today, the rapper is happier and healthier than ever before.


Debora-Lee Furness may not be very open about this, but she has been battling weight gain for many years. Just like her husband’s popularity, Debora’s weight also grew by a large degree with every year that passed. To solve her weight gain dilemma, the actress decided to engage in a healthy diet plan and regular workouts. Thanks to her determination and hard work, she was able to lose almost 60 pounds in less than a year.

Deborah-Lee was also into a keto diet, and she found it quite annoying that when she was losing weight, her husband was busy baking bread. She tried her best not to eat any carbs, but Hugh Jackman often teased her with his baked goods. Waking up to the smell of freshly-baked bread, Deborah-Lee had to resist the temptation strongly. Fortunately, her little investments in her health paid off. We just hope Hugh Jackman doesn’t interfere too much with her diet.


The English reality television personality Scarlett Moffatt became famous after appearing on the TV show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! in 2016. During the series, she was diagnosed with diabetes, and her physician quickly suggested that she lose some weight. She took the advice very seriously and began her weight loss program. With the help of her trainer, she was able to lose around 20 pounds. Credits to her trainer for being patient!

Scarlett also revealed that she followed a 1,350-calorie diet, which she divided between her meals. For breakfast, she would usually eat only 250 calories, 350 calories for lunch, and 450 calories for dinner. If she still felt hungry, she would take a 200-calorie snack. Above everything, however, Scarlett made sure that she accomplished a particular exercise set to maximize her fitness journey. From 11st 5lb, she went down to 8st. She also became a size eight from size eighteen.


If you’re familiar with the film, Remember The Titans, then you might know Ethan Suplee. After battling excess weight gain for such a long time, Ethan began feeling uncomfortable and decided to take action. He refused to undergo surgery and stuck to a healthy diet and regular workouts. Ethan also revealed that he would usually plan out his food “pretty diligently.” Because of this, the actor would often prepare his meals one or even two days in advance.

According to Ethan, this helped him stay on track with his diet. He had to make sure that his meal would be composed of protein, as most of his calorie intake went to protein. The remaining calories he had to take got divided into carbohydrates and fat, but mostly carbohydrates. He is a true inspiration and beacon of hope for all those struggling to get fit. Credit to Ethan’s hard work and consistency, because if not for that, he would not lose 200lbs. Now he looks quite different from when he made an appearance in My Name Is Earl.


Podcaster and movie director, Kevin Smith, has been fighting immensely with weight issues for several years and has finally decided to take action. He began his weight loss journey when he discovered he could no longer fit in an airplane seat. Like making the right money management plans to salvage a business, Ethan started his weight loss journey by excluding sugary substances from his diet. He succeeded in shedding 70lbs and is determined to go further by securing a gym membership.

He also joined the Weight Watchers program and thanked the comedian Penn Jillette and his book, Presto, and the NASA scientist, who turned into nutrition and weight loss specialist. Ray Cronise also motivated him to follow a plant and potato-based diet plan. Kevin also revealed his daughter introduced him to a vegan lifestyle that helped him be healthier and leaner. Today, Kevin is busy maintaining his career and well-being, and we couldn’t be happier for him.


Christina Aguilera was the epitome of Hollywood’s finest gold until she became pregnant. Her lovely son’s birth brought an enormous weight increase of about 200lbs. However, Christina was determined to lose weight and started adopting a regular exercise routine, offline and online classes for yoga, and a strict diet. She had her meals prepared for her by using a meal delivery service called The Fresh Diet.

Christina was only eating low-carb meals at the time, which was only 1,600 calories a day. She also made sure that she would eat breakfast, which was the most important meal of the day. It would usually be a combination of protein and good fats, like avocado, turkey bacon, and blueberries. For lunch and dinner, she would have salad, vegetables, and chicken or fish. Right now, we can all begin to smile again as she has lost quite a lot. It’s good to finally see her be confident after being criticized for some time.


Location presenter Kristie Alsop has been a role model for plus-sized women for a long time. However, she recently decided to shed some as being curvy also came with health risks. Presently she is a size 12 from 16, and the credit goes to Amelia Freer, a celebrity nutritionist. To start her fitness journey, Kirstie first looked at the food she was eating. She said that eating three times a day helped her have the structure.

Kirstie revealed she was not leaving her house without having her breakfast. The key to her diet was taking her meals every five hours. Within the said time frame, the only thing that she could take was water. Fortunately, Kirstie also learned what food would work on her diet, so instead of eating carbs, she opted for healthier greens, like salad, beans, and broccoli. She also stopped eating potatoes and drinking wine. As they said, a healthy diet plan and regular exercise would work best for someone who liked to lose the pesky pounds.


We all know that alcohol and fatty food are a terrible combo, but Vicky Pattinson had to learn the hard way. After a period of alcoholism, Vicky became overweight and became an item of scrutiny. When body-shaming attacks started pouring in, Vicky decided to do something about it. Presently, she has lost a couple of pounds and organizes physical and online classes to help others get their weight loss journey started.

She would usually have her meals prepared for her for the whole day, from breakfast to dinner to snacks. Despite knowing that dieters’ go-to meal was often low carb, Vicky kept things more straightforward. On the days that she didn’t go training, she would eat fewer calories as she was not that hungry. Anyhow, she was still giving herself some treats at times and a drink or two. Let this be a reminder, then, that getting in shape does not always mean you should starve yourself. Like Vicky, you should also allow yourself the pleasure of indulging in tasty food. Just don’t skip on your workout, though.


Corey Harrison rose to fame for his appearance in the reality series Pawn Stars. He worked in his grandfather’s pawnshop, where he learned everything about the business. Today, he is a business partner of a Las Vegas pawn shop called Gold and Silver Pawn. Known as the “Big Hoss,” Corey is in charge of the store’s business operations and its 30 employees. With his relentless dedication, he wants to take someday the place of his father and grandfather’s role in the company.

However, Corey is struggling with the limitations of excess weight. Diabetes also came into the picture. To resolve this, Corey had a gastric lap band to carry out preventive diabetes. He admits that the cost of treatment was a lot, but he’s happy he did it. At least he didn’t take out any loans, plus he now looks good. Following a gastric lap band in 2010, Corey’s weight went down from 365 lbs to 249 lbs.


Chris Moyles is a popular radio and television presenter who began his radio career in high school. He started volunteering at a local hospital radio station in the UK, which led to paying jobs with various radio stations, including Aire FM. Chris also worked as a presenter at Radio Luxembourg. Since then, he became a popular broadcaster and had his eponymous show on Radio X.
With his hectic schedule, he began having no control when it comes to his daily food intake.

He was a fan of junk food and high caloric-food. But then, things changed when he realized the need for a healthy lifestyle and insurance. In an interview, he said, “I’m getting older. If I don’t keep fit, I will be dead by the time I am 50.” True enough, he embarked on a healthy diet that includes just 2,000 calories per day and regular exercise. With self-discipline, he lost 70 pounds!


If you know the Kardashian family well, you will agree that at one time, Khloe Kardashian got labeled as the “fat sister” of the family. However, things seemed to have changed a lot since then. After struggling emotionally and mentally from her separation from her ex-husband, Lamar Odom, Khloe decided to go to the gym to gain some balance back into her life. Her gym experience ended up being a worthy investment.

After experiencing a tremendous weight loss turnaround (from 203 to 150 pounds), Khloe gained more endorsements and brand deals that, for sure, was good for her pockets. Following her weight loss TV show themed Revenge Body on E!, Khloe is a healthier, happier, and more emotionally stable lady. She is also now a proud mother to her daughter True Thompson. Despite becoming a mom and getting busy with motherhood, Khloe still sees that she makes time for her workout. She truly is an inspiration!


Raini Rodriguez is a popular American actress and singer known for her role as Trish in the famous Disney series Austin and Ally. She also starred in the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop. She may be a lively and jolly character on camera, but Raini also struggled with her weight. However, after years of struggling, Raini decided to put a final stop to her dilemma. Since she wasn’t too overweight, the actress didn’t need to do so much to lose the extra pounds.

She simply adopted a low-calorie diet. The diet saw the young actress drop 21 pounds and now looks dazzling to a higher degree than before. Today, the actress is still very much active in show business. This 2020, she has several projects lined up for her, including Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous, The Substitute, and Bunk’d. With her recent weight loss, we hope she maintains her healthy lifestyle!


Caroline Manzo rose to fame when she appeared on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Her only daughter, Lauren, also gained prominence after her exposure to the television show. Lauren runs her beauty bar called Cafface. She has been married to Vito Scalia since 2015, with whom she has a child named Marchesa. For quite some time, Lauren didn’t find her weight gain funny. A few of you may also remember she dropped 20 pounds just before her wedding day.

Upon giving birth to her daughter, the young actress finally decided to lay hold on her increased weight. However, unlike other celebrities, Lauren didn’t bother adopting a diet or exercise routine. She lost weight by undergoing lap-band surgery. The lap band surgery helped her drop 30 pounds. She still insists she is determined to lose more weight. Her financial advisor may have told her the financial implication anyway. We also hope Lauren adopts a healthier lifestyle to maintain her slim and lean figure.


If Kathy Bates’ name does not ring a bell, maybe her iconic performances in the films like Misery, Titanic, and About Schmidt will nudge your memory a bit. For years, Kathy appeared on our screens sporting a chubby figure. However, Kathy opted to go on a weight loss journey following her medical diagnosis. The highly potent medical drugs were enough to make her lose around 60 pounds. She insists that she is willing to shed more weight to maintain her health and get her desired shape. Her health team may have inspired her too.

