Forgotten Celebrities Who Have & Haven’t Retired Yet


Mel Brooks, the 90 years old popular American comedian, producer, director, and actor has achieved a lot in his lifetime including being a one-time Grammy awards winner. He is probably the most famous movies such as ‘The Hot Saddle’, ‘Space Ball’ and ‘Robin Hood: Man in Tights’. Having been in the entertainment industry for over 60 years, he still seems to be very active on the big screen.

We guess he isn’t thinking about retirement planning yet. His son Max Brooks has taken the path of his parents Mel Brooks and his mother late Anne Bancroft. Although he’s fast becoming a successful actor, he still has quite a long way to meet his father’s status who was also an Emmy, Tony and Academics award winner. Max Brooks has a net worth of $100million. With that worth, we do hope he has a good financial advisor and made some good investment planning. His son Max Brooks is on his way to making a good name for himself just like his father.