Corey Harrison rose to fame for his appearance in the reality series Pawn Stars. He worked in his grandfather’s pawnshop, where he learned everything about the business. Today, he is a business partner of a Las Vegas pawn shop called Gold and Silver Pawn. Known as the “Big Hoss,” Corey is in charge of the store’s business operations and its 30 employees. With his relentless dedication, he wants to take someday the place of his father and grandfather’s role in the company.

However, Corey is struggling with the limitations of excess weight. Diabetes also came into the picture. To resolve this, Corey had a gastric lap band to carry out preventive diabetes. He admits that the cost of treatment was a lot, but he’s happy he did it. At least he didn’t take out any loans, plus he now looks good. Following a gastric lap band in 2010, Corey’s weight went down from 365 lbs to 249 lbs.