The seasoned actress, aside from her work in films, also appeared in television roles, including The Doctors, All My Children, and Fried Green Tomatoes. Amongst the massive success in the early ’90s, Kathy started to forge a career as a director and has directorial credits in shows like Oz Six Feet Under, NYPD Blue, and Everwood. Now over 70 years old, she continues to work in television and has an upcoming role in the anthology series American Horror Story Season 10.


Garth Brooks, the famous American musician, found his way to stardom after he released seven albums. The public so loved his works to the extent that the albums received diamond status in the US. Though his fans always got treated with incredible on-stage performances, he wasn’t entirely happy about his weight on the inside. Just as his doctor has advised him, he adopted a balanced diet and routine exercise in a bid to lose weight.

Though his weight loss experience wasn’t a smooth one, the famous singer is in good shape now, and he is not looking bad at all. He still gives much credit to his fans that have been by him through thick and thin. Today, the singer-songwriter remains one of the world’s best-selling music artists. At age 58, Garth is the youngest recipient of the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. We don’t know about you, but we sure feel happy for Garth.


If you haven’t seen Ricki Lee some years back, you won’t have an idea that she once struggled with weight gain. Following a proper diet, the Australian born singer was able to lose over 30 pounds of weight. Though she seems to be a little bit skinny these days, she still insists on the periods of her life after her weight loss has been the happiest and healthiest. The singer also insists that she is dedicated to maintaining her current weight and looks ready to make the required investments.

The 35-year-old still keeps making a name for herself in Hollywood. She became the host of Australia’s Got Talent Season 9 and Australia’s Got Talent: Challengers & Champions Season 1. She also performs on her concert tours and has released many studio albums, with her most recent one is called Dance in the Rain. With her new and healthy lifestyle, we’re sure Ricki will still go a long way.


Following just a strict diet plan that has brought the actress/singer to a low weight, the weight loss journey of Ashlee Simpson is nothing short of spectacular. After childbirth, she decided to add routine exercises to her daily activities to shed some of the pounds she might have gained during pregnancy. While she is busy recording her new songs, we surely can’t wait for the famous singer to perform on stage once more and see the degree of weight she was able to shed.

Ashlee, the younger sister of Jessica Simpson, also skyrocketed to fame in the television world. She starred in the family drama 7th Heaven and later received an offer to do her series, The Ashlee Simpson Show. Hilary is now married to actor and musician Evan Ross, with whom the actress shares three children. She and Evan released their duet called I Do, which topped the Billboard charts in 2018.


After her first baby, American actress and singer Hillary Duff didn’t look as elegant as before her pregnancy. However, she got back in good shape by adopting a healthy diet plan and making necessary health investments. The Hollywood mom also registered in a gym center where Hilary exercised regularly. Today, she is looking healthier, lighter, and happier with an eye-catching figure. She also enjoys her continued success in the entertainment industry.

Duff also ventured into business and launched her fashion lines, namely Stuff by Hilary Duff and Muse x Hilary Duff collection, to name a few. As for her work in the film industry, she remains unstoppable. After appearing in a series of chick flicks and comedy films, Duff explored the thriller and horror film genres. She is married to musician Matthew Koma, and they raise two kids together. The actress continues to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and now that she’s a mother of two, she makes sure that her family has the same routines.


During his teenage years, Jack Osbourne, son of rock and roll star Ozzy Osbourne, was always known for his plump physique. Following puberty, though, and a serious workout routine, Jack was able to shed some pounds. To maintain his weight loss, he engaged in contact sports such as kickboxing, Muay Thai, and rock climbing. It was a worthy investment, plus he was able to shed a significant amount of weight, 23 kilograms or 50 pounds, to be exact!

Following his parents’ footsteps in Hollywood, he also pursued a television career and starred in History Channel’s Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour. He landed his reality show called Union Jack and later co-hosted Celebrity Wrestling: Bring It On! He also joined Dancing with the Stars Season 17 and won third place. Jack was once married to actress Lisa Stelly in 2012. They have three kids together. Jack has been keeping a relatively low profile these days, but we hope he’s still maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


American singer Leann Rimes has been known in the music industry ever since her teenage years after releasing her first cover song, Blue. At 13, she was already the country’s youngest flooring musician since Tanya Tucker. The singer experienced a tremendous increase in fame, and her weight seemed to have followed too. To solve this problem, Leann turned to a personal fitness coach for her fitness needs. With persistence and determination, she did lose some pounds.

The singer insists she feels happier and lighter since she started her weight loss journey. Having a great financial advisor sure helped her prepare for this journey. In recent years, her music career has been going steady. In 2018, she released Re-Imagined, an EP featuring her most well-loved songs in the past decade, which she re-recorded. These songs include Can’t Fight the Moonlight, One Way Ticket, Borrowed, Blue, and How Do I Live. Fans of her can surely expect more from Leann in the coming years.


Jessica Mauboy is another American singer who had made significant investments and experienced success in the music industry after joining American Idol. Jessica Mauboy may not have been bothered about her weight, but when one of the judges commented on her body weight, she knew she had to do something about it. At the start of her weight loss journey, Jessica adopted a well-balanced diet coupled with a regular workout schedule.

Today, she’s looking lovelier and healthier than ever before. Her investment planning decision to lose weight and stay relevant in the industry was on point. The Australian singer recently made headlines after cutting ties with her long-term record label, Sony Music. In an interview, she said, “I will forever be grateful. It is now time for the next chapter of my career.” Jessica then announced that she would be joining the team at Warner Music. We’re glad her music career is still going strong.


Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump has, until recently, struggled with weight gain. For several years, he left his condition that way until he decided to put his investment money into losing some weight. His weight loss schedule was that of a balanced diet combined with a tight fitness schedule. Combined with his determination and persistence, his fitness journey saw him drop 60 pounds of weight. Never say never, right?

After Fall Out Boy’s hiatus in 2009, he embarked on a solo career and released his debut album, Soul Punk. Since then, Stump has toured Europe and the US. However, after the band reunited in 2013, he joined them again, and they released the EP PAX AM Days and the album Save Rock and Roll. In 2012, he married his longtime girlfriend, Elisa Yao, with whom he has two kids. As for his music career, well, it’s far from over. Patrick has not given any hints about any future projects, but we’re sure he has something up his sleeves.


Lavell Crawford can thank his size for landing him a role in the series Breaking Bad. However, despite giving him an edge, the actor’s enormously large weight soon affected him. He probably didn’t have the zeal like others to do a routine workout, so he opted for a gastric sleeve surgery, which made him lose 120 pounds. After his surgery, the actor insisted that he’s planning to drop more pounds. Today, his body shape and size looks so much better than the big chubby one we knew from before.

Lavell also seems to make it work in the entertainment industry, having a few projects here and there. He has a film project at least every year, with his most recent ones including Compton’s Finest, Love Is Not Enough, and Hubie Halloween. He also portrays Huell Babineaux in the crime drama series Better Call Saul. If you want to undergo the same procedure as Lavell, then better fix your credit score because this surgery surely does not come cheap.


Patti Austin is a famous musician who started her weight loss journey after hearing about her asthma and Type2 diabetes diagnosis. According to her physician, her conditions were the result of her weight gain. The singer followed her doctor’s advice to undergo a gastric bypass surgery that would allow her to drop those excess fats. Following the surgery, she was able to drop 120 pounds, moving from 300 pounds to 180 pounds. Her financial advisor also did a great job guiding her money-wise.

Now 70 years old, Patti doesn’t feel like retiring from Hollywood just yet. She occasionally performs music and was recently featured on Patrick Williams’ large jazz ensemble album called Home Suite Home. She also garners awards, such as an Honorary Doctorate from the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Her latest album was released in 2016, entitled Mighty Musical Fairy Tales. Dubbed as the “Queen of the Jingles,” Patti is recognized for her KFC and Burger King’s earworms.


It might not have been obvious, but legendary Argentine football star Diego Maradona also struggled with excessive weight gain. Even though he had an impressive investment portfolio, he subsequently developed weight gain even when he tried to watch his body. According to the report, after undergoing two gastric bypass surgeries with little or no effect, he had to turn to the aid of a German doctor. Since then, Diego has looked a bit better or, at least, not as plump as the Chubby Maradona of the ’90s.

Anyway, Diego was an excellent playmaker and instinctual goal scorer during his time. He was even considered a hero to the Argentine people, having established their national team and brought them to win a World Cup in the mid-80s. After retiring from football, Diego pursued a career as a manager in the same sport, alongside his Argentinos Juniors teammate Carlos Fren. This legend was indeed a hero, and his legacy will remain in the world of football forever.


Ann Wilson is a musician who is probably most famous for being the lead singer of the rock band Heart. The band’s songs Crazy on You and Barracuda shot them to prominence. Additionally, Ann is also a songwriter, flute player, and occasional guitar player. During the early days of the band, she and her sister Nancy garnered fame for being the first rock band fronted by women.
Ann is also known for her lifelong battle with weight gain.

She decided to undergo a weight-loss surgery called “adjustable gastric band,” for which she lost 60 pounds in ten months. Ann admitted that trying out countless diets over the years didn’t work out for her, so the musician opted for a weight loss surgery instead. She shared on one occasion, “My knees no longer hurt. My low back no longer hurts. I can move around.” Thankfully, she won’t have to pay for hefty medical insurance.


The Soprano star, Caitlin Van Zandt, struggled with weight gain at the early stages of her career. After enduring it for years, Caitlin finally resorted to surgery to lose some pounds. However, the actress’s weight loss wasn’t about the physical issue but was instead about her health. She lost about 90 pounds due to surgery, and today, she is a much happier person. The 35-year-old star is not visible in Hollywood nowadays.

