Take A Look At The Most Luxurious Houses Of The Rich And Famous Celebrities


After starting her career on stage plays, Jessica Chastain eventually a higher level of success after starring in more than a couple of big-screen hits. After her film debut in 2008’s Jolene, the actress received worldwide recognition for her performance in other projects like Take Shelter, The Tree of Life, and her Golden Globe Award-winning role in Zero Dark Thirty. Besides working in front of the camera, Jessica Chastain is also the founder of Freckle Films, a production company she founded in 2016.

After achieving celebrity stardom in 2011, Hollywood’s favorite Jessica Chastain said goodbye to loans and mortgage troubles. The actress is now the proud owner of a 3,200-square-foot cooperative apartment located in midtown New York. Within the 5.1-million-dollar property, the stylish abode features nine bedrooms, a massive library, a TV room, a soaking tub, and five fireplaces. Furthermore, to add to its already-sophisticated beauty, the home also has high ceilings and windows and plenty of lovely antique furniture.