At an early age, Russ was already both a dancer and an actor. Tamblyn’s gymnastics and acrobatics talents have been showcased in several other musicals, including “West Side Story” (1961), in which he played the Riff, the leader of the jet gang. The success of “West Side Story” brought more protagonists, including parts of the horror movie “Haunted House”. It seemed he was determined to take the entertainment industry by storm.

He has been featured in numerous movies including the musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and as Norman page in Peyton Place which he received his first Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He previously worked for Metro-Goldwin-Mayer while pursuing a dancing career. He currently portrays the role of Doctor Lawrence Jacoby on Twin Peaks and is now part of the Netflix series The Haunting of The Hill House. With all this going on for him, he is most likely far away from bankruptcy and money loans.