To those who have no clue about her, she had a brief entertainment career in the ’90s until the early 2000s. She starred as Ashlee Wolfe in Guiding Light. As a child, Caitlin attended a theater camp called Stagedoor Manor for ten years, along with Natalie Portman. We don’t know the latest news about her except she attended Hunter College. However, active or not, we hope that Caitlin is maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle and is keeping up with her fitness investments.


Tom Kerridge is a British Michelin-starred master chef who is well known for his impeccable cooking skills. He has topped several cooking shows, such as Master Chef and Great British Menu. His weight gain probably signifies that Tom eats just as much as he cooks. He wasn’t concerned about his weight gain until it began to hinder his daily activities. Determined to shed some pounds, the chef decided to resort to a low-calorie diet and stopped his alcohol intake.

After three years, he had dropped 168 pounds. He now looks healthier and lighter than before. Currently, the 47-year-old chef is the television credit for being the presenter of the BBC Two show Food and Drink. He has also worked at various British restaurants, such as the Michelin-starred Adlards and Rhodes in the Square. He recently opened several pubs with his wife, namely, The Coach, The Butcher’s Tap, and many more.


Famous author and novelist Anne Rice never really paid any attention to her weight gain like her investments. However, her husband seemed to be quite bothered. He didn’t make this known, though, until in his final words. Anne Rice’s husband has used his last breath to tell his wife to take care of her health. Touched by her husband’s words, she decided to go for a gastric bypass surgery, which allowed her to drop 103 pounds.

Rice made an additional effort to lose extra weight by adopting a diet plan and routine exercise. Today, she looks so much better than her former self. It goes to show that words really can change our lives. In case you’re not familiar with her, Rice is the best-selling author of The Vampire Chronicles and The Feast of All Saints, which got adapted into a film and TV series, respectively. Now 79 years old, she continues her passion for writing novels.


Rick Ross is a rapper and songwriter turned entrepreneur and record executive. He was once of the highest-paid rapper in the world and MTV’s Hottest MC in the Game. In 2009, the rapper established the record label Maybach Music Group. Rick released many of his studio albums, such as Hood Billionaire, Rather You Than Me, and Port of Miami 2 under the same label. He recently made news after acquiring 87-acres of land near his Atlanta mansion. It’s an impressive investment, for sure!

However, Rick also had his share of health problems. After experiencing two seizures, he realized that he had to lose weight. Hiring a personal fitness trainer who helped monitor his diet and workout sessions, the famous singer was able to drop about 75 pounds. Till now, he is still determined to reduce additional weight as he continues in his exercise routine. I guess it’s safe to say that everyone wishes him good luck in this journey that he continues to take.


Genie Francis never imagined she would be at the size that she currently sports. However, the previously overweight General Hospital star started her weight loss journey by adopting a regular workout routine and a diet plan. She was able to drop about 50 pounds. Today, the Hollywood star is lighter, happier, and healthier with a stunning size of 6 or 7. Her fitness trainer surely deserves more credit for a job well done.

She now only appears sporadically on screen and is busy with her other ventures. She used to own a shop called The Cherished Home, which sold home accessories and cottage furnishings. Due to her workload in show business, she sold her store in 2012. Genie and her husband, director Jonathan Frakes, recently ventured into real estate. They sold their $2.8-million home in Woodland Hills for a little under $4 million. Well, we hope she’s also keeping up with the exercises and diet plans she started.


Pink’s weight gain struggle started after giving birth to her baby. She gained enormous weight in her post-gestational period. Pink spent her investment money in adopting a diet strategy and a professional workout routine to drop several pounds. Today, she seems to be reaching a higher level in her career, with her new album setting her among the top stars.
She remains in the limelight and is still receiving countless projects and achievements.

According to music sales data analyzer (Nielsen SoundScan), her record sales hit the 16-million mark in the U.S. alone. She is undoubtedly one of the world’s best-selling music artists, having sold more than 40 million albums globally. As for Pink’s personal life, she is married to motocross competitor Carey Hart since 2006 and has two kids. Hart frequently appears in the singer’s music videos like So What, Just Give Me a Reason and True Love. Now that’s the kind of love we all want.


Casey Donovan is an Australian born singer who also acts as well as writes. Back when she participated in the American Idol competition, fans noticed that the aspiring singer was slightly on the bigger side. However, after following a diet plan that includes a high protein diet and regular exercise, Casey Donovan lost 50 pounds. Now that she’s healthier, we highly think she’s on the road to a more vibrant career.

In 2017, she became a celebrity contestant on the Australian version of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!, for which she garnered first place. She also received positive reviews for portraying Mama Morton in the Australian version of the musical Chicago. It is no doubt that she’ll reach superstardom in a few years. For now, however, we hope that Casey is keeping a healthy and happy life. We also hope that she’s gained confidence because she genuinely is a stunning woman.


After appearing on the hit talent show American Idol, Kimberley Locke joined the list of contestants faced with the challenge of gaining weight. She struggled with weight gain, which began early in her career. After following a strict diet plan and regular exercise, Kimberley was happy to drop 40 pounds. She also followed the Jenny Craig diet plan. Kimberley also documented 40-pound weight loss through her official blog and got even featured in People Magazine and Us Weekly’s Diets That Work issue.

The 42-year-old singer-songwriter also garnered media attention for starring in Celebrity Fit Club. Her career went even further when she landed a co-hosting project in the talk show, Dr. and the Diva, alongside Dr. Steve Salvatore. In recent years, Kimberly announced she had established her entertainment company named I AM Entertainment. Kimberley truly deserves credit for pushing through with her fitness journey and entertainment career. We sure are looking forward to seeing more of her.


Cooking show host Rachael Ray is also one of many Hollywood celebrities who struggled with the challenge of being overweight. In the process of Rachel Ray’s efforts to reach an average weight, she participated in a weight loss program several times. First, she followed a low-carbohydrate diet and coupled it with regular exercise to drop at least two sizes smaller. However, after a few months, her weight gained a staggering 37 pounds, and the weight battle surfaced again.

She recently revealed that she is okay with her current weight, but there may be plans for a weight loss plan in the future. Outside the culinary world, she busies herself in writing books. Between 1999 and 2019, she has published almost 30 cookbooks about vegetarian meals, cooking for children, and more. Well, considering all her career plans, we’re guessing that she has some talented financial advisors on her team to guide her.


English singer and songwriter Alison Moyet was very pivotal in the singing duo “Yahoo’s” success. However, her fans were not expecting the music star to lose weight. She gave her fans quite some surprise when she appeared in the show, The One, with reduced weight. She owes and gives the credit for her weight loss to a healthy diet and regular exercise, which helped her drop 65 pounds.

Today, the 59-year-old musician keeps pushing for more in the realm of music. She has added a slew of achievements to her career portfolio, including five top 10 hits on the UK Singles Chart and a Gold Badge Award from The Ivors Academy, a professional music writers association. She has also released her second live album entitled The Other Live Collection. Moyet is married to David Ballard, with whom she shares three children. When she is neither singing nor songwriting, she devotes her time to supporting the football club, Southend United.


American rapper Fat Joe indeed lived up to his nickname, with a weight measuring around 460 pounds. His weight started small but gradually became a burden to him. Being already diabetic, this was a saddening situation for Joe. However, he shocked everyone by losing a whopping 100 pounds. Contrary to popular belief that Joe went for gastric bypass surgery, he openly and confidently stated that his weight loss was due to regular exercise and proper diet investment.

In 2018, Fat Joe started hosting a podcast on Tidal’s streaming service, discussing music, pop culture, friendships, and more. The following year, he released a studio album, Family Ties, in collaboration with record producer Dre. The album features other famous artists like Cardi B, Eminem, and Mary J. Blige. It’s good to see Fat Joe in a better situation, and his fans are indeed happy to see him release more music. Hopefully, he’s also sticking to his fitness schedule.


Scarface, the famous rapper, has some degree of struggle with his weight at the early stages of his career. The rapper was determined to shed some pounds, though. He embarked on a strict diet plan and regular exercise routine. Formerly weighing 291 pounds, the rapper now boasts weighing 191 pounds. Scarface underwent a weight transformation to look better and improve his health, considering that he had been diagnosed with a renal disorder and associated hypertension. If left unresolved, Scarface’s condition can reduce his quality of life.

It’s a good thing that he’s able to turn things around. Now that he’s on a healthy lifestyle, he can do so much, career-wise. He has released eleven studio albums, two collaboration albums, and one compilation album throughout his career. He also published a memoir entitled Diary of a Madman, which details his tenure at Def Jam South. He’s also able to expand his investment portfolio since he doesn’t have to worry about his health anymore.


Bubba Sparxxx is yet another rapper who struggled with being overweight. The Rapper never cared about his weight until he saw old pictures of himself. Realizing that he was fat, he decided to reduce his size through dieting and lifestyle changes. Bubba Sparxxx’s weight loss journey was a successful one as he dropped about 88 pounds. He made the right investments in his health and got the result he wanted.

Talking about his career, it seems like he’s making the right choices. He recently signed to New South Entertainment and released Rapper From The Country. Bubba also made several guest appearances and collaborations with other artists, such as Twang & Round, Boondox, Justin Timberlake, and Shane Dollar. Did you know he is a playable character in the Def Jam: Fight for NY video game? That’s right; Bubba Sparxxx also reached popularity in the gaming world. Now, that is one impressive career portfolio.


Anthony Costa is one of those few celebrities who didn’t have to wait until they were overweight before making any fitness related investments. Anthony Costa had the feeling that he would be basking in confidence if he looked lighter and had a better physique. Anthony finally decided to go for a 3D liposuction surgery, which made him drop 25 pounds. It did not come at a mere cost, though, as he had to pay $1,000 for the surgery.

