Take A Look At The Most Luxurious Houses Of The Rich And Famous Celebrities

Matthew McConaughey – $4 Million, Austin

Matthew McConaughey was first noticed by the public when he appeared in the cult classic film Dazed and Confused in 1993. This was also considered as his breakthrough movie, and soon, many more followed— this time with him in lead roles. The actor even ventured into romantic comedies during the 2000s, further drawing fans close to him. Over the years, Matthew has also chosen to give a part of his wealth to charity for teens to live a healthy life so they could grow up to become good men and women.

A lot can be said about the audacity of a man that lives near water – and perhaps even more about the insurance company that provides his home with a cover. For Mathew, this reality is all too familiar. His property is in the Rivercrest area near Lake Austin – 10,000 square feet Spanish Mediterranean estate that includes seven bedrooms, a gated long drive with two circular motor courts, and docking for boats for leisure sailing. Undoubtedly a man of depth and spontaneity, Matthew never fails to surprise us!