As most of you remember, Costa was a member of the popular boy band Blue. Along with Duncan James, he convinced Simon Webbe and Lee Ryan to form the R&B pop group. After the band’s hiatus, Costa embarked on a television and film career. He appeared in Casualty, Lemon La Vida Loca, and Angela and Friends. Currently, Anthony is in a relationship with a long-term girlfriend, Rosanna Jasmin. He sure is enjoying a better life now than before.


Like E.C. Scott, Bettye LaVette and many other influential contemporary blues women, Sista Monica Parker also began to sing in church. She began singing at the age of seven and toured with the choir at the age of twelve. She sang in choirs in places like Chicago and Detroit. Although there is a church, this allows me to get in touch with the show business as soon as possible. Parker cited the early influences of Al Green, Aretha Franklin, Jackie Wilson, and Sam Cook. After spending several years in the Chicago area, she moved the company to Silicon Valley in northern California. Her best clients include Apple, HP and Yahoo!

After discovering she had a lump in her right armpit, popular singer Sista Monica decided to be serious about losing weight, not minding the policies attached to health insurance. Determined to improve her health, she embarked on the Healthy Way weight loss program which is well suited for her. This helped her lose around 75 pounds. She looks healthier and happier than before. Her credit score is also impressive.


Holly Valance, the Australian actress, is well known for her charismatic acting skills, but that was not all she was known for by her fans. She was also a good singer and a model. In the beginning, Holly didn’t think of going on a weight loss program or online classes until she saw a picture that she took from Verizon dinner with her then-fiancé. With the help of a personal trainer, she was able to drop 20 pounds.

According to reports, Holly has been careful with her eating habits. She trimmed down her excess weight just in time for her wedding by following the Clean & Lean diet. The actress focused on eating clean and whole food and avoided processed or artificial food. Besides that, Holly followed the diet for months and only ate quinoa, lamb cutlets, chicken skewers, and courgette. She also admitted to having a weekly cheat meal to satisfy her cravings.


Guy Sebastian rose to fame after appearing in Australian Idol. He struggled with weight gain early in his career and was quite sad about it. By following strict diet plans and exercising regularly, Guy was able to lose 30 pounds. He also had a good money management strategy that helped him afford all the workout expenses. After winning Australian Idol, the singer-songwriter released several albums and has reached 65 platinum and five gold certifications.

His single Battle Scars went platinum 11 times! He went from zero to hero in the music industry because of his impressive feats. He collaborated with top artists like Brian McKnight, John Mayer, Eve, Robin Thicke, and Jordin Sparks. In 2020, he released his ninth studio album entitled T.R.U.T.H., which landed number one on Australia’s music charts. He is married to Jules Egan, and they have two children together. Hopefully, Guy also influenced his family to eat clean and exercise.


The popular TV presenter, Star Jones, became famous after working on the TV show The View. According to sources, Star’s tedious lifestyle makes her overweight, which might lead to cardiovascular disease. Determined to lose weight and improve her health, she underwent gastric bypass surgery and gastric sleeve surgery that cost $37,000. Thankfully, her credit score did not suffer after paying her medical bills. Instead, these two operations allowed her to lose an impressive 160 pounds.

Jones is best known as one of the co-hosts on the morning talk show The View, from 1997 to 2006. In the early ’90s, she received her show, Jones & Jury, a courtroom series. Although the show got canceled a year later, she became the first black person and female to appear as an arbitrator of a courtroom series on television. She is married to Ricardo Lugo, a former Cook County assistant state’s attorney, since 2018.


After being diagnosed with Lyme disease, Martine McCutcheon didn’t have any other option but to lose weight and take the credit for her effort. She decided to go for the well-known Cambridge Weight Plan, which required her to embark on a protein-rich diet coupled with regular exercise. About halfway through her journey, Martine lost around 45 pounds. Martine is known for her role in the romantic comedy Love Actually, a 2003 film that gave her a Hollywood breakthrough.

She later ventured into music. However, her pop career stalled after her third album did not receive enough reception. Outside of music, she continued to appear on television and perform on stage. For her role as Eliza Doolittle in the musical My Fair Lady, she won a Laurence Olivier Award. Today, Martine is married to singer Jack McManus since September 2012, and they have a child together. We’re also confident that Martine is still working on expanding her career, so fans of hers should look out for that.


Delta Burke has lived almost a quarter of her life battling various disorders ranging from eating disorders, Type 2 diabetes, and weight gain. Luckily for her, she has been the victor in these battles as she succeeded in her weight loss program. Delta owes her incredible weight loss transformation to her doctor, who has gained her trust and confidence over time. Today, she is looking happier and healthier than ever. You can say that it was a worthy investment.

The actress still appears on screen and stars in a couple of Broadway productions, such as Steel Magnolias and Thoroughly Modern Millie. Burke also works as manager and designer of her own clothing company named Delta Burke Design, located in New York City. She and her husband, actor Gerald McRaney, are also owners of an antique store in Mississippi. It’s a good thing that Delta and her husband have another income source outside of the industry because Hollywood can be pretty unpredictable sometimes.


Monica Michael’s fame as a musician started after she appeared on The X Factor. Her fame, however, didn’t give her much joy as her weight caused her much frustration. As a solution to her problem, she underwent gastric bypass surgery to cut down her weight and ended up losing over 70 pounds. She also paid a whopping $23,000 for the surgery. It’s not a cheap investment, so anyone looking to take the same steps should prepare their wallets.

The singer appeared on the talk show This Morning to discuss her dramatic transformation. “I was always battling with my weight. It’s always been a problem of mine ever since I was in primary school. I was the chubby one,” she revealed. She also shared she had cut out bread and other carbs from her diet. She said she eats eggs and some salmon and avocado for her breakfast and then has something light for lunch and dinner.


Knowing fully well how Graham Elliot loved food, nobody expected the famous judge on Master Chef would lose weight. When his doctor noticed how much his size increased, he advised him to go for gastric sleeve surgery. It was a costly health investment, but he pushed through with it. Following the surgery, Graham Elliot started exercising regularly and became very particular about his diet. He lost a couple more pounds afterward and now weighs about 200 pounds.

Now a three-time nominee for the James Beard Award, Graham also landed the “Best New Chefs” list by Food & Wine magazine. He is named the youngest chef in the U.S. to receive four stars from significant publications, namely Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune. He launched his restaurant, Graham Elliot Bistro, in Chicago’s West Loop in 2012. He is married to Allie Elliot, who also serves as his business partner, and they have three kids together: Conrad Matthias, Mylo Ignatius, and Jedediah Lindsay. Graham is living proof that one can enjoy food without going overboard and ending up fat.


Kate Hudson is well known for her excellent acting skills and her fantastic money management strategy. I also can’t fail to mention her beauty too! She gets the credit for that as well. Kate is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful faces in the American movie industry. However, her beauty seemed to have taken a downside when she gained enormous weight following her baby’s birth. She hired a personal trainer to get help with her weight loss. With regular exercise and proper diet, Kate Hudson was able to get back in perfect shape.

The ’90s kids would probably remember her most as one of the leading female stars in romantic comedies such as How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Raising Helen, You, Me and Dupree, Fool’s Gold, Bride Wars, Nine, and Mother’s Day. She also took her swing in other genres such as the horror film The Skeleton Key, disaster film Deepwater Horizon, and the biographical legal drama Marshall.


When she bagged the Academy Award for the best actress, nobody knew Natalie Portman’s effort to achieve the feat. She had to drop a lot of weight to play her role in the movie Black Swan. With an intense fitness schedule, health investment planning, and a strict diet, she was able to drop 20 pounds. Not many know that the famous actress is Israeli-born to Jewish parents and that her Hebrew name is Neta-Lee, which means “plant for me.”

She was discovered by a Revlon agent when she was ten years old while eating in a pizza restaurant. Though she did not accept the offer, she still made the most of that opportunity by getting herself an acting agent. So in 1992, she auditioned for the off-Broadway musical Ruthless! There was also a time that she and Britney Spears got chosen to be understudies for star Laura Bell Bundy. She has indeed come a long way since she got discovered.


After gaining tons of weight following childbirth, Nicole knew what she needed to do and wasted no time making it happen. Why waste precious time when you have the investment money you need to start a weight loss program? Anyway, Nicole is gradually getting back to her shape thanks to a healthy meal delivery service, which provided her nothing less than 1,100 calories per day and a consistent exercise routine. Taking a look at the cost of this procedure, I’m sure you agree with me it was money well spent!

The actress/comedian is best known for her role in the sketch comedy series MADtv that graced our TV screens from 1995 through 2001. She was Holly Shumpert on the CBS sitcom The King of Queen and was noted, as well, for her recurring role as Jill Tracy on the medical comedy-drama Scrubs aired at NBC. She also did voice acting in Disney’s animated films, such as Buzz Lightyear of Star Command and Kim Possible.


Tom Arnold’s weight gain was not surprising to anyone. Not even to those closest to him. What do you expect from a lover of junk foods? However, this stopped after his first son’s birth. With the help of multiple workout sessions (at least six times a day), his condition turned around. It would have been disappointing if he opted for surgery because I know he knows his major predicament.

The actor was known to have appeared in several films such as True Lies, Nine Months, McHale’s Navy, Animal Factory, Cradle 2 the Grave, Mr. 3000, Happy Endings, The Great Buck Howard, and Madea’s Witness Protection. For four years, he hosted The Best Damn Sports Show and appeared on Sons of Anarchy. Back in the late ’80s, Roseanne Barr brought him in her TV sitcom as a writer for the show, but in 1990, he married her. It’s a good thing this actor is now living a much healthier lifestyle because that means he can continue doing what he loves without worrying about the adverse effects.


Leah Remini is an American actress who also suffered weight gain as a result of pregnancy. Her increased weights never made her happy, and trust me, when the time came for complete transformation, she took it without thinking twice. The “King of Queen” character now has a lovely figure thanks to ideal diets and regular exercise. The credit also goes to her for showing seriousness in achieving her desired body shape.

Other than her famous role in The King of Queens, Leah Remini also starred as Vanessa Celluci in the CBS sitcom Kevin Can Wait, in which she worked with Kevin James. She was a daytime talk show host from 2010 to 2011 as a co-host for The Talk. Her 2016 produced and hosted documentary series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath received two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Hosted Nonfiction Series or Special. Of course, she also did big-screen movies like Old School, Handsome, and Second Act.


All of all people, we never thought Nick Carter was one celebrity who would experience some weight gain. Nevertheless, his quick action to reverse the situation is one thing we are proud of him for doing. The former Backstreet Boys singer had to turn to a nutritionist and fitness trainer for help. It’s safe to say that all of us think this is a good investment on Nick’s part.
The teen idol was most famous as a boyband member of the vocal group Backstreet Boys established in 1993.

In between breaks and schedules of their band, Nick released at least three albums as of 2015: Now or Never, I’m Taking Off, and All American. He also worked on a collaboration with Jordan Knight, and they titled it Nick & Knight. At some point in his career, the singer turned into an actor and reality TV personality when Nick starred in his reality shows, House of Carters and I (Heart) Nick Carter. He’s keeping a much lower profile now, but we’re glad he chose to be healthy.


Jake Gyllenhaal took to weight modification basically because he needed it to fit into movie roles. Thankfully, all the planning and the series of investments made to look fit paid off in the end. He played the “Nightcrawler” role and got paid for it. He non-essentially took in more of an unhealthy diet to become underweight. Trust me, most movie actors do this, too. As an actor coming from the Gyllenhaal family (a notable Hollywood dynasty), Jake felt the pressure to live up to expectations.

However, he seemed to have made it alright as he has amassed quite a list of successful movies and acting projects all on his own. He is also a recipient of various awards from critics’ groups and received nominations for his role as Jack Twist in Brokeback Mountain. Further success followed him in the thriller Zodiac and romantic comedy Love & Other Drugs, where he starred alongside Anne Hathaway.


Describing Chaz Bono as fat would be an understatement if you look at how big he was. In 2012, after realizing how big he’s gotten, tipping the scales at 250 pounds, he vowed to start losing weight. He changed his eating habits, sticking mostly to a diet rich in meat and vegetables. His first drop in weight was a stunning 50 pounds but later even dropped further to 80 pounds. Recognizing his diet’s effectiveness, he stuck with it feeling even more satisfied and, at that point, already used to his new-found diet.

The LGBT activist also credited the diet for all the positive changes in his personality, besides the extra dosage of confidence it adds to him. We know Chaz Bono as the transman son of Cher and Sonny Bono. Although he leads a private life, he’s made a name for himself first as a celeb kid, for his child-acting roles, and most importantly, for him now as an advocate of the LGBT community.


Recently surprising the world with her fabulous new body on social media, Aubrey O’Day claimed there was a time she needed to lose pounds desperately. That desperation led to a form of rigorous exercise that saw her lose about 1000 pounds every hour and a diet program that allowed only 1700 calories daily. Describing the result as useful is an understatement; you just have to see it for yourself! It’s almost as good as having a perfect credit score!

We know Aubrey O’Day as a member of the girl group Danity Kane. However, she later asked to leave the group due to her discord with P. Diddy, her mentor. However, in 2015, she reunited with fellow groupmate Shannon Bex, and together they formed the Dumblonde duo. By 2018, they were known again as Danity Kane but this time as a trio. Her career may have encountered some unfortunate mishaps, but at least Aubrey is now getting back on her feet, with a healthy lifestyle to match.


After finally deciding to say his goodbyes to sugar and bread, James Corden finally achieved the unachievable. Known for his show The Late Late Show with James Corden, the host enlisted a fitness trainer’s service and a nutritionist to lose the extra pounds. We admire and give him credit for his relentless passion for losing a certain degree of weight. Ever since the beginning of his career, his weight had always been the highlight that made James Corden who he is.

A lot of his fans thought it’s part of his package that made him funny and cute. Besides his weight concern, James is famous for his comedic talent, which helped him earn roles in front of the camera. He was also the co-writer of the critically acclaimed sitcom Gavin & Stacey. His performance on the show also received a BAFTA Television Award for Best Comedy Performance. With his new lifestyle, we’re confident that James will go on to have a long-standing career.


American gymnast Shawn Johnson hit the spotlight at an early age. After winning an Olympic gold medal, a series of events led to substantial weight gain and placed her career in an unwanted position. As an Olympic athlete, turning to exercise and a proper diet was no big deal. However, the focus Shawn demonstrated hastened her positive results and placed her career back on track.
The former artistic gymnast, in 2008, won a gold medal in the Olympic balance beam.

She also won a silver medal for team, all-around, and floor exercises. While in 2007, she was an overall World Champion, won team titles (and in 2011), a five-time gold medalist in Pan American Games, also won all-around, uneven bars and balance beams. However, in 2008, she won something much different – season 8 of Dancing with the Stars. In 2012, after announcing her retirement from sports, she came back to the show in the all-star edition and won second place. Wow, she’s still very competitive with an impressive investment portfolio to boot!


After facing health challenges, a series of events led to Joseph R. Gannascoli’s weight loss. Although what motivated him was never known, the rate at which Joseph became unrecognizable was shocking! Compared to his Soprano days, the actor now looks incredible, thanks to the lap-band surgery he underwent. Though it was heavy on his credit card, we still think he made the right decision to take that surgery to address his health issues.

The Sopranos actor was a professional chef before he started acting. That is why we don’t think that his weight in the past was something accidental. Instead, we feel more of it as inevitable for his line of profession. Gannascoli is a Brooklyn born and raised restauranteur, and he works in his Soup As Art Restaurant in the city while accepting acting jobs at the same time. Last January 21, 2020, he and Vincent Pastore made an appearance on Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back.


With a great history of poor habits, bad credit scores, and unhealthy vices, Jennifer Gimenez was never one to receive pity. However, she managed to combat her situation at a rehab facility and finally dropped about 263 pounds. Proper diet alongside regular fitness training were all there to help her. As an actress and model, Jennifer Gimenez made appearances in various music videos of artists such as Babyface, Mick Jagger, Shakur, and Tupac.

She was in films such as Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, Vanilla Sky, and Blow. On TV, Jennifer was also on The Bold and the Beautiful, Karen Sisco, Sober House, where Jennifer played the sober living house manager of the VH1 reality TV. She was also part of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew as the rehab technician at the Pasadena Recovery Center. With that said, we think it’s terrific that Jennifer tried her best to turn her life around. Who knows what could have happened to her career if she did not take her health seriously.


John Popper, a prominent character of Blues Traveller, had gastric surgery to shed weight and save his life. He didn’t care if he had to hire a fitness trainer or a dietitian then. John just wanted to salvage his health. He knew he had to quit overeating and submit to surgery because he had Type 2 diabetes and was prone to severe heart attacks. Thankfully, his surgery was a successful one, although there were rumors that John gained quite a few pounds. However, last time we checked, we think he was doing okay by all standards.

The famous musician-songwriter was born on March 29, 1967, in Chardon, Ohio. His Hungarian father immigrated to the States in 1948, leaving Budapest but passed on David Popper’s genes, a famous musician, who John Popper is said to take after. His mother and brother, however, were lawyers. Now, the singer can enjoy a more healthy life and career thanks to his surgery.


If you’ve seen how Adele looks like today, you would know that the English singer used to be so much chubbier. She was never one to be deterred by people’s comments about her size because she seemed comfortable with it. However, hearing that she gave up tea, and carefully selected her diet, made everyone realize that her decision to lose weight was serious. Thankfully, her investments paid off.

We all know Adele for her powerhouse voice singing to some of her top-charting songs like Rolling in the Deep, Someone Like You, and Set Fire to the Rain. She also wrote and co-wrote songs like the one she released in 2012 Skyfall, which was for the James Bond film of the same name. The song not only topped charts but also received an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, and the Brit Award for British Single of the Year. Then, coming back from a three-year break, she launched another award-winning album, 25. The lead single of which, Hello, was the first song in the U.S. to have sold over a million digital copies within a week.


Despite being rumored to have had undergone gastric bypass surgery in the shadow of jaw surgery, Lea’s new physique is one thing I’m sure she is happy to have now. She admitted that her significant weight loss resulted from the jaw surgery she did to address a disorder. She could never have done it, though, if not for her careful investment planning skills. The Broadway child actress started her career on productions such as Les Miserable, Ragtime, Fiddler on the Roof, and Spiritual Awakening.

However, her fame came when she became one of the lead roles on Fox’s musical comedy-drama series Glee, opposite an ensemble of musical casts such as Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch, and Cory Montieth. For her role on the T.V. series, she received accolades, such as an Emmy and two Golden Globe nominations, but she won four People’s Choice Awards, three Teen Choice Awards, and one Satellite Award.


Leslie claimed her claimed that the main reason for weight loss was her doctor’s advice. Her financial advisor may also have told her the financial implication of having such a condition. Anyway, we’re guessing that her physician revealed that the rate at which she was storing up fats was becoming alarming. Because of this, she took up the mantle of becoming a yoga practitioner, eating healthy, working out regularly, and stopped consuming processed sugar or soft drinks.

She lost a total of 40 pounds due to this new lifestyle. Annette Leslie Jones is an American comedian and actress known for her part in Saturday Night Live that ran from 2014 through 2019. She has also been known for her feature appearances at the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal, Canada, and in the Aspen Comedy Festival. She also played the character of Patty Tolan in the 2016 supernatural comedy Ghostbusters.


After going through lap-band surgery, Lisa Lampanelli’s stunning look became the talk of the town. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised when her fans start calling for online classes to help them achieve the same feat. The 100 pounds she dropped made the whopping cost of the surgery meaningless. Since then, she has added healthy eating into her custom, and believe me, she will likely stay that way for a long time.

We know Lisa Lampanelli as a stand-up comedian much featured in the 1990s for her racy and ethnic humor. Her material centered on most minority groups, which obviously and most notably were the racial minorities and the LGBTQ communities. In 2002, starting at her New York Friars’ Club roast of Chevy Chase, she roasted several celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Flavor Flav, and Donald Trump, just to name a few. Since then, she frequently appeared on The Howard Stern Show roasts.


At first, we thought JoshPeck went for a gastric bypass and was concerned about his credit report. However, the actor later proved that his weight loss achievement was thanks to proper nutrition and strict adherence to a fitness trainer. The Drake and Josh character has a new look that keeps the entire world wondering! His achievement shows that one doesn’t need too much money to make the little things happen.

Josh Peck is a comedian most known today for his YouTube content. He began his acting career as a child actor in the late 1990s through the early 2000s. His previous roles included his part on The Amanda Show, but Josh became famous for his role as Josh Nichols in the Nickelodeon sitcom Drake & Josh that ran from 2004 to 2007. He also had several film acting leads, such as in the coming of age psycho-drama Mean Creek, comedy films, Drillbit Taylor and Wackness, and Take the 10.


Talk about a famous artist who did the right thing at the right time; Timbaland should be among your top 3. He is one of the most accomplished singers on the planet. However, despite the fame, he noticed a slight protrusion in his belly and overall body weight and fought it almost immediately. Few artists can boast of such a degree of sensitivity. He was able to drop a total of 130 pounds thanks to proper diet and exercise.

He was born Timothy Zachary Mosley on March 10, 1972, to Latrice and Garland Mosley. His mom managed a homeless shelter, while his father worked with Amtrak, the passenger railroad service. He learned to DJ at a young age and the power of collaboration like the long-time one he has with Barcliff and when he worked with singer-rapper Missy Elliott. Since then, he got rebranded as Timbaland after the construction boots brand. Soon, his music influenced many worldwide.


I guess it’s safe to assume that everyone knows Drew Barrymore by now. However, very few people understand that Drew’s role in Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet made her shed about 20 pounds. Of course, the credit goes to her to work out regularly and adopt a customized model of Kimberly Snyder’s diet. At a young age, Drew Barrymore already achieved fame for her role in 1982 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. In the ’90s, she has starred in a string of commercially successful films such as The Wedding Singer, Ever After, Scream, Mad Love, Boys on the Side, and Poison Ivy.

Into the 2000s, she still had the spark in her with 50 First Dates and Blended. Of course, who could forget her remarkable performance alongside Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, Charlie’s Angels, and then again in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. She and Hugh Grant also had their spin of romantic comedy together in Music and Lyrics, which quickly became a commercial success and received positive reviews.


Without surgery, award-winning actor Forest Whitaker achieved a weight loss of 80 pounds via vegetarian diets and regular exercise. We even saw him looking great in the film Black Panther! The incredible weight loss was thanks to Forest’s meticulous health investments. Forest was part of the remarkable ensemble of casts in blockbuster movies Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Black Panther.

His film roles have also become the subject of intensive character study, such as in Arrival, The Butler, The Great Debaters, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, Platoon, The Crying Game, Bird, and including his 1982 movie, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. However, his most award-winning performance was when he landed Idi Amin, the Ugandan dictator, in The Last King of Scotland. The role ultimately won him an Academy, Golden Globe, BAFTA, NBRA, and SAG Awards and other critics groups’ awards. I guess you could say that his weight loss is as impressive as his career portfolio.


Highly regarded for her active nature, Abby Miller surprisingly gained a reasonable amount of weight in a relatively short period. This weight gain brought about disorders like diabetes. The series of unpleasant events made the 2011 cast member of Dance Moms opt for a fitness trainer’s service and a nutritionist. She dropped from size 24 to 16, which only one celebrity has been able to achieve.

Abby Lee Miller looks as vibrant, lively as ever, and if we may add, with a better shape. Despite her weight problems earlier on, Abby Lee Miller was a well-known dance instructor and choreographer. She founded the Abby Lee Dance Company that appeared on Dance Moms for eight seasons, and if you’re wondering what it’s like to be in that line of career, well, you should talk to her about it. She seems to have inherited the talent and the business investment from her Mom, Maryen Lorrain Miller.


If you knew the wrestler The Big Show, you would understand his desire to gain weight for his wrestling career. As time went on, he discovered that fans began to tag him as “fat and lazy,” which then led him straight on a fitness journey. You can credit his current shape to a proper selection of food, careful planning, and intense workout. Paul Donald Wight II is a professional wrestler and actor currently signed with WWE, going by his ring name “Big Show” on Raw.

Some might still refer to him as “The Giant,” though this ring name only got used back then when he was under contract with WCW. At that time, they initially introduced him as the son of Andre, The Giant. He was a well-known professional wrestler with a built closest literally to a giant as we could ever possibly find. Given his size and career, it’s excellent that The Big Show decided to shed some pounds. It could have had severe effects on his health.


After Raven Symone’s first appearance in a comedy show titled The Cosby Show, the young actress gained some ground and popularity. A few years later, like revisiting your credit card processing procedure one more time, she observed that her shape was starting to look funny and ventured on a diet plan that allowed her to eat six small meals daily. She also participated in a cardio exercise to improve her condition. A total of 70 pounds got shed off from Raven’s weight, and we think that’s a great start!

Raven-Symone was a critically acclaimed child star in the ’90s but still made waves on Disney Channel as a teenager in her TV sitcom That’s So Raven. Even until 2017, for her reprised role as Raven Baxter on Raven’s Home, she’s still been catching a lot of attention for her comedic acting performance. Like her fitness routine, Raven’s career remains active up until today. She may not be as visible as she was back then, but she’s still carving her name in the industry.


Roseanne Barr rose to fame in the ’80s, but like most Hollywood celebrities, fame brought about an increase in weight of about 350 pounds. It happened the same way loans bring an increase in a business’s debt profile. Rose decided to go for gastric sleeve surgery to solve this dilemma, which eradicated her excess pound and unending appetite. She looks better now, all thanks to proper diet follow up.

Barr was well-known as a stand-up comedian and actress from the ‘80s. Before landing a show of her own, she first appeared and guest-starred in comedic late-night shows such as The Tonight Show, followed by her performance on a Rodney Dangerfield special and in Late Night with David Letterman. She later was given her own HBO special titled The Roseanne Barr Show, for which she earned an American Comedy Award. Her routine popularized the phrase “domestic goddess,” which refers to a housewife or homemaker. The success of her act led her to win her inevitable show, Roseanne.


Growing older brought about an unavoidable pound addition to Melissa Joan Hart’s body. However, she has returned to a shape similar to that of her role Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. She claims to keep up the excellent work, and we support her because losing 40 pounds due to perfect nutrition and exercise is no joke! Melissa can consider starting online classes to help fans eager to lose weight without experiencing an astronomical increase in personal expenses.

Other than her Sabrina The Teenage Witch break, she returned to TV in 2010 for another weekly episode of her new sitcom Melissa & Joey, in which she co-starred with Joey Lawrence in ABC Family network. The show was supposed to run for one season only, but because of season 1’s success, it continued to roll until season 4. The show ran in between 2010 and 2015. Indeed, fans aren’t done with Hart yet. I know, I’m not.


Blake Lively had the shape every woman desired. This time, because she needed to land a role in The Shallows, she needed to slim down. With regular exercise and nutritional advice being her primary backing, she lost 42 pounds and became the perfect match for her role. It feels like only yesterday when Lively dominated our TV screens with her walking sunshine barbie character as Serena van der Woodsen in the CW drama series Gossip Girl.

Other than the slimming down that she needed to do in her 2016 thriller movie, she already met the same demand when she earned acting credits in Elvis and Anabelle. She played the role of Anabelle, who was bulimic, and for her part, she had to shed off more weight. According to Lively, it was the most challenging process she ever had to do because food has always been the no. 1 love of her life.


Marsha Ambrosius, known for singing and her love for basketball, decided to shed some pounds because she lacked the strength to compete effectively any time she played basketball. All she did was to adhere to a strict diet and a set of workout sequence. Right now, I think she is in the best shape of her life. It’s like applying for a business loan or home loan for the right purpose.

Her music career launched when she became a duo of Floetry member, singing R&B music together with Natalie Stewart. They met through their love for basketball when they attended BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology. Though they got separated for a while in college, they kept in touch until Ambrosius submitted her written song, Fantasize, to her publisher, and she invited Stewart to lend some of her poetry. That led to the creation of the R&B duo. Funny how basketball can start a beautiful R&B collaboration and transform anyone into their best shape.


Without a doubt, Paul Wall is one of the most critical rap figures in the hip-hop game. However, his weight increased compared to when he made his debut is something to be proud of. It all happened in 2010 when he decided to go for gastric sleeve surgery. We think it was a great choice because after losing over 100 pounds, his rap game seems to have welcomed an enormous positive boost. He is also known as a hard-working man and, therefore, requires credit for that.

Paul Michael Slayton, aka Paul Wall, was born on March 11, 1981. He is a rapper, D.J., and also credited for his acting chops. His early start in hip hop music involved performing alongside Chamillionaire. He collaborated with the rapper and released Get Ya Mind Correct in 2002, which sold over 350,000 copies despite having no big label distributer. In 2007 he released Get Money, Stay True album and received his first-ever Grammy Award nomination for Best Rap Performance as a Duo or Group for the song Grillz, which he collaborated with rapper Nelly.


One effect participating in a movie always has on an actress is compulsory weight management. Chrissy Metz’s case was no exception. However, she managed to salvage her contract with the American based industry, thanks to regular exercise and proper nutrition. So, kudos to her for making the right decision to keep fit. However, she needs a financial advisor to ensure her income got put to fair use.

The This Is Us star Chrissy Metz is best known for her role as Kate Pearson. The role earned her favorable reviews and nominations for a Primetime Emmy Award and two Golden Globe Awards. Her role in FX’s American Horror Story: Freak Show also caught the viewer’s attention and got several audiences hooked. She is also notable for her characters in the movies Sierra Burgess Is a Loser and Breakthrough, a story about a mother who gave thanks to God after her 15-year-old boy was proclaimed dead after falling through an icy Missouri lake.


Jordin Brianna Sparks was born on December 22, 1989. She is an American singer, songwriter and actress. After winning the sixth season of the 17-year-old American Idol, she became famous in 2007 and became the youngest champion in the history of the series. Her first studio album of the same name was released later that year and obtained platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), and has sold 2 million copies worldwide.

American Idol celebrity-Jordan Sparks based on the “Lime Light Effect” strict diet and daily exercise, which enabled her to lose about 50 pounds of weight and showed a new look to the public. Jordin lost 50 pounds in 18 months by prioritizing health — not jeans size. She said: “I have never felt that I suffer from eating less and exercising more.” “The key is to find a sport that you like. If you don’t like it, it will be difficult to stick to it for a long time.” Jordin said, whether you want to To lose 10 pounds or 50 pounds, being happy is the most important thing. Her fans were pleased to listen to her online course on achieving her weight loss goals. Who doesn’t want to see this course when there is an urgent need to lose weight?


Carnie Wilson was born on April 29, 1968. She is an American singer and TV presenter, and perhaps a member of the popular music group Wilson Phillips (Wilson Phillips). Carnie & Wendy Wilson continued to record together and released the Christmas album Hey Santa! In 1993, together with their father, they released a very successful (but not commercially successful) 1997 album “The Wilsons”. She also sang “Our Time Has Come” for the 1997 animated film “Cats Don’t Dance” with James Ingram.

Wilson fought a lifelong battle with obesity. When Wilson Phillips became famous, she weighed nearly 300 pounds (140 kilograms) throughout her life and was ridiculed by comedians. The diet was unsuccessful. Although she lost weight briefly, she quickly regained her weight. In August 1999, she underwent gastric bypass surgery, which she believed was a life-saving decision. The show is broadcast live on the Internet. As a result, she rose from No. 28 to No. 6, losing 150 pounds. Wilson slowly gained weight and eventually became a player in the fourth season of the VH1 Celebrity Fitness Club in 2006. During the performance, Wilson eventually lost 22 pounds and changed his weight again. In May 2008, Will vowed to restore the playboy figure.


Wayne Elliot Knight was born on August 7, 1955. He is an American actor and comedian. On television, he is best known for playing Newman in Seinfeld (1992-1998) and Don Orville (1996-2001) in “The Third Rock of the Sun”. His other TV roles include Mr. Blik in Catscratch (2005-2007) and Haskell Lutz in The Exes (2011-2015). His dojo in “The Horror Adventures of Billy and Mandy” (2000-2008), “Interstellar Command” Buzz Lightyear’s evil emperor Zulg (2000-2001) and Kobayashi duel (2003-2006) Voiced by Jack Orlandon.

Wayne Knight (Wayne Knight) has never really troubled his weight throughout his acting career like starting a small business loan, until his life-threatening effect began to show. Although after starring in “Seinfeld”, the actor has been seeking the services of senior nutritionists and fitness experts. Unexpectedly, he recovered his health without liposuction or any other method of weight loss. His credit report is also impressive. Although weight loss might reduce his popularity, Knight didn’t care. He said, “I’m no longer called ‘that fat guy’.” “‘Hey, look, that guy blends with the crowd, there’s nothing wrong with it!’”


Ricky Dene Gervais is a British comedian, actor, writer, producer and director. He is known for his co-writing, writing and acting in the British TV series “The Office” (2001-2003). He has won 7 BAFTA Awards, 5 British Comedy Awards, 2 Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards and 2 Rose Gold Awards (2006 and 2019), and was nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award. In 2007, he was ranked 11th in the 100 best singles on Channel 4 in the latest 2010 charts, and 3rd in the third place. In 2010, he was named the most influential person in the world by Time 100.

When his fame exploded, his weight also gained. After the 2011 Golden Globe Awards ceremony, he immediately took the risk of the weight loss plan and contributed to it. Ricky Gervais looks very trimmed recently. The comedian told the Daily Mail. He lost “20 pounds”, but he claimed: “This has nothing to do with Hollywood, or it doesn’t look good. This is a healthy thing. I think it is enough. I have to take care of myself. I am almost 50 years old. -I don’t want to die. Now,he looked better than ever.


Roseann O’Donnell was born March 21, 1962. She is an American comedian, producer, actress, writer and TV personality. She started her comedy career in her teens and made a breakthrough in the TV series “Star Search” in 1984. After introducing her to more national audiences in a series of TV and film roles, O’Donnell hosted his own joint daytime talk show “Rosie” O’Donnell Show. In 2002, he won the daytime Emmy Award. During this period, she developed the nickname “Queen of Nice” and enjoyed a high reputation in philanthropy.

Like another actress, she experienced an amazing weight gain to some extent, about 240 pounds. At this time, she saw that a gastric sleeve surgery worth $23,000 was needed. Dr. Trevedi performed O’Donnell’s surgery in 2013. According to reports, two years later, she lost more than 50 pounds. O’Donnell told Dr. Oz: “I can’t even explain to you how different my life and brain are in relation to food.” “My body didn’t tell me that my stomach was hungry, so I actually didn’t. I am. Not thinking about food.” To be honest, her decision changed her and her career. She does not need to hire a bankruptcy lawyer to resolve her financial difficulties.


Josephine Diane Shirley Gibson is a British television personality. In 2010, she won the 11th “Dude” series. Later that year, she entered the ultimate brother. She is also a regular guest host for the Channel 5 magazine series OK! TV. It was announced that she won with 77.5% of the public vote; the highest percentage among other “Big Brother” series. As of 2020, her net worth is estimated at $1 million.

After winning the 2010 “Big Brother” award, Josie Gibson continued to fight against excess pounds, such as repayment of personal loan interest. Her excess skin prompted her to choose abdominal wrinkle surgery, which is a bit heavy on her credit card. However, with the help of weight loss and exercise expert Do The Unthinkable, the reality star (the 16th heaviest) has dropped from 18-20 to 12 in just three months. When asked if there is a secret to weight loss, Josie admitted that she would look through her old photos to find motivation. She suggested, “Take a picture of your shape change once a week.” ‘Whenever I need to boost my motivation, I scroll back on my phone to see how far I can go.’


Randall Darius Jackson is an American bassist, singer, record producer, entrepreneur and TV personality. Jackson’s career began in the 1980s as a dialogue musician, playing bass guitar for many jazz, pop, rock and R&B performers. It is famous for “American Idol: Looking for a Superstar” (2002), “Cool Running” (1993) and “The Truth About Cats and Dogs” (1996). He was previously married to Erika Jackson and Elizabeth. Published the book “A Body with a Soul: Raw Sugar, Cut Cholesterol, and the Best Health Ever”.

The American Idol judge was interesting in his way, until his weight gain started to pose a threat because the wrong financial decision could lead to business bankruptcy and lead to the hiring of a lawyer. He didn’t become addicted to any form of treatment until he was found to be a type 2 diabetes patient. Randy Jackson revealed his incredible way to lose weight. In an interview with “People”, American Idol alumni said that he lost 114 pounds after undergoing bariatric surgery and overhauling his lifestyle. I’m sure he has now understood the full meaning of the phrase “health is wealth”.


Paula Ann Hiers Deen is an American TV personality and cooking show host. Deen lives in Savannah, Georgia, and owns and operates The Lady & Sons restaurant and Paula Deen’s Creek House with her sons Jamie and Bobby Deen. She published fifteen cookbooks. In her new book, “At the Southern Table with Paula Deen,” Paula shares her new approach to cooking. Get the recipes that Paula shared on the show. Paula Deen lost a lot of weight and joined The Doctors to reveal how she lost weight.

Paula, who suffers from diabetes, admitted that she had denied suffering from the disease for a year and a half. But after three tests and consultation with a doctor, she began to lose weight seriously. The famous chef who has lost 40 pounds told the plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon: “I went into the kitchen and threw away all the white food…except the cauliflower. Two things made people look down on the prospect of Paula Deen working on weight loss. One was her habit of being around food with the second being her age. However, she proved the world wrong (majorly because she got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes) by engaging in a strict diet program and effective workout sessions. She lost 30 pounds in no time and seems to be living healthy! Her credit score and credit reports are also impressive. And it’s exciting to know that she didn’t go under the knife.


Céline Marie Claudette Dion CC OQ is a Canadian singer. She is known for her powerful, skilled vocals, and is still Canada’s best-selling recording artist and one of the best-selling artists of all time, with global record sales exceeding $200 million. Dancing has always been a favorite of Dion. Dion lost her husband René Angélil three years ago to treat cancer. She told “People” magazine: “Dancing has always been the DNA of my life.” “This is just a dream. It’s too difficult!” Dion is no stranger to shutting down body-shamers.

Celine Dion is indeed thinner than before in recent performances. People quickly pointed out that Celine had succeeded in losing weight, and she was worried about her health. Celine revealed that she took a ballet class. She told People magazine: “People say, She’s a lot thinner than her, but I’m working hard. I like to move, and (weight loss) follows.” She goes to ballet four times a week. Of course, this consumes a lot of calories and makes a person slim. Celine Dion also shared her diet secrets during weight loss. Celine Dion wants everyone who thinks she loses too much weight to know that she is in good condition.


Melissa Ann McCarthy is an American actress, comedian, writer, producer and fashion designer. Melissa McCarthy started her acting career as a stand-up comedian in New York, and appeared in famous clubs, improvising on New York stand-up shows. In January 2019, she was nominated for the Golden Raspberry Award and the Academy Awards within 24 hours. She was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar in 2019 for her role as Lee Israel in “Can You Forgive Me”, but lost to Olivia Colman in “Favorite” Olivia.

Melissa Mccarthy is one of the heavyweight comedians trying to gain weight. Although she has exercise and a strict diet plan to thank her for her current situation, for someone, he may think she has never taken it seriously. In any case, I am very happy that she finally did this, and the result is like finding the best lawyer for litigation. She has done some aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging, running, cycling or swimming, which are very beneficial for weight loss and overall health. She is doing well and can lose weight.


Robert Arthur Kardashian is an American television personality, known for his role in “Keep in touch with the Kardashian couple,” a reality TV series directed at his family. The show also showed his mother, and more importantly, his sisters-Courtney, Kolo and Kim Kardashian, as well as half-sisters Kelly and Kendall, who are the most popular on American TV. One of the welcome reality shows. Before releasing the series, Rob worked hard to build his own industry. However, with the success of the series, he became a recognized face. The series also selected celebrities from the Kardashian sisters.

Over the years, Rob Kardashian has been performing complete weight loss. Celebrities who kept pace with Kardashian, who used to stand out, gradually appeared on social media. After showing off his slim figure at Chloe Cardassian’s birthday party in June, he got a lot of attention. Rob seems to be constantly making changes as he begins to lose weight since 2018. It was great to see him look happy and healthy after experiencing overeating. The star after earning a reasonable amount of fame and money due to great money management and a series of investments added extra weight to his system. Although he’s known to have had a series of break-ups, his new look is something to be proud of.


Lauren Goodger is a British television character, media figure, model and columnist. From 2010 to 2012, she participated in the ITV Be reality show “The Only Way Is Essex”. Lauren Goodger is currently living alone. Earlier, she dated Mark Wright from 2001 to 2011. They started dating at the age of 15 and were also engaged in couples. Unfortunately, she broke up with him five months later and canceled their engagement and marriage.

The reality TV show Lauren Goodger is determined to begin a weight loss program after being embarrassed online over her excess pounds. With healthy eating and regular workouts, she has made her dreams possible. She’s currently helping people with the same problem overcome excess weight by releasing a DVD of her own. The credit she is receiving for her DVDs will also increase when she begins free online classes on weight loss to assist those on a budget.


Claire Richards is a British singer-songwriter, dancer and singer of the pop group Steps from 1997 to 2001 when she left the band. The group was reformed in 2011. She is the youngest member of Steps. Richards was a contestant in the second series from pop star to opera star before being voted in the semifinals. Richards has a soprano vocal range. On January 3, 2013, Richards entered Celebrity Big Brother and finished fourth. From April to June 2014, Richards was a regular panelist at Loose Women.

Richards married his first husband, Mark Webb, in 2003. She was the dancer behind Steps. But when Richards and Reese Hill rekindled their love, they divorced in 2005. Claire Richards: “My Big Fat Wedding” is a pre-wedding program of Claire’s weight loss journey that aired on BBC 3 in May 2009. The show featured her wedding and the reunion of all step members, attracting 763,000 viewers. On December 26, 2008, Richards released a 5-step fat attack on the Fitness DVD. She often loses weight and regains weight because food is almost like medicine to her.


After a short time as the new Jack Swing R & B Performance Vertical Vertical, Stone began a fruitful solo career as one of the key figures in neo-soul, and her smoky and avant-garde voice has deep insight into romantic relationships. She established her career with two gold-certified albums, “Black Diamond” (1999) and “Mahogany Soul” (2001), which was nominated for a Grammy in the R & B field. She played an increasingly acting role and continued to record every few years, represented by well-established record labels such as Rich Girl (2012), Dream (2015) and Full Circle (2019).

After parting ways with her former band “The Sequence” Angie became a subject of weight gain. She hoped to manage it but had no choice but to take her case serious after been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Her workout regimen and diet investment planning strategy did wonders in no time as she transformed into a 75-pound lighter specimen. She made the right investments on her health and it paid off.


Janet Jackson, Complete Janet Damita Jo Jackson, a growing American singer and actress Her dance pop music was most popular in the 1980s. Became one of the recording artists in Indiana. Janet Jackson is the youngest of nine brothers in Motown’s famous Jackson family, and her family has successfully achieved his independent career across records, television and film. She frequently participated in the television comedy series “Good Times” as a guest in the 1970s and later became a teenager in the dance series “Fame”.

Her troubles with a billionaire ex-husband in conjunction with pregnancy led to an excessive increase in weight. However, immediately after she had her first son and her divorce was successful, she embarked on what I call a life-changing journey like moving to a new property with the help of a moving company. If you also find reasonable mortgage rates, you will be happy for life. Right now, Janet Jackson is living life like a teenager thanks to a natural remedy. Believe me, if she went through any surgical procedure, rumors would have spread.


Fantasia Barrio was well known for her singing skills after she appeared on American Idol. Her voice is like a beautiful and expensive roofing sheet installed on a small paint house. Life is not always that easy for Fantasia Barino, but she never quits smoking. Born into a family of musicians, she performed and recorded at a local record label. She had a difficult year growing up in High Point, North Carolina, especially in high school. She became pregnant at the age of 16 and had a former boyfriend, Brandel Shouse, and a daughter.

She gave birth to a boy in December 2011. After the birth of her second child, she worked hard in the next studio. “Your Side Effects” was released in 2013 as the fourth studio album. Featuring BIG K.R.I.T, Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott, who jumped to second place on the Hot 200. Despite her fame, the singer wasn’t quite happy with her body weight. She finally decided to go for strict dieting with a low-calorie intake and protein-rich foods, in a bid to drop some pounds. She was able to lose 20 pounds. Her investments paid off.


Kendra Wilkinson Basket is a California-born real estate agent, writer, reality TV star, and glamor model. She is known as a former girlfriend of the late Playboy magazine editor Hugh Hefner. Kendra first came to prominence as Huhefner’s girlfriend on the reality show “Girl Next Door”. The performance was a success and made her and other playmates famous. Kendra is famous not only for Hefner’s girlfriend but also for actresses. She has participated in several famous movies and TV shows. After appearing on the “Girls Next Door” reality TV series with Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt, Kendra has become widespread and welcome.

Kendra Wilkinson is yet another flooring celebrity who experienced weight gain after pregnancy. Following pregnancy, her shape and physique were far from how it used to be before she got pregnant. After giving birth to her second child, she decided to go for a weight loss program. She hired a personal trainer to take care of her fitness and diet needs. Now, she is looking just as perfect as her once sexy self. Her credit score is also impressive.


Ciara is a very famous foreign singer. She is one of the most popular singers in the American music industry, making top rankings and hits. Her most famous song is her first version, world-famous: 1.2 steps. The titles of some of the songs she has released include Goodies, Get Up, Promises, Love, Sex, Magic – Justin Timberlake, Working Hours. Elliott, ride it, oh my crazy Chris, like a boy. When categorizing the top 100 songs each year, it consistently ranks first. She is famous for her extraordinary style in hip-hop.

Her struggle with weight gain like interest on a business loan, started during post-gestation after she had given birth to her baby. She ended up hiring a personal trainer whose household name in the industry for she has created so many chart-topping hits. During her pregnancy, she gained a significant amount of post-baby weight. She later invested her money in a personal trainer who helped her with a customized workout program. Together with a strict diet, and investment planning strategy regarding her career and business, she was able to drop 60 pounds.


Classically trained British singer Jonathan Antoine became a contender for the Sixth UK Talent Fighting Competition in 2012 and became a classic duet with his friend Charlotte Jaconelli A member of Jonathan Charlotte. He released two hit albums with Jaconelli, first “Together” in 2012, then “Perhaps Love” in 2013. After their mutual success, they split up and then traded separately in Sony Classical.

His second album Believe appeared on independent classical record label Cavendish Records in 2016. Jonathan Antoine is well known for his flooring singing skills and charming voice. However, his voice couldn’t relieve him from the depression he faced as a result of his weight problems like a company on a bad business loan. With persistent routine exercise, he was able to drop an estimated 56 pounds of weight. Thanks to his personal trainer.


Nelly Kim Furtado ComIH is a Portuguese-Canadian singer-songwriter and record producer. Furtado is known for its versatility and continuous innovation in music, usually associated with world music. She released her first Spanish album “Mi Plan” in 2009 and won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Album. Furtado has sold more than 40 million records worldwide, making her one of Canada’s most successful artists.

She has won multiple awards throughout her career, including one Grammy out of seven nominations, one Latin Grammy Award, ten Juno Awards, one BRIT Award and one Billboard Music Award, An MTV European Music Award, a World Music Award and three awards. Music Video Awards. The followers of Nelly Furtado want a balanced diet and regular exercise to thank her for gaining weight. She showed off her recently energetic thin face, and I must admit that I am proud of her. The rumors claim that she intends to divorce, and her lives will bring new changes. Nelly not only has excellent lawyers and financial advisors, but also an excellent adaptation strategy.

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